Great Awakening World Reformation Movement August 18, 2019

Wanted to start out with an interesting video…about  President Trump was mentioned in prophecy as far back as 2011.   See link.  

For years, ‘We-the basement dwellers’…as we have been called lol …have been giving evidence of worldwide global corruption.  See link.     The true origins of identifying this evil can be dated back thousands of years with amazing prophecies spoken by Jesus and His prophets.    Read Matt. 24, Day of Lord, Rev. 3:10 , Prophecy

In the days leading to  2015, before the elections…we got a firm warning from the Lord given by numerous ministers, ‘Church -either stand firm and fight for truth or allow wickedness to overtake our nation.  Hear Jonathan Cahn preach ‘the harbinger’   See link  , Eph. 5:11

We did not fully repent, but we did pray 

In 2011, several prophecies were given about a well-known businessman in New York-Trump- becoming president.   See this post and links at the end. 

We were not ready in the 2012 elections, but we got more serious in 2016 and contrary to almost all polls and news analysis, Trump won, as many prophesied said he would.   See above video and links at bottom. 

The reality of what many have been giving evidence on for generations have now reached the most powerful presidents-prime ministers-government leaders in the entire world.

The new British Prime minister Boris Johnson in England is basically a ‘Trump Clone’- he is supporting Brexit and sees the corruption of the deep state in Europe.  See link.

Amy Mek explains what is happening with Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and leading candidate.     Matteo Salvini is rising up and waking up the Italians!  We quote,

“Who betrayed Europe…Who occupied this Europe in the name of multinationals (Global World Order Agenda)  & uncontrolled immigration…The Merkels, the Macrons, the Soros’, & the Junckers!”  See video in link (after captions)  

The new Italian leading Candidate is nothing short of what would be labeled only a few years ago…as a Conspiracy theorist ‘nut’.   In reality, he is just honestly describing what the evidence is showing the world.   Things are about to change, he is calling out by name those who are at the forefront of global corruption.   These same names have been given out by patriots for decades.

In France, the Yellow Jackets are screaming to bring back their liberties…stop the injustices by global banks, corporations, and government puppets.  This protest is not about gas prices, it is about President Emmanuel Macrons agenda by the global elite that compromises the well being of all French citizens.    Link 

The World is waking up to what thousands of truthers have been showing… but it is sooo not about politics…but about preservation.

The world of ‘conspiracies theories’ has risen from the ‘basement dwellers’ to the most powerful and influential leaders in the world. 

‘Conspiracy’ – or more accurately, true global corruption is now being confirmed by the most sophisticated intelligence agencies known to man.   Link 1. 2. 3.     This could never have been accomplished but by allowing the reality of truth to shine in the hearts of citizens across the nations.  Link. 

I am not ashamed to say, without Divine help from above, His plan to protect us…we could have never overcome those trying to stop ‘The Great Awakening’.

Not Allowing Our Personal Preferences to Influence Our Final Conclusions 

It’s not about liking or disliking a president…we have to get over our personal feelings about the ‘individual’.

Yes, the Lord can use anyone He desires to accomplish His task, even people we do not agree with…or dislike.

The Lord used an Egyptian Pharoah, who despised the Jewish people and used them as slave labor (obviously, the feelings were mutual).  When the Israelites cried out to the Lord, He forced  Pharoah… to let His people go!  After several plagues, Pharoah finally freed the Israelites.  Ex. 9-14. 

He used the grit of Winston Churchill to stand firm against Hitler.   Throughout history, God uses all types of individuals to accomplish His purpose.

In this case, He is using people around the world to restore our freedoms.   History will show they were dangerously close to having them being seized from us.

The extent of evil is just starting to be revealed.   Jeffery Epstein is just the beginning.   If this world movement continues to prosper, and we believe it will, the sleeping citizens will be shocked at the abuses they have done to our country and our families.

The Lord cares about our well being, He desires to stop the injustices.   This includes protecting us from drugs, human and child trafficking and allowing the best economy for countries that support liberty and freedoms.   He loves us…are we willing to get past the hatred in the press, many colleges, a self-serving political system on both sides of the isles…and see what He is trying to accomplish in countries around the world?

The question is simple…are we willing to set our personal biases aside in order to see an international movement that is helping bring about the well being of countries across the continents?   The evidence that we need to fight global injustices has always been there, warnings given from the highest authorities in the world.   See Link.  The problem has been, for the most part, the facts have been distributed by the nobodies.  This has caused the sleeping masses to miss the overwhelming evidence.   

Truth is revealed not by the method of presentation, but by the sincerity of heart of those who are receiving it.   

Jesus knew this, and that’s why he told the most learned theologians in the world-you have to become like children to understand what I am saying.   Matt. 18:3.   See Link

 One writer explains how society receives new truths -and I am inclined to agree.

Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident (confirmed by evidence and personal testimony). Arthur Schopenhauer

Are we willing to finally see the truth -because those in world leadership are now proclaiming the obvious to us?   I certainly hope so.  See Link 1, Link 2 

Focusing On What Is Important 

We can disagree on the ‘personality traits’ of those in politics.  In many instances- most of your observations would be entirely correct.

