Father I’m In- The Great Awakening 11-5-2020

We are in a life ‘limbo’ waiting to get a verdict that will

-set in motion the destiny for thousands upon thousands of children that are-in waiting- for their chance at life. 

-determine the outcome of legislation that will rapidly restructure the foundation of our freedoms-our constitutional way of life.   In other words, history has proven to us…if we do not protect our freedoms, we will fall prey to those dictators who will now or later-take our freedoms away from us, as proven in every kingdom, dynasty and governmental institution throughout history.   Please see Dangers of Socialism, God’s Political View.

We have prayed for the Lord to move in the final outcome of this election. 

These prayers have been heard by the Lord…but there is another ‘vital piece’ of this reformation that needs to happen ‘now’, before the Lord will set the final course of the 2020 election that will give to us

-individuals in government

-and  legislation

which will bring His truth, His love and His light to our country.

There needs to be a commitment by His children

-to cleans every part of themselves

-a sincere desire to pursue His grace and holiness-to accomplish ‘His Purpose’ for our future-that is now at ‘our doorstep’.  

The critical immediate task at hand is to make a declaration to the Lord-from all of His church

Lord, I commit to being part of this move of Your Spirit-this holy opportunity You are giving to this world.   I will cleanse myself of all my life issues that are taking me away from You…in order that I can hear and follow You-to take part in the Army of God. 

You now have my commitment –and along with millions of Your children across the face of this earth.  You can now know –the opportunities You have created for Your church to reach the world will not be in vain. 

With our sincere commitment to surrender every part of our life to Him,  the Lord can now open the doors for what He desires for our country and the world, to bring His blessings down from heaven.

A king can only go to war if his army is willing to follow him into battle.

A  Divine King is able to destroy all who oppose…but our King desires to have His army march out and demonstrate to the world-His love, His living sacrifice that He made for them, in order to have others join His family for all eternity.  Link 

Let’s tell our Father right now, let’s let Him definitely know…we are in!   


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