The Abortion Issue P-3 Answering the Ethical Questions

The Ethical Debate –Our Moral Integrity

Giving evidence that the child in the womb is predesigned with cells and organs already functioning-will not likely alter ones viewpoint on ‘if’ an abortion is ethical…especially for hard core believers.

In other words, prenatal facts can help us realize that life is occurring…but does not always change our views on the ethics of abortion.   Other arguments that deal with issues ‘outside’ of the mother’s pregnancy will many times influence people’s views on the legitimacy of abortion.    It time now to look closely at these ‘other’ arguments…the ethical debate.

It’s a mothers ‘right’ to choose how she treats her body…not the governments

The mother does indeed have rights to govern her body.  We need to take this a step further, the mother should be protected by the government to choose how she treats her body…because as an individual  her rights should be protected by the authority that is designed to protect her, which is indeed the government.  See Gods Political View.

One of the governments main responsibility is to protect the individual, the family, the community and the nations rights and freedoms.   ‘All’ have rights and ‘all’ work together…and collectively we should attempt to work to fairly distribute these freedoms and rights-without violating one another in the process.  This how our republic operates, with the greatest government system in the world 🙂  See prior link

You see where the facts are taking us.  An individual rights need to be protected by the government. This is the pro-choice argument, and most will not deviate from it.  The facts listed in section 1 give us the evidence needed that the ‘origin’ of physical life-the individual…is coded in the DNA.   Remember, the union of all the DNA starts at conception.  That’s when the both pairs of 23 chromosomes combine with the other 23, forming multiples of cells.   The ‘development of life’ at this point is indisputably agreed upon.  Link

Let’s look at both the plant and animal reproduction.   In almost all cases, you have male and female counterparts, and their union matches to form their newly formed DNA code offspring.  The development and cell multiplication starts.   The complete ‘blueprint’ in the coded DNA is fully formed, all that is left is the ‘development’.   Link

Some of the species develops in a pouch, in the soil, in a cocoon etc.   Different development stages don’t determine life of the cells, but a ‘different’ phase of their cell development. 

Uncovering soil from the top of the plant seedling in the ground a few days early does not begin the life for that seedling.   You just uncover the seedling before it breaks into new areas of development-the air and sun.   Nothing changes as far as the seedling…the ‘environment changes’ BUT NOT THE SEEDLING!  The fundamental DNA design does not change…just the process in the development.  

Taking a infant kangaroo outside the pouch of the mom…a few days early…does not change the small kangaroo (ie..dead in the pouch, alive out of the pouch)…the environment changes…but not the kangaroo.

A baby bird that breaks through it’s shell and hour earlier than the one besides it..does not make either chick dead or alive…but just different in stages of development.  

A child passing through the birth canal (or a surgical c section) does not make that child dead in the womb and alive after birth, it simply is life moving into a different environment.

For a healthy baby in the womb

-how many indicators give evidence for life…in the thousands.

-How many indicators of a healthy baby giving signs of death-with accurate information ‘0’!  Part 1. 

Thousands of indicators that the baby is alive-and if the baby has died, we have thousands of indicators that the life process has stopped.

 If death occurs in the womb…’all’ the life systems stop and ‘all’ the prenatal  life indicators cease. The cell replication stops, the organs development (and functions stop), the heartbeat, brain activity stops…every living thing stops.   Life and death is determined by ‘all’ of these incredibly obvious life indicators-signs.

 ‘LIFE’ and ‘DEATH’ systems  inside the womb are  EXACTLY  the same outside of the womb.  There only difference is the stage of development.   We don’t have to have a ethical debate to tell it the baby in the womb is living or dead.   The standards for life inside the womb are exactly the same outside the womb, if we simply adjust for ‘time’ …giving the baby a chance the grow into their natural environment.

Since the baby does not change because it  ‘passes’ through a birthing canal, we cannot argue it is wrong to terminate a life outside the womb, but ethical inside the womb.   Again, similar to taking a kangaroo from the pouch, the babies make up does not change.    The   ‘essence’ of a child does not change simply because it is passing from one phase of life to another.   Could this argument be any simpler??  The evidence is black and white.

Note:  This is why laws that determine if one is alive or dead  outside the womb should be the same as  inside the womb.

Should the Human Fetus Be Treated Like an Organ?