We can disagree on the variances of some political agendas…this is our constitutional right.

We can disagree on reasonable tax plans, government proposals, and the like.

What we cannot disagree on, however, is protecting the well being for our families and loved ones.

How can we disagree on stopping drugs and human trafficking?   Doing absolutely everything in our power …at the border, in our states and towns to stop what has been killing our families.   We all know families that have been destroyed by drugs.  Like many of you reading this article, we have experienced first hand the devastation of drug abuse.   I have seen on more than one occasion, young parents –who were witty and able to perform meaningful jobs, being reduced to someone unable to finish a complete sentence.  Drug abuse stripped these children from any meaningful relationship to their parents.

How can we support a complete breakdown of law and order at the border, or state or town?   We have to do everything to stop the harmful effects of drug use.   It is absolutely insane we could even discuss allowing complete lawlessness-which creates crime and chaos on the borders (termed open access) to harm our family and children.

Keeping and bringing business back to our country is one of the most important means to restore our inner cities.   How can we even consider opposing a president in this area?   Opening up fair trade helps both countries.  Keeping jobs in our nation helps all but the rich elite-who will survive because of pre-established wealth.   We get ‘a tude’ because we don’t like the way our president that talks to the press…so what, many feel he is completely justified because of their false narrative.   The important question is,   does he care enough to fight for the lower and middle class?   Is he correct about the most important economic benefit for the poor and middle class it to bring established jobs with higher incomes back to the U.S.

-Don’t let personal bias generated by public influence blind us to the importance of what this movement is accomplishing. 

-Don’t let personal bias cloud the truth to helping others, especially those in need.

Destroying the economy by overtaxing those who it really hurts…the middle and lower class,  brings hardship to all the working Americans.   Clueless meaningless overregulation like ‘the new green deal’ is simply a means of shutting down our hope to restore prosperity to this county.   Those who are genuinely polluting the environment, shut them down but do not use ‘the green new deal’ as an excuse to harm the potential for a prosperous country.   See Gods political view. Why Socialism is So Dangerous

If this ‘Great Awakening’  is so terrible, why would Trump even consider going to North Korea in an attempt to bring peace to the most persecuted country in the world link.

Getting along with Russia??  What is wrong having a vision for the greatest superpowers in the world work together to stop the horrors of war…even world war with nuclear consequences.  Why not work together to stop injustices the world.   Insanity is ‘not working with Russia’.

Everyone knows China is has been manipulating the economies of the world.   Like a child who has always gotten their way, it is going to take a firm stance to stop the abuses.   Crazy is the citizen who does not want to stop the wrongdoings and produce a long-lasting working relationship with China.

Nations Are Being Given Back Their Freedoms, Their Independence 

This is why stadiums are being sold out with Trump and other libertarians…while the opposition has difficulty filling high schools.   This is why the opposition wants to desperately have voting booths completely unverified and have open borders.  They desire to bring in countless foreign aliens and promote ‘giveaways’  to create mass illegal entrees to increase their voting numbers-simply- to keep them in power.

Pictures from the Obama presidency have shown there has been a border crisis for years, but no one reported it.    If the media and politicians truly cared about the people on the borders, they would have broadcast the problems decades earlier.   Trumps wants to truly solve the illegal invasion, and that is the only reason they are trying to stop him.     It’s time to wake up and protect our families.  Those who support this movement are fighting for the well being of the people we care for.   Even if you disagree with us…we will not stop fighting for your protection.

 This is not a ‘political policy’ debate,  this is a historical intervention to finish what many of us believe the Lord has started.   

This is why we see the masses of people and the rallies, and the deception for the news media to hide the real numbers.   Watch out 2020, if we go to paper ballots and get the ‘real voting results’, there will be a blow out as never before 🙂

It is time to stop listening to all the public influences, including this web site and simply see the truth for what it is.  Stop, breath and take in reality.    We have a worldwide movement to fight and correct the injustices of this world.   If we don’t do it now, support this movement taking place in multiples countries…the injustices will continue and we will indeed see how horrible things can get before the Lord’s return.   We have been given a beautiful peaceful opportunity to make things right…let’s grab hold of it and not let it go.

No one is asking to go against core values that you deeply believe in.   We are asking you to recognize the evidence of this great awakening and be open to the truth.    For all of us, this takes a step of humility.   Am I willing to see the truth-humble enough to receive it when presented?    Sincerely asking help from above will unite us in this great movement.   I am sooo glad this is not about me, you, a political idea…but about what is best for all of us.

A special thanks for those of you who have had different viewpoints, but have made the effort to consider the evidence.      I believe you will be honored in your quest for the truth.   Also listed below are links to assure a passageway to our eternal kingdom, where there will be no political turmoil.   Will will forever encounter a King who will rule in absolute love and fairness…for all eternity 🙂    God bless, Bill

How Much Does God Love Us

Knowing God  

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