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Part 1  Abortion, What We All Agree On   2-19

Part 2 How Special We ‘All’ are in Gods Eyes   2-19

Part 3  The Ethical Questions Answered  2-19

Abortion-To Those Who are Pro-Life   7-22


Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit  2010

Praying with the Holy Spirit   2010

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the Church  2010

BIBLE STUDIES-Alphabetically 

Creation-The True Story  (Video)   1-16

Creation-Turning Your World Right Side Up‘  Part 1-2-3  9-15

Fellowship or Friendship Gods Anointing in the Church 10-16

Gods Political View     2-17

Hebrews 4:12-Swinging the Sword of Truth    5-17

If You Were God For One Day, Understanding the Christian God  Salvation  3-17

Is. 5:20-Calling Good Evil, Evil Good Living in the Light     10-6-18

John 3:30 He  Must Increase, I Must Decrease     10-26-18

John 4:10-14 Living Water    7-16

 Jn. 5:19 The Son can do nothing, only what He sees from the Father     8-17

Malachi 4:5-6    9/3/20

Micah 6:8 Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly 6:20

Our Road With God, Jehovah God Greatest Lesson,  Part 1 (5-17),  Part 2 (3-16) 

2 Pet. 1:3-8 ‘Compare our Christian Walk, Bullet or Buckshot’ Bible Studies     4-16

Phil. 2:3  Be Humble 11-13

Pillars to Our Christian Walk’  3-11

Predestination or Free Will, Unlocking Two Eternal Truths    8-16

Ps. 68:5-6 God is a Father to the Fatherless 6-19

Same Sex Marriage, An Interview with Jesus   Part 1  7-15

Same Sex Marriage Part 2     3-16

1 Thes. 5:10 Give Thanks in All Things   10-22

1 Tim. 6:10 The Root of Evil-Tree of Evil  1-17

2 Tim. 2:25 Rightly Dividing the Word of God  1-10 

Tithing-New Testament Giving?    1-14

Trining-God is One  1-10

Zephaniah 3:17   12-20


Churchill’s Great Less for Us Today  11/1/21

Next-Hate the Unvaxxed, Don’t Fall for Their Lies  9/7/31

What the Leading Doctors Across the World are Finding  8/30/21

Connecting the Dots, to Our World, Nations and Our Lives    8/14/21

The Domestic Terrorist Bill-Tulsi Gabbards Warnings  4/5/21

The Truth is Knocking on Our Door 1/11/21

Who is in, Trump or Biden     1/4/21

Trusting Those Who Desire to give You the Truth   12/14/20 

It’s Getting Exciting, We Will Be Able to See from the Mountain Top  12/10/20

Line in the Sand-the Coming Storm 11/16/20

Sometimes the Worst Thing in Life is Getting What You Ask For 11/8/20

Father I’m In 11/20/20

Once Divided 10/5/20

It’s Now Time 10/20/20

The Big Why 9/18/20

What’s the Point 7-5-20

How can an Imperfect Person be the Perfect President  7-25-20

Liberty and Justice for All 6/26/20

Democrats Rally to Disband the Police 6/8/20

In a Heartbeat, The Narrative Changes  6/9/20 

Taking a Stand for George Floyd-and All Innocent Americans  6/5/20

It’s Go Time  4/22/20

Who is worse, Trump or His Base 4/1/20

David Rubens Experience,-He Had No Choice but To Change Great Awakening 3/5/20

India-President Trumps Historical Visit Great Awakening  2/29/20

Don’t Investigate Us!  Connect the Dots 2/12/20

Can You Answer the Whys 1/22/20 

The Indictments are Coming 11/25/19 

Cure found for PTTSD (Post Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder) 9/24/19

 World Oil Reserves Shift to U.S. 9/17/19

 Bolton Firing Reveals Trumps Character   9/13/19

 How Government Works 8/26/19

 World Reformation Movement 8/18/ 2019

Why Socialism  is So Dangerous 7/26/19

Conspiracies Go Mainstream 7-21-2019

 Warplanes in the Air   6-23-19

 Prophetic Beginning     12-15-18

Judge Kavanaugh Hearing   9-30-18

Bringing Darkness to Light   9-16-18

Walk Away movement   7-18

The Plan Joe M Video  6-18

Get Ready   4-18  

Syria and President Trump  4-18

Prophetic Update, One Nation Under God   11-17

The Lord is Exposing Government Corruption    3-17

It’s not about Trump, It’s about the TRUTH  (Short Video)  2-17

Time to Shout Truth to America   2-17

Trump, the Most Dynamic President Since Our Founding Fathers ?   1-17

The 2017  Presidential Inauguration   1-17

The Lord is Calling the Church Off the Fence   11-16

The Kingdom of God and the 2016 Election by Lance Wallnau (Video)     11-16

Understanding the Corruption of the New World Order  10-16 

Why Would a Christian Vote for Trump?   10-16 

Donald Trump, A Christian Perspective   7-16


When My People…Humble Themselves and Pray   Weekly Thoughts  11-28-18

John 3:30 He  Must Increase, I Must Decrease   Weekly Thoughts  10-26-18

Phil. 2:3  Be Humble  Bible Studies 11-13

Opening Our Eyes to Real Godliness  Weekly Thoughts 1-10 



The Kingdom of God and the 2016 Election by Lance Wallnau (Video)     11-16

Prov. 25:2 Your Throne    6-16

The Way    4-16

Our Road With God, Jehovah God Greatest Lesson,  Part 1 (5-17),  Part 2 (3-16)  