As far a treating this human fetus like and organ.   What does the evidence indicate?   With one hundred percent certainty, take a kidney out and leave it alone.   It does not ‘turn into an person’…ever, never…its functions die outside of the environment it was designed for.  Deliver a healthy baby…it lives as a human being…just like you and I.   The ‘normal unborn baby’ is not an organ but a living individual (person).   The scientific empirical evidence proves this thousands  of times a day-and the results verify it’s humanity-individuality.   We have to start recognizing the facts…the truth that is  demonstrated by the evidence.  The healthy baby inside the womb is alive and the baby inside the womb is an individual (a person) that ‘has’ organs…just like you and I. 

Sincere honesty  always intends to help, to bring the truth to light…so we all can live in truth and be ‘lifted up’-edified- by it 🙂

The ‘Rights’ Discussion Closed

The mother does indeed have a right over her body, she is a living individual.   She has a right to opt out of surgery, medical care, give a kidney away…the list continues.   The fact remains however, when ‘another individual’ is involved, ‘all’ have the right to be protected, this is indeed one of the most important task of the government…to protect ‘the life’ of an individual link.   Thus,  individual rights have to be protected by the government!  This includes all living conditions, stages of well being and development.   The science clearly shows ‘life’ exist in all areas of an individuals prenatal growth, (section 1) thus ‘all individuals’ are to be protected by the law.   

For many, we believe the life was introduced inside the mother…to give extra protection…not less.   Mothers have the upper hand many times on compassion. We men have been told the bonding process ‘inside of her’ during pregnancy gives the two an intimacy that simply goes beyond expression, I am inclined to agree.  Having a baby inside of a mother does not determine (or eliminate)  the rights of the child, it simply identifies the baby’s  protective origin during the first developmental stages.  Natural location of an individual does not void ones rights.   Both the mother and the unborn have  rights to life because both are ‘alive’ and both  are human individuals’ as science has proven to us.  

The Mothers life is endangered.

Let’s allow  a doctor who completed hundreds of abortions  (1,200) answer this one.  Short Veresion. Full Version

Since medical equipment and monitoring is expensive, Dr. Lavatino was in a metroplex where staff combined most of the abortions in one central area.  He states  ‘there was never an instance in thousands of abortions cases that were reviewed did any doctor  ‘have to’  perform an abortion because of danger to the mothers health.   There are times that a pregnancy does indeed endanger the mothers health (section 2, my sister in law) and the baby does need to be removed.   The alternative is simple.   We need to take the baby, but we will do everything medially possible to allow the child to live.   Yes, some babies will not survive…but we will attempt with all of our ability to save them.   I do not know one pro-life person who would not agree to this option.  Don’t endanger the mom, attempt to save the baby.


The New Child Will Bring a Hardship to the Mother and Family

Since life and rights have already been established in and outside the womb, than terminating a life inside the womb is as ethically and morally wrong as outside the womb.

Simply, if  the determining factor to end life is because of  difficult circumstances, than it would be logical and potentially legal to end the life of  a child,  an elderly person, the sick and handicapped  because they are not ‘benefiting’ family or society, but are a burden to it.   One example would be some of the societies in WW 2 , using this argument to euthanize (trying to stay neutral on terminology)  handicapped children, elderly and ‘undesirables’.  Today, almost all societies would call this genocide.

If one desires to research Hitler’s persecution in this area, one can do so.   The focus of this article however is to show how loved and special we ‘all’ are… by the Creator who designed us in eternity past.  Link.

Pro Life Argument, Pro Choice Dilemma

In our society, if one is seeking to end their life, we realize they are in a state of depression, crisis, etc.   We reach out to them and help them get through the critical time-to help them live by standards we believe to be healthy and normal.   How many testimonies have we heard of people breaking through difficult times to lead a happy and productive life.

The pro choice camp has a dilemma  that cannot be resolved.   A few generations ago, if someone would have suggested…a mother can terminate the life of her unborn baby, one natural conclusion would be, I am glad my mother did not believe this, or abort me.

No rational (non suicidal) person is thinking…I am glad I do not have ‘my life’, so may mom could defend ‘her right to her body’.   If we are living in reality, everyone knows this issue is about ‘someone else’s’ life!

