The Great Awakening 7-17-2018, The Trump Putin Meetings

Note:  Please read the article until the end,  to view how the Lord is moving in our World, with the historic importance of the Trump-Putin meetings.

Love him or loathe him…Trump is a force to be reckoned with.   Down the road, would like to do more on the history the what many are calling ‘The Great Awakening’ .    Not only about Trumps role, but  what we see as the greatest move of God (working both in our government (s) and in the church) since the reformation over 400 years ago.

The evidence by others given in the links are the researchers who are doing most of the work ( listed below), but if we are praying and truly seeking the Lord (not sleeping), there will be a real unity in the Spirit.   The Holy Spirit will give us the needed access to the truth and explain to us what is going on in our country and the world.

  John 14:26   But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things…

The meeting (s) between Trump and Putin could literally change the course of world unity (explained below).    We need to see what Trump is trying to achieve and what  dangers he is facing to accomplish freedom across the world.    We will also look at the differences between true liberty and world dominance-by the New World Order…what many call the cabal, deep state,  globalist, Illuminati, etc.    See World Corruption

It only requires the most  elementary introduction of history to understnad how brutal a government leader…along with their armies, can be.   Millions ruthlessly killed-cities destroyed, countries in ruins.   Please do not tell me evil is not real… we have to guard, protect and promote freedoms to all nations 1 Tim. 2:1-3.  

If we look closely at the cause of evil…it’s true source, we soon realize  that it is usually only revealed to those at the highest levels of  authority.         Because evil operates in darkness, it usually moves in secrecy, as John F Kennedy so clearly explains See link.      Also see Root of Evil.   

Having our eyes opened to this reality makes ‘all’ the political views so simple to understand,  as many of our forefathers knew.   One political view leads to powerful authoritarian government-which inevitably results in a dictatorship (as world history verifies) and another…where authority is governed by a check and balance system-and the people control it’s freedoms and liberties.   See Gods Political View 

For us, these liberties are protected by the Constitution, the Bill of  Rights, the division of powers by Federal, State and local authorities- the will of the people and the Almighty God who causes nations to rise and fall.   Acts 17:26

Job 12:23   He makes nations great, and destroys them; he enlarges nations, and disperses them.

As mentioned earlier however, there is a battle between evil and liberty…between world dominance and freedom.    See  The Eternal Victory Over Evil Link. 

Lets ask a few questions and have you determine  for yourself the difference between an influencing country that brings dictatorship -or liberty back to it’s people.

-When the US fought  the Germans out of France in WW2, were the French People ruled by a foreign power, or were they given back their sovereignty as a nation?

-Same question…what about  with Russia and East Germany (hint Berlin wall)”

-What about West Germany, after the US took control?

-Same war, what about Japan after they surrendered?

This same question can be asked about the overthrow of existing governments.

– North and South Korea-see the historic difference?

See link on who was the most persecuted country in the entire world Link.

-What about Communist China?

We don’t have to be ‘geo-political genius’ to see the difference between a government that has been liberated to freedom and one that has been taken over by a  country for self gain… a political dictatorship.   If we review nations by these standards, it makes understanding what is truly going on ‘kinda simple’ .

A general overview on nations that attempt to influence other countries would basically fall into 2 categories.     One for self gain and dominance and another for liberating true freedoms for the sovereign countries in the world (yes…and a combination of some doing both).

 Reviewing Trumps Base and the Trump-Putin Meetings 

First, Trumps base.   The reason Trumps base is soo loyal is they understand  for the first time since Kennedy (to some degree Reagan), he is wise to the deep state.   Yes, the same elites  that want dominance over countries, the same ones who desire the the whole world to be ruled by an authoritarian  government link1, link 2 .    There has never been a U. S. leader so completely awake and is literally fighting (with other true libertarians) the world bankers, governments, media, corrupt US leaders-both the Democrats and Republicans… and the list continues.

The World Central Banks of the Elite

Here is what we are fighting in the World Cooperate banking system. As the pic demonstrates, Jesus will  completely flip this triangle and have the institutions serve His creation 🙂

Media Supremacy-Vital to Influencing the Sleeping  Masses

To have your agenda promoted…you need to influence the masses-which is  not that difficult if you have 90% or our media to be owned by a few corporate bosses.   We will find out-hopefully soon-how most of the media receive their daily talking points (many of them word for word) at or around 4 am every morning.  See link 1, link 2

In short, Trump sees what we see, he is awake and is aware of the warnings given to us for over a hundred years.  See short video. 

Past puppets in our government ‘talked about world peace’ which we knew to be a false ‘world order’ for the elites so they could obtain their world dominance that they have sought after for over a century.

Note:  You do not have to have full control of puppets to influence them.   Money, bribes, entrapment all contribute to have them sway to your agenda…and most of them are not aware of how evil and ‘deep’ the deep state operates in our country.   

Those who understand  prophecy  know there will be a brief time when elite will succeed (because of a sleeping church) and Jesus Himself would come back and give an eternal verdict of punishment for them.   At times it appeared that Revelation in the Word  was being confirmed …and the goals of the deep state seemed to be coming a reality.   What some were reporting… they wanted to achieve the world government by 2020 (ish).   The trials and misery by this evil agenda would have been horrific.  Dan. 12:1

  • Matthew 24:21   For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

In 2015, the church was given many warnings by the Lords prophets, one being Jonathan Cahn, see Harbinger

Basically, he along with others were saying, if we the church does not pray and seek the face of God…He will allow evil to reign for a season because of  our complacency.   1 Peter 4:17 

While the church did not fully repent, we did pray.   The Lord responded by giving us a means to fight evil that has been trying to achieve it’s world goal for centuries.   Many loyal to our  government, true libertarians sought out Trump to work together to fight the World Corrupt leaders, as demonstrated in this video.

