It is Time to Cry Out To God

Talked about God?  -I’m sure, many times.

Thought about God? -even more.

Debated about God? -haven’t we all.

Gotten to know God-by Name, well, haven’t gone there…yet.


Maybe God is the kind of Father that wants something special from you.  

Like your heart, that needs more than what we have found in this life. 

Maybe He is the kind of Father in heaven that wants to give…more than we could ever imagine.   

Crying out to God simply means…we really, really want to get to know Him…no games.   Totally sincere.  

If God is ‘All Truth’ wouldn’t it make sense we need to ‘truthfully’ seek Him, to want to know Him-‘for real!’

Maybe God likes that ‘let’s be tight for the rest of eternitykinda thing 🙂

Here some songs that might help.  Cry Out to Jesus-Third Day, Cry Out for You, Lecrae, Tell it to the World, Lecrae. 

Note:   Lecrae is not lying when he says…he was sold out to drugs, violence, and all that the gangs had to offer.  He had to become brand new…he had to cry out to find the One True God who could literally deliver him out of the death around him.

The Lord desires that we open the door of our heart to Him.   You do not need to be perfect to do so, for His Son took away our sin and imperfections.

2 Corth. 5:21  God made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.  (Jesus, man’s sinless representative to God the Father).  

 We simply need to make our decision to seek Him the most important part of our life, because He truly is, the most important part of our life.

Here are some Words from the Lord that can help, please scroll down to Knowing God  Link.

God bless, Bill.

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