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I thought I could possibly delay this article, I was wrong.  

In Australia, the Gestapo rhetoric went from talk to reality, and other countries are following.   In California, many of the mandates and restrictions taking place in Australia (listed below) are being prepared for enforcement in their state.

-Marshal Law and Quarantine Zones (called enslavement camps) for the ‘unvaxxed’.

-Mandatory vaccines are being proposed by some governing officials-many prominent lawyers for the deep state are trying to convince you that forced experimental injections are constitutional’ –insane!

-In San Francisco, they are attempting to bring forth laws that would make it illegal to enter a public place without a ‘vaccine passport’  -your papers, or we will arrest you.  This totalitarian rule will set the bar for the control the deep state has been waiting generations for.  See Understanding Global Corruption,

Simply, without the vaccine and their endless–and more lethal- ongoing booster shots, you will not be able to

-buy groceries or essential living products, proceed with a needed medical procedures-and your travel will be strictly limited.   With the vaccine passport (more accurately called slave travel permits), they would make almost all employment-vaccine mandatory.  Sooo-you will be unable to feed your family and you would lose your place of residence.  Many have asked, why are the FEMA camps barbed wired facing ‘inward’- an effort the keep the people ‘in’-not escaping??   The above title pic explains a lot!

 No one is denying the Covid Flu is not real

Yes, once the virus enters the respiratory systems it can be dangerous to high-risk groups…that is why many world-leading virologists, infectious disease doctors, Hematologists, Virologists, Immunologists…are so furious about the censorship of proven, safe, and inexpensive medications that could have cured covid…and it’s variants…dead in its tracks!  See  Dr. Ryan Cole Anatomical Pathologist, Front Line Doctors- Glen Beck, Front Line Doctors-The Truth About Covid 19, Dr. Richard Urso 

Dr. Fauci knew in 2005 we did not need the vaccines because safe effective medications that were used for decades showed they could be used to prevent and cure the Covid family of viruses.   The Study Explained The Actual Study. 

All we are hearing from the radical deep state is, our vaccines are the only solution-no other treatment will be tolerated, our dictatorship control is mandatory -no decent will be allowed (one example, social media censorship).

As mentioned in prior articles, this is not about Covid, but an end game…an agenda.   Explained below.  See Connecting the Dots

So just solve the problem…get the jab-Everyone will then be happy.

So Just Get the Shot, start inserting permanent untested M-RNA synthetic nanoparticles into your Body.  The first shot(s) will change your DNA – just enough to fight the engineered flue.  That’s a good thing, right?!

Then, they will keep pushing back the goal post…you have already witnessed this.   You need another booster, then another one for the next covid variant…each one doing more radical changes to your body.   The M-RNA strains will become increasingly stronger until future booster shots will eventually be able to change your DNA-from ‘made in the image of God ’ Gen. 1:27   to something drastically and eternally different.  See Connecting the Dots. 

OK- answer the question, why don’t you just  ‘GET THE JAB’!

I would like to answer this question by starting with an illustration.

If one of your friends called you with an urgent message, saying your child’s baby food-along with other adult food that you have been purchasing from a well know provider (you know, the food you got excited about because it had that ‘special ingredient’) had some newly discovered serious problems…

 -Your friend mentioned that the vice president and chief scientist of the company had a complete falling out with his former executives.   He is now going to the press claiming that this food has dangerous untested ingredients and was pleading with the consumers ‘not’ to use this food.   He also mentions that the company chiefs knew the food has the potential to be seriously toxic, but they were to each make tens of millions of dollars-if they just kept quiet.  The motive for this corrupt company was dirty money, plain and simple.

-Your friend also mentioned that the maker of the ‘special ingredient’ that sold you on the food…has come out and said-it was completely experimental, -not ready for consumer use…and it is unsafe to use for human consumption.     He mentioned that the use of this special ingredient could be catastrophic to humans.

-You also discovered that the results of the ‘flash testing’ to the experimental animals when developing this food were disastrous, a failure.

-You were amazed to find consumers around the world are rioting because the governments were starting to mandate that they were to either use this food, or be severely punished for not doing so.   Governments are starting to require a permit to be employed, travel, buy groceries or go into a medical facility –only if- you and your family were consuming this experimental (reportedly toxic) food.

After researching your friend’s information and you found out all of his alarming warnings were true…would you still continue to use this food!?

Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!

The exact same alarms, warnings-evidence is now being exposed with the vaccines.   Do your research.  Are you really going to not believe the ‘hard evidence’ given below?!

