Seeing the Real Person-Great Awakening 11-28-20


I honestly think General Patton would drive me loco.

He definitely would not be a friend I would want to hang with, he would be one of the last people I would take ‘LIFE ADVICE’ from-and he made no bones about the fact  ‘that he loved people like himself, marvelously conceited…they are the best soldiers in war.’  

There are some things about him however, I would never question…and I would be incredibly ashamed of myself if I did.

General Patton loved his country and he hated dictators that ruthlessly abused their people.  He believed in the American way of life, our freedoms, our liberty, and our right to pursue what we value in life.   He knew we would be slaves like those he conquered in war…if we did not have the freedoms to pursue our God and the life that we felt was right –to fulfill our destiny.

Some say he was odd, but in reality, all exceptional people are ‘odd’ by definition.   Being extremely aggressive –and believing in yourself to the point of fault-can make yourself extremely unpopular…and when he was at the military academy, he actually relished in the fact that his cadets did not like him.   He thought it was the correct response if he was going to teach them how to survive in war.

So, in WW2, our country found themselves following a General, with definite character flaws.   He was leading the most powerful army in the world into Germany- (and, at least from the perspective of a psychological chart)…he was sharing some of the same character flaws as his arch-enemy, one of the most evil persons on the face of the earth.  Go figure 🙂

Maybe the difference between a glorious path of life-and a totally evil way of life… are the motives in which one directs their life.

Hitler was evil, his motives destroyed families, cities, and nations.   He cared about one thing, making himself a god.   What drove him was a his complete power lust.

Patton had a huge ego, but he was wise and humble enough to use his ego and his talent for the good of mankind.   This my friends is the difference between honoring someone and hating the evil that dictators use to achieve their ruthless empires.

Yes-You probably know by now where this is heading. 

General Patton made enough mistakes that if the press and his peers were against him, they could have made him look like a baboon.   He took his gloves and slapped a soldier suffering from ‘shell shock’, he was brash, I personally think he used soldiers as pawns to end the war early…yes, I get it –he saved more soldiers in the end-but it’s just hard to rationalize.

History could have slanted Patton any way they wanted to.  When he disciplined the soldier mentioned above, the press-for a season-did make him look foolish.   They could have continued-but in the end, they were truthful and fair in their assessment, he was a great patriot to our country.

He literally raced across Europe-liberated countries –and brought an end to the European war quicker than anyone could have ‘realistically imagined.’  In many ways, he was a great man.

As mentioned earlier, I would be soo ashamed of myself if I ridiculed his bravery and devotion to our country. 

Yes, President Trump Is A leader with Abounding Confidence, Savvy, and Ability.

The major difference between General Patton and President Trump is the mainstream media and a majority of his political peers have turned against Trump…obviously, to protect themselves from prosecution for their abuses to the American people See Global Corruption. 

The most tragic part of this however is not tarnishing one man’s sincere attempt to help our country, but that many of the American people have believed the lies-and as a result, our country could be destroyed because of it.  See  Socialism, Gods Political View

Many of us believe –because of the prayers going to the Lord, President Trump will indeed finish his second term, and the corruption will absolutely be exposed…but the lesson to the American people still needs to be learned.

There is a difference between General Patton and Adolf Hitler.   The difference is one desired to save his country and that same one loved the freedoms and liberties that his country gave him.

The other turned evil –and used his power to destroy millions of lives.

Folks, it’s all about the motives-the true desire of the heart.  

What side of history are we going to be on? 

History will eventually display the true intentions and motives of President Trump, the patriots, and all his peers that have become his bitter enemies.   We all know, most of the press has been against every one of Trump’s actions since ‘before’ he took office in 2016.   As we have said sooo many times, they don’t hate President Trump and the patriots, they are afraid of him-and it shows.   Never in history has an opposing party and news media engaged in an all-out war against ‘all of us’, against policies that are truly trying to help the American people.

Seeing with Eyes that are Looing for the Truth 

No amount of press, no academic lectures, no hate rhetoric could ever change my view of General Patton (that is- if the information we currently have on him is accurate).

Don’t make the mistake of allowing others to wrongly influence you about what our president (along with other patriots) are trying to accomplish.  Don’t allow your heart to turn against this movement known as the Great Awakening.   The goal is to bring justice to those who have been abusing all of us-for decades.  See Link. The evil behind the abuse and corruption-as history has shown us-will destroy ‘all’ of those who would oppose them.

We have been given a rare opportunity to fight a global corruption that is more powerful and influential than anything, than everything -except- our unity with God and each other.   That is why their campaign strategy is ‘hate’ which fuels division.   Jesus was simply correct

A kingdom divided cannot stand. Mark 3:24 

The time is now, to unite in the truth.

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