In a Heartbeat, the Narrative Changes

Recently I had a ‘visit’ to the hospital and tried to use the time to get a first-hand account of Covid 19.   I asked all the staff that I met- about their experience.

In short, the basics of what we thought stood true, with one exception.   My admiration for the medical staff across the country greatly increased.   They sacrificed themselves and their families to take care of you and me.

As we thought, Covid 19 is real.   It is somewhat more contagious than the flew…and once it enters the lungs-it can be deadly.

This is why doctors across the country were promoting cures…and why we became extremely furious when lifesaving therapies were being outlawed and discouraged by many ‘left’ governors, mayors and much of the press.

The thought of using politics at the cost of saving human life goes beyond criminal.  Please see   Link 1, Link 2

In a Heartbeat, the Narrative Changes.  

The killing of George Floyd was tragic.   As we watched the video…we knew he could be in serious trouble-and action to stop the hold down needed to happen once he was subdued.   Many would have jumped in and tried to help…even if it meant risking their own well being.

Just as tragic however is when we decide to harm others-who are innocent, by perverting the name of Justice.  I am honored to live in a country where the marchers pictured above have the right to protest.   I-along with sooo many who are not heard…are ashamed when some abuse our privilege and violate other innocent lives in the name of justice.

This is not justice, this is revenge with an attitude of vengeance to harm and destroy another human life.      Why do we want to act like those we claim to hate?

Violating the innocent however cannot be masked like Covid 19-it is obviously wrong -anyway we look at it, in any manner we participate in it.

The Falsehoods Continue

As with Covid 19, we are seeing incredible falsehoods that are hurting the American people, you and I.

Instead of supporting all of the police who-each and every day protect the cities across the nation; many liberal mayors and governors are now mocking the police.  They are starting ‘defunding campaigns’ to cut their support.   They are the same ones who are not allowing the National Guard to protect our cities.   They are the same ones who tried to stop the Covid 19 cures and also the same ones who wanted to impeach President Trump (and stop our Great Awakening) before he even became president.

We cannot believe the lie-that it is ‘all just a huge coincidence’-that these same officials (and press agencies) who tried to stop the election of President Trump and this awakening are the same ones

-that attempted to stop promising therapies for Covid 19 

-that now mock and belittle the police who serve every day to protect our cities 

-and also are the same ones who are now telling the National Guard to stand down, don’t restore peace to our community to protect innocent lives?!  

Why do they promote an agenda to that will bring complete chaos to our cities-that we all know will increase the violent acts against you and I?   Why would a narrative to shut down our country, keep our social distancing from a deadly virus until at least next year, completely change in the matter of a week-so they can protest?  One more question, when is the 2020 election?! 

We have been told the answers.   For generations, we have been given the truth in plain sight-see Global Corruption and links at the bottom.    It is simply time to open our eyes and put truth ahead of personal political beliefs.   It is time to protect innocent lives, convict ‘all’ who break the law…and restore our country.   It is time to stop the hate-restore law that brings us back to order-not chaos.   We need to bring dignity back to the name of Justice.

Note:  As mentioned before, corruption does not go down without a fight.   It covers all political parties, is found at the highest levels of the military, private corporations, banking systems, entertainment, foreign policies –the list continues.

For clarity however, it is important to understand, most of those involved at the lower levels are not motivated by any goal that has been formed by the elite at the ‘top’.  They simply have became ensnared over the time by countless backroom ‘deals’, inappropriate behavior-and are following political instructions for favors they have received over the years.

The articles below mention the prophetic beginnings of our Great Awakening, which includes President Trump.   We are close to exposing more of the corruption…and we are in-as they say- ‘a critical mass stage’.   In other words, globalist generals, politicians, corporate leaders know-if they don’t bring President Trump down, they will indeed be exposed and ultimately prosecuted.   In the next few weeks and months, we will hear many in the military, in both political parties, many in the press and those in the private sector engage in an all-out assault against President Trump.

We need to look at the motives.  Link.  As this article is trying to explain, don’t fall for a half-truth and believe the lies!!  If they take him down, then our movement takes a tragic hit.   As the prophecies mention, however, he, the patriots and our Great Awakening are in God’s hands-as we pray for the truth to be revealed :).

In Summary 

Never in modern history-or since the founding of our country has the Lord worked in such a prophetic way to restore our nation -to have His hand move to fight the powers of evil that for generations have tried to destroy (by direct and indirect means)  you and me -our family and loves ones.  This is indeed a worldwide reformation!

Don’t fall for the lies that are coming-they have been shown wrong on every attempt to take this President out.  From ‘Russian Collusion, impeachment, children in cages at the border, the Mueller investigation, the lies seem to be endless.    Personal bias has to run extremely deep for us ‘not to see’    ‘EVERYTHING’  that president Trump has done-they automatically retaliate against.  When does reality finally come into focus- where there is ‘smoke’ (evidence) there is ‘fire!’.   This goes far beyond political differences, they are fighting for corruption not to be exposed, they are absolutely in survival mode.   

As proven by the continuation of countless never-ending wars,  Covid 19, the current bloodshed during the protest, their future attempts will not hesitate to destroy human life in order to maintain power.  With the Lord at the helm, we will not be quiet and let this happen.

World Reformation Movement 

The Prophetic Beginning

Please scroll down to The Great Awakening Link. 

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