Here is an 11-minute video giving actual (factual) statements by scientists and doctors that have dealt directly with covid 19 and the vaccines.  See Video-What Doctors Are Finding -or click the picture below.

Many have been letting the ‘tag’ of conspiracy stop them from finding the truth…doing their research.   We don’t call people with false information conspiracy nuts, we call them liars…who for money and power-have an agenda to harm you.  It’s time to see the truth. Please scroll down to Great Awakening, Understanding Global Corruption. 

The above video is giving alarming statements by

-The former chief scientist and vice president of Pfizer vaccine Michael Yeadon claiming the vaccines –and future boosters could become deadly on a massive scale.

-The Creator of the ‘special secret ingredient’ (the M-RNA {messenger ribonucleic acid}  in the vaccines), Dr. Robert Malone is warning us that M-RNA changes portions of your DNA-was not tested properly, it was a failure in the test animals…this vaccine is like no other vaccine given to man.

Please see Dr. Carrie Madej

-Citizens across the world that see the evidence are protesting the mandates-they are seeing the ‘big picture’-the agenda.   More government control, vaccine passports…do what we say-or else!!

In the above video ‘What Doctors are Finding’, you also have world renown virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Peter Mcclullough (epidemiologist-who testified before congress on Covid 19), Dr. Kary Mullus (Nobel Prize winner) Dr. Dan Ericson (ER doctor with several clinics who has treated thousands of Covid patients) all testifying to serious health risk and unsafe medical procedures that have been applied to the covid treatments.   Verify these findings for yourself…but please realize, they are attacking the above medical professions credentials.   Try to find truthful information before the 2019 covid experiment.

Note:  quick question?  Have you have heard of a radical experimental drug that was being used for the first time…to ever be prescribed to expecting mothers-or to young children?    Even laypeople like me understand pregnant mothers were exempt from most strong medications-except for emergencies…it’s on almost every medicine label.   If you are in the medical field, and you are not smelling a ‘dead rat’ here-and have not sincerely pursued independent-unbiased research… then you can fill in the blanks how many of us feel toward those who are refusing to evaluate the evidence by the leading medical specialist in the world.  See above video.

Are these alarms too drastic?   How many German people in 1935 would ever believe their ‘god’ with a funny mustache would be evil enough to annihilate…not only millions of Jewish families but his own people, leaving their lives in utter ruins and death.  Cities and lives totally destroyed.   He was a monster-but in 1935 they considered him their savior.   Please do not ever tell me the masses cannot be fooled-half the earth’s population was totally deceived by War 2’s dictators who deceitfully promised them the world. See Why Socialism is so Dangerous.   Germany’s general population was completely fooled by Hitlers’ lies, untruths that had already been exposed.  Before the war, Hitler was on trial for organizing the deadly riots from his ‘Brownshirts’ hit teams.  The problem was not the evidence, but the resistance of the German people to receive the truth.    See Hans Litten.

Testimony after testimony of doctors who are saying they have had incredible success with medications that prevented and cured Covid.  World-leading experts are also claiming the Covid variants would also be cured with these same medications.   They are being censored, however, and their medical practices are being threatened by their medical boards when many try to publish or announce these cures.   See Dr. Richard Urso, Video Library of Internationally known doctors.  Dr. Ryan Cole Anatomical Pathologist

Doctors who are saying they are having to lie to increase the false Covid 19 morality rates  Above links.

Real data about the covid vaccine’s side effects and mortality rate are being censored.   I personally talked to our veterinarian…and he mentioned his wife and 30 employees were forced to get the vaccines.   6 out of 30 ‘fell out’she almost died going to the hospital.   That my friend is called Russian Roulette.

The Hate factor

Before a Society Can Gain complete control, they have to eliminate their enemies, their opposition within their own country.   The most effective way to deceive the public is through ‘hate’ and ‘fear’.

Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke at a patriot rally recently.  In regard to the vaccine mandates, he mentioned that the U.S. troops asked Hermann Göring (Hitler’s right-hand man)  how they got the German people to believe all the lies of the government, which included imprisonment and genocide (murder) of millions of Jews.

He mentioned two things.   All you need to do is

1) Create fear (and repeat it over and over again) and…

2) To make a group of people the cause of ‘all’ the country’s problems…and repeat it over and over again.

These two steps are being copied today.   Covid, a yearly flu virus that some of us believe was purposely engineered, has been used as a false flag to destroy world economies and people’s lives.   It is one of the major globalist moves for world dominance-just as Jesus predicted two thousand years ago.   See Prophecy,  Connecting the Dots.

