President Trump is the first president to attend a Pro-Life March

Hadn’t quite figured out, what is so wrong with protecting babies-why such hostility to saving a life.  

Hadn’t quite figured out, why it is so wrong to protect human rights…the woman’s rights, also the dads, the children…and oh yes, the babies- whom are not yet able to defend themselves-those waiting to receive their chance at life when they finally  graduate from their protective home.    Why is it soo wrong to protective a  baby with a beating heart, brain waves that can feel pain, developing lungs that will one day allow a child to run and play…and speak to those who care- and be able to say ‘I love you too’ 🙂   

Hadn’t quite figured out, why it is sooo  important to defend the right to take an innocent life-as long as that innocent life was  never your own.  

I have figured out however, how grateful I am for a mom that believed in each one of my siblings-all 9 of us…that we were valuable enough to ‘keep around’ even with all our faults.   Despite all of our shortcomings, so glad to have ‘all’ my bros and sisters-they have helped me, encouraged me, corrected me and many times have been an example to me.   My mom was pretty smart letting them ‘all’ be part of my life.  

What We All Agree On   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 


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