Sometimes, the Worst Thing in Life is When You get what You Ask For

Sometimes, the worst thing in life is when…


Please hear me, I am not trying to be mean, harsh, crude, or inappropriate.   And…I am not being a sore loser, cause I am believing President Trump is the legitimate winner…by far-and the recounts will prove this.   You simply cannot have stadiums full of voters in overflow for Trump rallies, while some of Biden rallies had more staff than supporters.  Rallies that were literally so limited in numbers,  supporters were hard to find in a hotel lobby.

The evidence of wrongdoing from

-the synchronized voting spikes happening simultaneously (at the same moment) across states lines

-of these hundreds of thousands of votes inserted instantly, 100% Biden-impossible

-testimonies and evidence of wrongdoing and computer fraud

-coordinated efforts to shut down polling stations in multiple states… in the middle of a 4-year presidential election-never happened.  

-leading red states ‘miraculously flipping’ to democratic after the mysterious shutdown

The evidence should easily prove the impossibility of a legit Biden win.


  Biden winning however is not what is important to You-I-and our Nation.  

Sometimes, the worst thing that could happen to our lives is

For those who have some experience in life, from teens-to seniors, we can look at stages in our lives where we desperately wanted something-and realize…we are soo glad that it did not come to pass.

-A past boy (girl) friend where their life eventually turned completely sour…now knowing-the relationship would have been doomed-gone down in fire-our lives being torched by the flames.

-A job or career move we thought would have been the best…later realizing it would have consumed us-or taken us down a path that would have hurt those we care for-the most important people in our lives.

-the list of experiences is unlimited-but we all recognize providence-or what many call God-has had control in our lives-His hand to protect us from things we simply cannot understand on our path of life.

This presidential election is no different, or less important.

The truth coming at you is like a flaming steal sword-please do not ask for it to be cushioned-it needs to penetrate our hearts, the core of who we are, what we believe.

You have been told the truth numerous times…again and again.

You have been given proof, examples, -more times than you have cared to be shown.

You have seen enough evidence-if you were willing to open your eyes, it would soo light up your life,  we would be walking together in such radiance-there would be absolutely no question of our course and destiny together.  We would be amazed at those who have refused to see it. Link

This is sooo not about Biden, or an election.   It is sooo about seeing the Truth.

And the Truth is this.

There is light and darkness in this world.   Good and Evil.   Again-we all have experienced this-have seen this for ourselves, it is without question.  LinkUnderstanding God

Joe Biden is not the director of this negative democratic radical agenda…not even close.   He is just ‘part of it’.   He is the current ‘door’ to allow this to happen.

You have been shown his corruption…along with the Clintons, Obama, most of the democrats, almost all of the past republicans, much of corporate America.  This includes a handful of privately-owned news agencies’ (mainstream media)-all clumped together to what is commonly called the cabal, deep state-or DC swamp.   Link 1, Link 2

Yes, most are just puppets.   Most have been paid off, bribed, caught in incredible scandals-that would put them in prison for years.     They absolutely have no idea…or care in the least-about the true intentions of those who pull the strings-those who have the real power.   They are not in a network of conspiracy-they are just easily-repeat-easily controlled by an evil group of ‘individuals’ in power.   We have seen World Wars, the past empires…that simply were successful at obtaining power that could control the masses.   This is not complicated, it has been easily repeated…time and time again.   There is no refuting this.

Yes, if you research this-the evidence indicates there are certain families who have control of the passageway to the majority of the world’s income through the central banks that work in unison with all the nations.

Yes, they believe they are more than special, they believe they are superior…and they want control of the masses-as all, repeat ‘all’  past emperors have desired.  They want you as their ‘servants’.  Servants that lose their freedoms however are nothing more than slaves.   As President Kennedy stated, they are and will be ruthless. They will stop at nothing if you get in their way.  Link

Yes, it is evil.

If you have had the fortitude to read so far…you are in for a blessing.

This coming not from me, but from every person that is awake…those seeing the truth.

We have been trying to tell you this…but it took this political crisis to get you to listen.

What we have been trying to tell you-isss…they hate you.   Like past empires, world wars-they are trying to invade your homeland- rob you of what you value most, destroy you if you oppose-hijack your family if they don’t consent…

And if you do consent…they want you to take a ‘so-called vaccine’ or mark or inserted chip.  In doing so,  you will be giving them permission to be part of their ’empire’.   In reality, you will absolutely be

-giving your allegiance to this proven evil system.   The God in heaven is telling us-once this happens-there is no turning back Rev. 14:9-11The Root of Evil

Joe Biden-is a doorway to the coming radical socialist agenda…the same socialist agenda that allowed halve of the world’s populations to be enslaved by Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung.  Here at the facts link 1,  link 2. 

Note:  Socialism is the ‘Mother of all dictators’.   They use it as the ‘front door’ to take control of our government institutions-including the nation’s armies.   Give me your allegiance and control and I will give you the world-for almost nothing in return.  Satan tried this with Jesus and failed, (Matt. 4:5-10) …seems to work with the masses though.   Don’t be confused by the different (ism) given to these dictators…they are simply tyrants stripping you of your ‘life’ and ‘freedoms’See the above links. 

Joe Biden is weak, if, given the chance to be the illegitimate president, he probably will resign early-which will allow those who are on board to fully implement their socialist agenda.   One major goal is to take away our constitutional freedoms.   They really believe they are superior, that they are the ‘thousand lights’ as President Bush proclaimed. (Don’t be fooled, they think ‘they’ are the lights-rulers-those who will make the world better-but they have to make you their subjects  link.  (search Georgia Guidestones

We do not stop warning you because you are valuable to us, you are one of the Lord’s creation.   He desires, we desire to share an eternal family together, in His infinite love.  How in the heck do you think we could ever give up on you.   –Even if-you do not agree with us-even if-you do not see the evidence glowing right in front of you. See How Much Does God Love You

It’s time to stop hanging on to your personal biases that have stopped you from seeing the truth.   We know how this plays… cause Bill Thomas and every Christian knows…we have been guilty of doing the same thing.   We are not pointing fingers at you, we are pointing to you the way of truth-to stop you from being harmed…it’s kinda simple if you don’t read into it-too much.   Even though it is simple to understand, this truth is still…deadly serious!  If this agenda is not stopped, it has the potential for the nations to magnify their evil and turn against everything that is good and pleasing to God.  This will allow the Judgments from heaven to begin, as predicted by Jesus 2 thousand years ago.   See Matt. 24.

Please see the links below…this time however, have an open heart before the Lord- so He can enlighten our hearts.

John 9:25   He replied, … One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

God bless, Bill

Please see links below for becoming part of this Great Awakening 🙂

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