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BIBLE STUDIES-Alphabetically 

Creation-The True Story  (Video)   1-16

Creation-Turning Your World Right Side Up‘  Part 1-2-3  9-15

Gods Political View     2-17

Hebrews 4:12-Swinging the Sword of Truth    5-17

If You Were God For One Day, Understanding the Christian God  Salvation  3-17

Is. 5:20-Calling Good Evil, Evil Good Living in the Light     10-6-18

John 3:30 He  Must Increase, I Must Decrease     10-26-18

John 4:10-14 Living Water    7-16

 Jn. 5:19 The Son can do nothing, only what He sees from the Father     8-17

2 Pet. 1:3-8 ‘Compare our Christian Walk, Bullet or Buckshot’ Bible Studies     4-16

Predestination or Free Will, Unlocking Two Eternal Truths    8-16

Same Sex Marriage, An Interview with Jesus ‘  Part 1  7-15

Same Sex Marriage Part 2     3-16

1 Tim. 6:10 The Root of Evil-Tree of Evil  1-17

‘Tithing-New Testament Giving?    1-14



Great Awakening Update   Weekly Thoughts  12-15-18

Judge Kavanaugh Hearing Weekly Thoughts 9-30-18

Great Awakening Update Weekly Thoughts  9-16-18

The Great Awakening-Walk Away movement     Weekly Thoughts  7-29-18

The Great Awakening   Weekly Thoughts  6-18

The Great Awakening   Weekly Thoughts  4-18  

Syria and President Trump   Weekly Thoughts  4-18

 Prophetic Update Prophecy   11-17

The Lord is Exposing Government Corruption  Weekly Thoughts  3-17

It’s not about Trump, It’s about the TRUTH  (Short Video) Weekly Thoughts  2-17

Time to Shout Truth to America   Weekly Thoughts  2-17

Trump, the Most Dynamic President Since Our Founding Fathers ?  Weekly Thoughts  1-17

The 2017  Presidential Inauguration Weekly Thoughts  1-17

The Lord is Calling the Church Off the Fence   Weekly Thoughts   11-16

Understanding the Corruption of the New World Order  Weekly Thoughts  10-16 

Why Would a Christian Vote for Trump?   Weekly Thoughts  10-16 

‘Donald Trump, A Christian Perspective‘  Weekly Thoughts    7-16



When My People…Humble Themselves and Pray   Weekly Thoughts  11-28-18

John 3:30 He  Must Increase, I Must Decrease   Weekly Thoughts  10-26-18



Our Road With God P-2, Uniting His Greatest and First Commandments.    Our  Greatest Lesson   5-17

The Kingdom of God and the 2016 Election (Video)     11-16

‘Prov. 25:2 Your Throne’    6-16

‘The Way’    4-16

‘Our Road With God’ Pt. 1-2     3-16

‘Kingdom of God, Victory Over the Demonic World  (Video)   3-16

‘Matt. 6:10 The Heart of the Kingdom Message   7-15



Prayer, Our Jacobs Stairway to Heaven  8-18

‘How To Pray Like Daniel’  1-16  



Prophetic Update 11/17  11-17

September 23, 2017-Reviewing Prophecy and Daniels 70th Week   9-17

 1 Tim. 6:10  Root of Evil-Tree of Evil     1-17

Revelation 3:10 (with Matt. 24 and Lk 21)    9-16 

The Day of the Lord Rapture, So Simply Biblical     9-16

Understanding the Final Great Call to the Remnant Church‘  6-15

The Holy Remnant’ by David Wilkerson 5-15

‘Lk. 5:4-7 Uniting the Church For The Final Call 3-15

‘Matt. 25:1-13 City on a Hill-The Remnant Church   12-14



Knowing God

If You Were God For One Day, Understanding the Christian God     3-17

Recent First 

Picking Up the Phone to God    10-2–18

Does God Really Reveal Himself  to Man, His Creation Speaks    12-17

How Shall We Preach, Hell or Heaven     3-17

4 Things That Were Keeping Me From Becoming A Christian  9-15



WW2  Veteran Explains Freedom through an Encounter with His Trumpet 7-18

Understanding Truth  Video    7-18

Heavenly Tools Never Wear Out   6-18

A Tribute to B W Stevenson    6-18

How Should We Preach, Following the Lords Example   12-17

Jesus Quiets the Storm.  Calming Hurricane Irma      9-17

  9-11 Repeated in Tehran Video  8-17

Keeping the Love in Like    6-17

Fellowship or Friendship     10-16

Shepherds Who Choose The Broad Road’      6-16

‘Expect! 2016  1-16

A Special Chrstmast Wish For You  12-15

‘Abide in Him or Fight the Evil‘    9-15

Jesus, Begotten by the Father  8-15

A Protecting the Innocent Lives of the Unborn Children‘  7-15

No Problem  7-15

Finding Home Part 1 5-15

‘Finding Home Part 2’  5-15

Being Wrong’  3-15

‘Sand Lot Christianity’   5-14











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