Kingdom of God, Victory Over the Demonic World (Video)   3-16

Matt. 6:10 The Heart of the Kingdom Message   7-15

10 Facts About the Kingdom of God  6-13

Setting The Captives Free-Part 1  4-13

Setting The Captives Free-Part 2  4-13

Jn. 5:19-29 ‘Seeing The Kingdom of Heaven’ 7-11

Matt. 16:18-19 ‘The Key to Unlock the Kingdom of Heaven’  6-11

A Trilogy of False Teachings 1-2  2010

Setting The Captives Free 1-2  2010

His Harvest 1-2 2010

Surrender, The Only Way To Receive His Greates Teaching  2010

Bro, It’s About The Powe1-2  2010

A Trilogy of False Teachings 1-2  2010

Setting The Captives Free 1-2   2010

His Harvest, 1-2  2010

Surrender, The Only Way To Receive His Greates Teaching  2010

Bro, It’s About The Power-1-2   2010

Kingdom of God-A Personal Testimony  2010

Turning the Light On…As We Pursue the Kingdom Of God  2010

Matt. 6:33 His Greatest Teaching  2010


Prayer, Our Jacobs Stairway to Heaven  8-18

How To Pray Like Daniel  1-16  

Praying with the Holy Spirit  1-10


Connecting the Dots, to Our World, Nations and Our Lives    8/21

Prophetic Update 11/17  11-17

September 23, 2017-Reviewing Prophecy and Daniels 70th Week   9-17

 1 Tim. 6:10  Root of Evil-Tree of Evil     1-17

Revelation 3:10 (with Matt. 24 and Lk 21)    9-16 

The Day of the Lord Rapture, So Simply Biblical     9-16

Understanding the Final Great Call to the Remnant Church  6-15

The Holy Remnant by David Wilkerson 5-15

Lk. 5:4-7 Uniting the Church For The Final Call 3-15

Matt. 25:1-13 City on a Hill-The Remnant Church  12-14

Satans Greatest Secret  3-13

Doomsday Confusion  5-11

Timeline to End of Ages  2-11

Rev.. 3:10-Mathew 24  1-10

The Day of the Lord Rapture, So Simply Biblical  1-10


Knowing God

If You Were God For One Day, Understanding the Christian God     3-17

Salvation Message,  Knowing God    1-10

How Much Does God Love Us   4-19

Picking Up the Phone to God    10-2–18

Does God Really Reveal Himself  to Man, His Creation Speaks    12-17

How Shall We Preach, Hell or Heaven     3-17

4 Things That Were Keeping Me From Becoming A Christian  9-15

Understanding Truth  Video    7-18

My Personal Story-Updated ?  7-20

The Meaning of Life, According to God A Message for Easter Sunda4/21


Our Destiny is Never Ending   8/21/21

It’s gotta be a God Thing    7/21/21

Just a Thought-God’s Love For Us 7/19/21

Anything We can do, God can do Better, Much Better  12/18/20

It is Time to Cry Out to God  12/18/20

God Calls It Love 12/11/20

Why We are so Mad, Why We are so Disappointed   5/1/20

You Never Know When Your Journey Ends 4/15/20

Jesus Broke Quarantine 4/7/20

If we are truly willing to discover what is right, than me must always be ready to discover that we were wrong.   3/21/20

President Trump-first president to attend Pro-Live march      1-27-20

Truth-Will Always Leave a Trail of Facts Behind It, But….  11/14/19

Praying for Those in the Path of Hurricane Dorian 9/2/19

Declaring the Declaration of Independence   Laymans Translation  7-19

WW2  Veteran Explains Freedom through an Encounter with His Trumpet 7-18

Heavenly Tools Never Wear Out   6-18

A Tribute to B W Stevenson    6-18

How Should We Preach, Following the Lords Example   12-17

Jesus Quiets the Storm.  Calming Hurricane Irma      9-17

9-11 Repeated in Tehran Video  8-17

Keeping the Love in Like    6-17

Shepherds Who Choose The Broad Road      6-16

Expect! 2016  1-16

A Special Chrstmast Wish For You  12-15

Abide in Him or Fight the Evil    9-15

Jesus, Begotten by the Father  8-15

A Protecting the Innocent Lives of the Unborn Children  7-15

No Problem  7-15

Finding Home Part 1 , Finding Home P 2  5-15

Being Wrong  3-15

Sand Lot Christianity   5-14

Christ Light Shining In Us 5-13

The Simplicity of Divine Wisdom’   1-13

His Glory and Love-The Answer To All Life  10-11

City on Our Knees  2-11

Merry Christmas-2010

Thank You Father 2010

Donations-Please Gold Only  2010

The First Step For The Church  2010

Live Song Sing To You  2010

Why We Disagree  2010 

Listen with Our Hearts  2010

In Your Heart You Always Knew 2010

Someday  2010                                                                                                               















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