Who is worse, President Trump or his base…you decide.

Ok, maybe what happened with ‘The Lawyers Encounter’ is the best way to explain this movement, better than any other example my brain has been able to come up with- to date lol.      Feel free to disagree or agree-but wanted to let everyone know…this article is mainly written for those who are fed up with President Trump and his base…and that would be us.   🙂

Was recently working in the building of a new customer, who informed me she was a lawyer with several years experience.   I asked her how she-and her business was doing with the virus pandemic.    She responded that she was ‘making it’ but have had to use several unorthodox methods to complete her work.   Like taking sworn affidavits in her office- with people on her balcony, hallway and even standing in her bathroom…trying to maintain social distancing while the courts  were closed.  She was legally bound to have certain cases done by specific dates.

She immediately played her hate card…how it was the presidents fault we did not ‘all’ have face mask and hospital equipment for each one of us.   She made it sound like it was President Trumps responsibility to supply a ventilator for each and every American-and have it on our doorstep by the target date of yesteryear.

At first I could not figure out, which she loathed more, Trump or his base.  Her agitation between the two seemed to go round and round like a spinning top.   For some reason however, it always seemed to finally land on Trump’s base…again, that would be us. 🙂     More people to hate…I guess.

I soon realized…when I asked her questions like

-why is it Donald J. Trumps responsibility to buy me a mask and not mine?

-why is it not the cities, counties, states’ responsibility to make sure they have enough medical equipment for their people, verses anyone from D.C. ?  See good summary by Paul Harvey

She seemed a little stunned and bewildered someone would even question her viewpoints-without arguing I decided to back off-knowing she was not going change her viewpoint.   I felt sad for her.   This is what I wanted to tell her, but first she needed to have a heart that was willing to listen Link 1, Link 2

What I wanted to Tell Her

Trumps base is not about President Trump-not at all.   Please ‘get’ our viewpoint, our perspective.  

First-the History 

This ‘political environment’ has been brewing historically for centuries, for those of us alive today, for decades.  Here is a perspective from two viewpoints,  the Christian and the conservative base as a whole.

-From a Christian perspective, we see two powers that are soooo simply defined.   One is the Lords, one is evil.   Each has their agenda,  and the war going on between the two has resulted in countries starting not just national wars but  world wars.   Wicked empires have desired to overrun and destroy other nations- and innocent lives-counting in the millions.  I am a very novice WW 2 history buff, but even with my lack of expertise… I  am soooo amazed how ruthless the Axis powers were ‘before’ major war broke out.   Murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent lives to achieve their quest for world dominance.

The reason the evil agenda has not been completely destroyed yet is…

-because the Lords loves us.  See How much Does God Love Us. 

 -because of His nature, which is absolute.  See If you were god for I day. 

 God  simply wants as many people protected and in His family before He judges the devils evil…and my-our sin.   His Love is infinite,  but His justice and judgment are also infinite-absolute.   This means when He comes back to judge all evil and sin… the verdict will be –final, absolute and eternal.  The Lord is essentially giving as much time as possible for ‘all’ to come into His family.   See two prior links.

  2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Over the centuries, we have witnessed the world going exactly how the Bible predicts it would go-before the Lord returns and judges  evil. These two chapters alone explain to us what will happen just prior to His return…and in amazing detail.  See Matt. 24Rev. 6  This however is just a fraction of what that the Lord reveals in His Word…approximately one third of His Word is dedicated to prophecy.

In a nutshell, the world was moving toward a one world government, where morality is thrown aside and evil increases and becomes the norm.

Isaiah 5:20  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 2 Tim. 3:1-5

Many in the church believed we were at the brink of starting the Biblical countdown before the 2016 elections.  See Root of Evil , Gods Political View. 

