It’s Getting Exciting, The World is about to be shown the Truth

In the next few days, there is a real possibility we will start seeing the breakdown of a worldwide empire that throughout history has been brutal and corrupted –

-President Eisenhower warned us about the rogue government, and 

-President Kennedy not only gave specific details that explained its motives-but he also fought against it (tragically, this probably got him assassinated).   See Link.  In fact, 

-Jesus Himself spoke about this ruthless deep state that He will conquer before His return.   Jesus will defeat all the nations that allow evil to take over their countries.  See Matt. 24Rev. 6Rev. 19Rev. 20.

Key point!  Countries that allowed evil to invade their land.

In 2015, We the People’ did not fully repent of our wrongdoing in the U.S., but we did pray.   The Lord in heaven heard our prayers and delayed His judgment of evil countries –and we were given a chance to restore our nation-a restoration that would influence the entire world.

From a spiritual perspective, this is not just a revival, but a reformation; the likes we have not seen since The Great Protestant Reformation in the 1500s, where nations were given new life-leaving the ‘dark ages’ behind.

Prophecies were given in 2011…for the 2012 election, but many were still sleeping, they were ‘not’ ready to support this movement.   In 2015, many prophecies were publically revealed…and patriots and a presidential candidate operating ‘outside’ of the general core of political corruption were introduced to our country.  Prophetic Beginning-see links at the end of the articleWorld Reformation Movement

Both sides of the political spectrum spewed venom to the movement, what many called The Great Awakening.   One party (Republican) had the greater chance of being able to be restored from the corruption-and this great liberation movement marched forward.

Those who were awake knew, we are not in a political election –but a divine move of God to restore our country from those who had either sold us out, or worse.   Some in the upper powers of the pyramid have intentions to destroy all that we valued-the love of truth and freedom-our liberties.  Again, the Lord and His prophets predicted their true motives thousands of years prior. Rev. 13,  Dan. 7:19-28.     See  Global Corruption, Root of Evil

The Obvious

Without being disrespectful, the fact still remains, President Trump had tens of thousands in overflow at stadiums (to take back our nation), and Joe Biden could not fill a hotel lobby.    We knew Biden did not have the voter support, they knew he did not, in fact-all American knew he did not.   Rivers and lakes had thousands of Trump boats, lines to enter the stadiums at times were over a mile long…and flags for our movement dominated voter stations across the country.   Ghost supporters did not invade our polling booths, but voter fraud did.

I personally felt those patriots planning this Great Awakening went too close to the cliff.   If the false ballots showed a fake Biden win…this would come way too close to finalizing the election and we may not be able to overturn the results in the courts.  I simply thought they should have protected the voting machines from fraud before the elections.

Well, it has happened to me more than once,  my lack of faith or lack of courage –possibly a little bit of both.  This hindered me from seeing the plan-the ‘big picture’.   I just don’t always like the fact that –the Lord works best when ‘all’ is on the line 🙂    When the Israelites were pinned in at the Red Sea, their fate appeared to be doomed by the advancing Egyptian army.  The Lord’s hand however moved in a mighty way-a good read if you are not familiar with Biblical history Ex. 14:19-31 or old movie classics  Movie clip 🙂 

Part of ‘The Plan’ 

From what we are hearing from the prophetic word, those in the political arena-and others is… voter fraud was allowed to happen in order to reveal their vast abuses

-this will open the door to expose their horrendous crimes against all of humanity.  Those crimes in which Kennedy, other presidents,  congressmen, and truthers have been declaring to us for decades.   Wars, manipulated economies, controlled poverty…millions of lives destroyed…to enrich their lives and empower themselves.  The latter being the greater evil, some actually believe they are superior, gods to you and I-sick!  See Joe M short videos, Global Corruption.


If We Realize What Really Happened, We can Then Understand The Magnitude of Their Crimes.  

The Depth of Voter Fraud.    In a very short time- we are hoping there will be undisputed evidence of a highly organized, manipulated, premeditated strategy

-that had to be vast in its scope-on an international level

-lengthy in its planning-and-

-was so strategic it would accomplish the take over of our government …and could only be achieved by the highest political officials in the land.  

Embracing The Moment of Truth, So We Can be United in Truth  

One Nation Under God 

If there is a politically criminal cabal that is operating covertly (hidden) in our country (as president Kennedy stated link),

-and they were able to organize the majority of states to use corrupted voting machines 

-and had the ability to get enough people to fraudulently turn the course of an election…

Then we have to ask ourselves, what are their motives-how do they intend to harm the American people.

And if they were evil enough to overturn the election of the highest office in the land, in essence, a government overthrow…

would these gangsters hesitate to strip our freedoms in other areas of our lives, or in ‘all’ areas of our lives?

-Would they eventually want to take away ‘all’ the liberties from the entire nation, and thus, making us slaves?   Almost every empire, dynasty and dictatorship has done exactly this in the past?!  While this may be difficult to believe for those who live in freedom, history has proven to us-almost of the countries of the world have experienced ruthless dictators.   See Rev. 13:16-17

Patriots have been trying to tell us this for decades, this is noooo game!   Jesus has told us emphatically-governments can turn evil…we are to pray for them. Is. 1:2-21

Isaiah 1:2-21 Hear me, you heavens! Listen, earth! For the LORD has spoken: “I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me.  4 Woe to the sinful nation, a people whose guilt is great, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption! They have forsaken the LORD; they have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on Him.

1 Timothy 2:1-2 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

President Reagan’s inaugural address reminds us how important it is to defend our freedoms…he states

‘Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.  It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.’

We can stop fighting evil only when the Lord Himself returns to permanently defeat all the evil kingdoms –and restore His everlasting peace.  Nations will then abide in His eternal love. See Rev. 21

We have been given a chance to make this right-not to act now has the potential to strip our children and our grandchild, family, and friends of their future…it is that simple.  We cannot make this any clearer…this needs to be repeated…this is no game!

As previously said many times before, their attack on President Trump was not on President Trump-but on a movement by all the patriots to bring justice, fairness and unity to our country-void of senseless wars-to bring prosperity back.   The ripple effect will positively help nations –billions worldwide.

We in the U.S. need to realize, ruthless people (President Kennedy’s term for them-the deep state-above link) have been around since the beginning of civilizations, why is it soo difficult to think they are not in governments today? Link

Where Will We Stand in History 

Hopefully, they are about to be exposed.   The question for America-the question for all of us is…

What are we going to do when it is exposed?

The options are not at all difficult to recognize.

-For those who were awake, we become even more devoted to what the Lord has intended for this Great Awakening, for our Great Nation and the world.

-For those who have denied the evidence, there seem to be two options.

1)  We humbly admit, we –yes all of us- spent a time in our life where we denied the obvious-we hung on to our false beliefs because we wanted the lies-it made our world more comfortable-the way ‘we’ wanted it to be.   No pointing fingers at one another, we are all guilty.  Link 1, Link 2

As of this moment in time, however, we realize our error and we truly ‘listen with our heart’ to the message from the Lord-what He is trying to accomplish in our land.   We listen to those patriots who have been trying to help our country avoid disaster.   This my friend, would be a fantastic start.

2)  Or, we get angry and rebel at the change, believe the lies about President Trump’s ‘takeover’ and delay the inevitable-the truth that will expose the worldwide crimes that have been abusing the masses-for generations.

Hopefully, the obvious is about to be revealed to all the nations of the world.

God bless, Bill

For more info,

Please scroll down to Great Awakening

Knowing the Lord 🙂


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