Trump is Awake, He Sees the Prophetic Vision

Trump is the first president in modern history to be in a total fight with the deep state.   Do you really think there is a government and media outcry to impeach him  ’cause they just don’t like some of his policies’.   There is no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump…but just impeach him anyway!      

Thousands upon thousands of sealed indictments are going to send many to jail…they are in a fight for their life.   Tools that were meant to enslave us (NSA-the capturing of ‘all our’ information) are now being used to bring evidence to their corruption.

Todays Meeting Between Trump and Putin

This is important…back to the difference between truly liberating a country…and having world dominance over them.   Remember, it is ‘kinda’ simple to tell the difference.

Those who are awake cringed when the elites talked about world peace…we knew it was taking away the sovereign rights to countries and our individual rights.   We also knew, as shown above, their world peace was nothing more than world dominance with tragic results.

If leaders however were not part of the global corruption, they could  truly liberate countries as mentioned  earlier in World War 2-   France, West Germany, Japan etc.   These countries kept their ‘rights’ as a sovereign state…and the people were genuinely freed…Praise God!

Trump does not want to have a dictatorship rule over North Korea…but does want the people to be liberated, and he is using the power of His government to pressure China to make this happen…and is doing so ‘without war’!

Likewise, Trump has the same goal for Iran, to stop it’s radical view to destroy Israel, the U.S. and other western countries.    His strategy is to have the countries in the middle east  live in harmony… and is pressuring Russia to help.   Trump has seen the power and financial  gain  of the elites when they have  started devastating  wars that simply make more money  for the world globalist…and also enables them come closer to their role of world dominance.

 Epic Historic Possibilities

I am not sure  Trump even knows if what he is trying to accomplish is possible with Putin…but can you imagine if Putin and Trump got on board with the same agenda.   The two superpowers of the world…working together… not to dominate the world by authoritarian conquest (ie…the elites and evils agenda) but to truly liberate countries…as given in the evidence in prior links.

It’s happening folks, it really is.   North Korea is on task to be liberated, now our eyes are on Iran, next, other people who are in slavery.    We have the capacity to discern the difference…if we don’t let our ‘ugly political bias’ get in the way…it is not that difficult.     Yes, maybe getting a little angry at the Trumps base will cause some not to sit back …but to truly seek out what is really going on in the world.   We really want to be on the same team…one that desires to sincerely liberate other countries and not dominated them by authoritarian rule.   To diligently work at stopping the foolish wars (yes..some wars like WW 2 were necessary),   to strive to  eliminate  persecution and poverty.   Ask any missionary in a hostile region…as many documentaries and moves have shown, the number one problem is giving resource to those who desperately need them…and not have supplies going into the hands of  hostile groups.

We need to catch the vision and…WAKE UP.   Trump, the Trump base…but more importantly, Gods prophets have been telling us what is truly taking place…how we need to get on board and pray this through.   This was not ‘just another meeting with Putin’ , but  a possible partnership that could open the doors to the greatest powers in the history of mankind…to work together to fight against the injustices of this world.   Not by authoritarian take over, but by liberating the people back to sovereign states of freedom and democracy.   If this hope for those who are suffering does not break through all political views…then how sad  are those ‘political views’.   We need to look back and know we were part of the solution…and not regret later -it took sooo long for me ‘to see’.

This is why the deep state media waited just days before Trumps meeting with Putin to release the alleged 12 Russian intelligence agents ‘meddling’ probe.    A united U.S. and Russian-working for the well being of sovereign nations across our world would set their plan back ‘ages’Praise God  🙂

Always keep in mind, they want wars and chaos to bring nations running to them for help.   Their solution-unite the nations under their control …bringing about the most catastrophic events the world has ever seen (see above scripture and links).    My friends-you are about to find out they are that sick  (listen to Sr. Bush push for the New World Order see link.   Also, see the planned mass genocide in the first guideline in the  Georgia Stones.)

Again, many in power are just following orders-for self gain or they have been entrapped.   Some have been hired solely  for their similar political viewpoint.   It is usually only those at the top who are aware of their true intentions of mass persecution as explained in the Word.  See Dan. 7, Rev. 13, Jn. 16:2.    They plan is to slowly eliminate our rights and destroy the countries governed  by

-Love this few second music video on how they have to avoid healthy US-Russian relations at all cost Link 


Heaven help us if we do not see what the Lord is doing… in our lifetime!   For those in the church…would you rather be in the synagogue listing to traditional teachings in 30 AD, or out by the sea of Galilee when Jesus was showing the world what Jehovah God was doing for them (the greatest great awakening!)    Is. 9:2, Jn. 8:12, Jn. 1:17.    The prophets in the these links could not make His move any clearer.  Kim Clement 2007, Mark Taylor,  Lance Wallnau (he starts speaking around min. 4:30).   Overview link.

We simply want to be part of the voice and direction of the Lord…and our  desire is for you  to join us.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this post.   Please study and pray for insight that was given in the above references.   As important, please be in prayer for our country…to be united in His truth, in His great move of the Spirit 🙂



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