Then something happened.   Around 2011, several prophesies  claimed there was going to be an awakening of the people, and …Donald Trump  (yes a prior playboy from New York) was going to be president and lead a movement (along with high ranking patriots) – to take back our country that was bound in corruption…more so than we could ever imagine.   The prophecies went main stream around 2014.   See links end of article 

As mentioned by the lawyer above, President Trump did many immoral acts-how can Trumps base of ‘conservatives’ support such a immoral person.   Again, she became a little bewildered when she realized we follow not just an immoral person, but a person who rounded up men, women and whole families to be murdered-someone who was directly responsible for the martyrdom of many innocent victims.   His name was the apostle Paul, and was one of the leading teachers in the New Testament.   Repentance is real, and so is forgiveness-that causes people to change into a new life.

Luke 15:10  In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

Acts 3:19  Repent, then, and turn to God, so that He will forgive your sins.

Changing your life 20 years ago is vastly different than those who continue to commit horrific crimes to innocent people, including children.   See  the Indictments are coming.  

In the past handful of years, the church did not fully repent, but we did pray.   We were receiving from the Lord a season of blessing for our country…His mercy was sparing us the imminent judgment of countries that will one day turn against His statues,     His Love and Mercy are Great.

 Eph. 2:4-5 “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved) …” 

For decades, the church has endured what the lawyer above was feeling, a complete abandonment of her personal views on how society should be run.   Our only hope however was to change ‘the root’ problem of our government-which meant we needed not to riot, or revolt-but to pray! -and we sooo got our answer   See World Reformation Movement 

The conservative base as a whole

 Ok folks, to the recipients of this article, to those who are completely confounded by  ‘Trumps Base’ please get this!

For the first time in our lifetime, really in modern history…we have a president that is openly exposing the corruption that we have witnessed all of our lives.   Link 1, Link 2

The evidence is overwhelming. See Corruption.    Other presidents have mentioned the deep state, (or as some call it-military industrial complex, cabal, global elites, illuminati etc.)    This is the first president however to openly admit, his  purpose for running was to give back to the American people their country-to make it prosperous again…by cleaning out the deep state-or swamp.  Link 1, Link 2

The Importance of this Reformation

If one is truly trying to understand this movement,  we need to comprehend -Comprendo, Entiendo,  我聽得懂 [我听得懂,  అర్ధం అవుతుంది,  something. We are not in an election, but a world-wide reformation to restore the U.S (and hopefully other nations)  to a system of justice.   If the power struggle would have continued, we could have entered world wars that-according to the Word-would have devastated continents, billions of lives-in Jesus words-greater tribulations than the world has ever encountered. Matt. 24:21   See prophecy-first two links.   

If the patriots in high office  think the sleeping American people can receive the truth without falling apart,  we are going to see absolute proofs of crimes against children and the world that will shock us. Link    We have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to fight back –legally-and win.  Link,   See David Rubens Experience, 

One main reason President Trump does not mention more specifics details is because the criminals in our government are going to be justly prosecuted…and he has had to rely on ‘third parties’ to give more details.   He has to let the courts (mostly federal)  do their job-and not be directly involved in the prosecution phase.   Indictments are coming.

Again, this is a worldwide restoration!  The Lord is cleaning out whole governments; entire countries are given the opportunity to enter His blessings.  Link 

We who were awake always knew we were a majority, but the press made it sound like we were wild skeptics…a minority of conspiracy folks living in the twilight zone.   See Walk Away Link 1, Link 2.   The truth has come out, and now…the most powerful man in the world…along with other Presidents and Prime ministers are openly joining us…a true international event!

This is why India gave President Trump the greatest reception in its history link, this why the people of England voted in a ‘Trump Clone’, Boris Johnson -yes, acting just like Trump, he hates the clone tag  :).   This is why the French people are wanting someone with the vision of Trump (and his base), this is why of Italy’s Matteo Salvini is calling out the deep state by name   See Link 

Trump’s base has gone from those conspiracy basement dwellers’ to proclaiming the greatest reformation in modern history.   If the Lord was not behind this, it would have fallen to the ground…died like the assignation of President Kennedy.