To make this whole agenda work, however, they have to justify attacking those who criticize and oppose them, the no vaxxers.

As mentioned in this link, our country is deeply divided into general camps,

-those that see an evil agenda that is influenced by billions of dollars (and wicked powers) and

-those that believe the government is sincerely seeking our best interest  (like chaos at the open borders,  approved violent protest, out-of-control social and environmental policies that will devastate the economy, legal abortion for full-term (fully developed) babies, defunding the police, those who are there to protect us, the list is endless.)

Those that can see the true selfish motives of many in power can also see the plans and objectives of the vaccines. See above links   Those who oppose the vaxs,  fall into the same category of conservatives, patriots, believers in free enterprise, and those that believe our liberties are protected by the constitution.  The freedom to pursue what we believe to be good and just means everything to us Link.  Simply, the ‘no vaxxers’ are the same ones who would also oppose those trying to establish what is commonly called the New World Order or the Deep State-those who are perverting the Covid flue politices to bring about their long-awaited agenda.  See Understanding Global Corruption.

The ones who  are against us are not dumb, they know if they can attack the no vaxxers, they can also destroy their opponents-their enemy.

If they can get you to believe, ‘all’ the problems from covid and its variants…are because we still have the ‘no vaxxers’ they can get you to hate.   They absolutely know…if they can get you to hate, this will override the masses’ objectivity, and for most,  hate will also override any real desire to honestly research in order to discover ‘the truth’.   Hate will also block almost all evidence when ‘the truth’ is presented to them.   Has history ever used this tactic before??   See Why Socialism is so dangerous. 

Promoting Hatred on a massive scale is the coveted key to someone with an evil heart, those that desire dictatorship rule.   Quite a different message than the One Jesus taught for us to follow…He taught

Luke 6:27-28 “But to you who are listening, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28  bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.  Wow 🙂 

The Hate will attempt to move in high gear

Taken directly from Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine from WW 2,  the mainstream media is starting to enter high speed.   The general media has unified taking points, this has been proven time and time again.   The media is starting to turn the heat on high to the no vaxxers.   We cannot give any predictions or dates at this time, because like any war, both sides have a strategy…they adjust as they tally their wins and losses.

What has fascinated me, however, is when the mainstream media all start using the exact same words to get an agenda point across, I am at times shocked…how many in our country fall for their lies.

The Question is??

The question is???  When the talking points of the mainstream media go after the non-vaxxers-in order to eliminate their enemy…are you going to hate-and fall into their trap?  Or are you going to stand firm…and know the truth-even if you disagree on some issues that we have?

I really don’t want to be like the German citizens who allowed soo many people to perish because of propaganda of hatred.   This is why I am praying now, for the Lord to give me ‘His Strength’ for the future…to stand firm in difficult times -and thus make the right choice.

The Good News

As early as 2005, the prophetic word was going out to the world, but especially to the U.S.A.   A handful of years ago, we were seeing some of these amazing prophecies starting to be fulfilled-in great detail.   It is exciting, there have been more prophetic words fulfilled in the last 5 years than the last 500 years.   The Lord was telling His people, we are in a ‘Great Awakening’ and we need to rise up-and fight for His truth-and fight against the vast evil that is operating behind the scenes.   President Kennedy spoke about this in detail (scroll down to his speech).  Also, please scroll down to ‘Great Awakening’.

It appears we are in a transition period, a quiet moment between life-changing battles.  Scripture tells us these times are meant for us to keep active, always being diligent and prepared-ready when the Lord calls His army to move.   Luke 12:43-44  If we unite and stand our ground, fight against the evil agenda that is trying to destroy our family and those we care for, I believe the promises in His Word and the prophecies given will indeed bring blessings and postpone the global ‘trials and tribulations’  from those who are evil, as mentioned in the Word.   Please see   Matt. 24. Day Lord RaptureRev. 3:10

If however, we disregard His warnings-lay down and fill our lives with meaningless substitutes-His word will stand true, and the end will come to those sleeping like a ‘thief in the night1 Thess. 5:2 

From Genesis to Revelation, the Lord is simply calling us out-so we can have a safe and beautiful entrance into His family, the family of God.    As we have done with our children…and those we care about, we warn, guide and protect.   This is simply what our Father in heaven is doing with us.   He desires for us to know His unlimited love-packed with His glory that will excite us for eternity.   This message, His purpose,  can never be hidden for those who desire the truth.   Please see links under Knowing God.  A heart that desires truth-video

God bless, Bill 🙂


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