Likewise, I have heard mothers defending abortion by telling their other children, ‘Our family is sooo special, we can do more because we chose to abort  your siblings’.   Obviously, this does the opposite of making the children feel more secure-valued by the Lord and family.  They are surely  thinking…I made the parental dice throw on life, my lost brothers or sisters were not so fortunate.

 There is nooo rational way to address this issue, except with the truth.   Nobody-in their right mind wants to be the one volunteered to be aborted…only to volunteer others.   Life has been established, rights likewise…nobody wants to be the one ‘chosen’ to be aborted-for any reason…or any time.  

To avoid this totally apparent truth, an individual and society has to completely shift attention away from this (and other) truths to different topic points.   This is called denial.  

For centuries, leaders have spoken half truths and lies multiple times –knowing, if it is repeated time and time again… the people will lose focus on the obvious truths-reality.  They know this, and the term for this is propaganda.  

The apparent truths have to be Drowned out.   The only way to accomplish this is through     and lots of it.  

Woman’s  Rights, Hardships, repeated time and time again…rights, hardships…without ever looking at or in many instances not allowing  other meaningful  truths (evidence) to be presented.   Does this sound like a ‘fair’ court process to you?


This format is not a book, but a series of articles and will not cover every detail on this critical social issue.   The evidence presented however does cover ‘all’ the arguments for establishing that an ‘individual’ inside the womb is ‘alive’ and has a ‘right’ to life.  This ‘right’ is supported by scientific evidence and any society with a moral conscience. Link

New York Reproduction Act 

To briefly clarify the New York Reproduction Act (similar to some other states) it included the ‘health’ clause to give license to a mother to abort a full term child for any reason relating to her health.   In other words, migraines, stress, inconvenience or any other emotional disruption will allow for the full term abortion.  Lawyers and politicians are smart, they know the ‘health’ clause was an open door for full term abortion on demand.   The legislation also cleared the way for any abortionist…to be legally protected from the lawsuits that may arise from prosecutions for these actions.   This  ‘legalization and protection combination‘- will promote all  efforts to have abortions performed at the latest dates for maximum profits.   I can’t speak for others, but my hearts sinks writing this last sentence.

My goal is not to give the readers the details of  a full term abortion,  but to join the voice of others who value ‘all’  life…from the beginning to the end.   It must be stated  however,  we all know how horrific the procedures have to be…to end the life of a completely developed human being.   I would like to believe, anyone that I personally know, we would be devastated to witness a full term abortion.

What about…

There is always the what about.   Rape, incest…  Sadly, these are tragic examples of how some babies are brought into this world.   This next response does not ‘prove’ a point…but rather give us an example.   I once heard of a testimony of a lady keeping the child of the man that had raped her.   She loved her child, but was honest about the difficulties.   The child did not know the rapist ..but the mother saw similarities in their laugh.   Yes, it was difficult, but she believe it was not the infants fault.    The baby did not cause it’s circumstances and should not be punished because of them.   One mothers testimony -keeping her baby after being raped Link 

Adoption is a legal and moral option for those who believe the baby deserves an opportunity share life’s  hopes and dreams, as we do.  It is one of the  moral answers to a genuine difficult pregnancy.

It’s Not About Abortion, but About Life 

I hope, in some way, ‘every person’ reading this article, now realizes how special and loved we are.   The way God has formed all us with our own unique personality,  DNA blueprint, ordained days written in a book in heaven Part 2.

The main focus for writing this series is for us to appreciate how valued life is for ‘all’ of us…and thus it is shared to others-even those who are ‘in waiting’ to experience it.

As mentioned earlier, if someone reading these pages participated in having an abortion (mother or family member) Gods love and forgiveness covers all…from this point forward, just do what we know would please Him.   It needs to be repeated, the Apostle Paul persecuted the church, but was used by God to be one of the most influential leaders the world has ever seen Rm. 1:1-2 , 1 Cor. 15:9  My heroes are not those that never made a mistake…but those that turn them into a witness…with a powerful testimony of Gods mercy and love.

Romans 8:28   And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Gods love and forgiveness will always be ‘bigger’ that our mistakes-sins-that every one of us have done.   All we have to do is respond to this loving grace…enter into His life.   See Understanding God,  Knowing God   May the Lord Bless You as You Pursue His Truth.

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