If you would have told us a few  years ago-a planned movement from a handful of patriots and a president were going to fight and defeat

-the global bankers-central banks (see the union of the Federal Reserve with the U. S. Treasure)

-both the Republican and Democratic ‘old guard’ of corruption

-the bias and controlled press

-Middle East oil monopolies

-European United Countries

-United Nation

-Hollywood bias

-Global Corporations

-military ‘war machine’ cooperate sponsors and those in government receiving ‘kickbacks’

And awaken millions of sleeping Americans,

We would have said, impossible except for the hand of God.   We are absolutely looking at another JFK assignation.

This is the hand of God my friends.   Being able to see it however does not come from intellectual ability, but a willingness to be open to the truth Link. 

 We are not asking however for you to believe us.  We are asking the one and only thing that will bring ‘both of us…all of us…to the truth.’

I wanted to Ask this Lawyer Something.

I wanted to ask her…if she was willing to do what could be one of the hardest things that she has ever had to do?   Something that is difficult, but once we pursue this, it will be sooo ‘soul cleansing’-a life changing event.

I wanted to ask her to consider a new way of discovery.

Information, something in which she has been trained to pursue all her life, does indeed come by an intellectual endeavor.   You seem to be very good at this…that’s great, it’s a blessing for most professions.

Moral Truth however, does not come by the same method, it is a different  quest.   All the things we disagree with, are our personal ‘beliefs’.    They are judgments made by information we attempt to assemble.  In other words,  our ‘moral discernment’  pieces together what we ‘think’  is correct and beneficial to mankind.   If we are totally honest however, perfectly objective, most of these beliefs we come by are our opinions.   This is why there are soooo many different opinions on all the subjects we have talked about-and hundreds more-on incredibly important life issues.   This explains  why some extremely intellectual individuals and whole societies have promoted and condoned horrific crimes against innocent lives, like in WW 2.

What I wanted to say to her…is…I can’t reach you…you mind has been made up…but that’s ok…if…

Would you be willing to open the door to have Someone who has never been wrong-who has unlimited information and absolute truth…who can show you the way?

I am noooo better than you or anyone else, and my views –if they were ‘my views’ would be no better than yours or anyone else’s.   So I  am asking, would you be willing to receiving truth if a Supreme Being, whom many call God…would be willing to give you this truth?

There is one huge condition.   His love is absolute, and He cannot force a gift on you if you do not give Him permission to be part of your life, the Father and God within us.   He cannot violate you, you have to give Him permission to come into your life and teach you, we have to make the decision to walk into His eternal life.

If you do this, He will not force you to vote one way or another, He will simply begin to show you everlasting truth…and as we do this… the rest of life begins to fall into place.

Proverbs 3:5-6   Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6  in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

This road to discovery makes sooo much sense, it is sooo simple that sometimes folks who are ‘really  really  smart’ miss this.  For example,  the information gap between a child and parent is enough to endanger a child’s life…without the guardianship and care of the parent.

Our lives, with the thousands upon thousands of different options, opinions and viewpoints have to be explained to us…for we still need a parent in our lives, a Father in heaven.

This is soooo why we are not asking for you to believe us…because we soooo know ‘another opinion’ is not what you need…or desire.

We simply need to realize, the discovery of truth comes not by how smart we are, but by being ‘born into’ a heavenly family as a child …to be able to hear our Fathers voice.  Link 1, Link 2    Jn. 3:16

As asked before, if you were a Father in heaven, would you reveal yourself to the ones who demand they are in no need of you, cause they are self sufficient, superior without you?   Or would you reveal yourself to the ones whom are honest enough to admit the truth…they need a heavenly Father to help them in life, to find real answers that we need?

See Does God Reveal Himself to Man, Call Waiting. 

This is what I hoped she would one day understand.   She-at the moment was not open, maybe this will change down the road.   This is want I wanted to tell all those who don’t quite understand, this is not just about politics, but about finding truth in life that will last for eternity.  This is securing your destiny, for you to be safe, blessed and have everlasting joy.    Remember, you don’t have to believe ‘us’ -but we dooo have to believe His truth when He begins to show us…all we have to do is sincerely ask-this is all that is needed to be united in His truth 🙂

Matthew 7:7   “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Please see links under Knowing God.  🙂

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