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On the 20th of January, a new or existing president will take the oath of office, and become the next president of the United States, literally becoming the leader of the free world.

Both sides agree, we are in the middle of a judicial fight that will determine the triumph of an agenda that is fundamentally different from the other.

While the political phrase ‘This will determine the direction of America for generations to come’; has historically been entirely overused…rational thinking, in this case, would make the argument –not this time-this will indeed change history! 

The Differences in Policies would Radically Change the Laws of the Land 

-laws that will allow-what has never has been allowed before in our nation.  

laws that will not allow-the freedoms we have been privileged to experience from the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  (Increasing conservative blackouts on social media…is just one example). 

This multiple-stage attack on our society would change the entire makeup of our country.  There is a real probability we as a free and prosperous nation will never recover if the proposed radical agenda has an opportunity to invade our nation.   History has proven this…time and time again   See Link 1, Link 2

If the course of law is maintained-and not legally changed or violated, then it appears there will be a ‘line in the sand’ …a binding ‘done deal’ coming the 20th of this new year.   Even President Trump, our executive administrator, our current commander in chief…could not change what is written in law.

Soo, Where Does This Leave Us?

Again, if logical reasoning is to prevail, then both sides would be in a situation where they have to engage ‘EVERYTHING NOW!   Nothing is left ‘in the hand’, all forces have to be put ‘on the table’…played out’!  

If what patriots have been giving evidence on is true, then those who have been violating you (our country) are in a ‘the gig is up moment’… ‘the cops are surrounding the house’ roundup.    See Global Corruption 

You can see this in the mainstream media (mainly the liberal’s voice) and the independent news agencies (the conservative’s voice).   Every current and prior politician, business executive, entertainment icon, is making a statement to insert Biden or hold on to the true Trump vote-to protect our republic.   There seems to be no middle ground-the battle is at hand, the armies are lined up-the war has to be declared and won by January 20, 2021

The conservative hand-thus far-have shown these cards

-Get as many judges legally appointed as possibly-because when the corruption is exposed…they have to prosecute fairly-or all this talk about ‘Making America Great’  will go down in flames.  (Yes, the left views this as ‘stacking the courts’  🙂 ) The end goal is to have a government that is not controlled by generations of the global cabal (ruthless in their agenda).   The process to accomplish this is to declare war on all those who are purposely violating us and other countries worldwide.   The battle is indeed epic.

Note:  President Kennedy-who was the most powerful and informed person on the face of the earth in the ’60s,  spoke of a global group of ruthless (evil) elite who will stop at nothing to achieve their world dominance.   This group involves both political parties in Congress, the CIA, FBI, etc., media broadcasters, corporate executives, world banks -hierarchies in leadership in every part of society.     Scroll down to his quote and listen for yourself.    See Kennedys Speech (that probably got him assassinated)   

-Rally a grassroots effort across the nation to unite the country, starting with values believed to be fundamental to our society.   This includes protecting the freedoms of all Americans, including those who are in the womb-unable to protect themselves. See Link 1, 2, 3.    This also encompasses protecting our constitutional rights, the foundation of our republic.

-Use the government to protect ‘all’ the institutions-Family, Business, Religious, Education etc. –so they can thrive together (balance out one another).   Do not hinder them or over-regulate them.   Encourage their growth in the communities. See God’s Political View

The Liberal Play

-President Trump is crude, brash-full of prejudice- and totally unable to lead our country.   Let’s attack him and try and impeach him…even before his first day in office.  We will not stop our attempts at getting this man out as president.  (The goal is to stop this international ‘Great Awakening’ of the people-the masses).   President Trump is the one who has the power to insert his top officials ‘generals’ into government to accomplish this.

If you take him out, his ability to fight the horrendous crimes from the deep state by legal and legitimate government channels fails. 

Simply put, the bad side will increases their evil against us until Jesus comes back at the height of world tribulations and restores true peace,  righteousness and justice.  See Matt. 24, Link 1, Link 2

-Let’s rethink the whole concept of capitalism, American business…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. (The conservative tag for this is ‘free enterprise’-or what many citizens call  ‘having the freedom to pursue the American dream’).    The government should have the heart to help…everyone, even those outside our borders!   See Link 1, Link 2

-To pursue this ‘New Progressive Agenda’ we will have to radically change our life habits.  This includes but is not limited to … changing our use of fossil fuels, rethink and redesign everything from the shape of buildings-to what we drive, or even if we will be allowed to fly commercially.  Rethinking the right of home and land ownership, a complete tax remodeling (higher taxes)-and all the other policies under the Green New Deal.

-Be more ‘inclusive’ in our thinking.   Allowing a restructuring of the family, social issues, sexual orientation, full-term abortion etc.  Almost all moral guidelines that have protected us from social chaos are ‘up for discussion’.  In other words, ‘We the Government’ will dictate what you believe and how you should behave.     Their cover will be…let’s not focus on what is moral or not moral, but more on being ‘inclusive’ to the thoughts and desires of ‘all individuals’.

 The True Reality however is…

In a republic with laws that protect the freedoms of all individuals-both the individual and group as a whole are protected.     

A government with laws that allow the individual and specialty groups the right to abuse others-injustice and chaos are the inevitable outcomes.  

Chaos is always the first step to complete government control.  Create social chaos, then bring in the military to control the masses. 

If we don’t know the evils of history, then it is likely to -not just repeat-but make you its’ slave. Eph. 5:11, Link  

Yes, radically different.  

 The conservatives -patriot- battle line.  It is evident President Trump did not complete what he has labeled as ‘cleaning the swamp’.   He has most of the needed judges appointed, but obviously, the corruption (alleged by the left) is still strongly in place.    Another 4 years is needed to set in motion a justice system that can operate without being continually influenced by the swamp or deep state.   The short of it…the battle is at hand.   This is precisely what President Trump knew was coming.   Amazingly,  he forecasted this publically over 3 years ago.   Listen to President Trump predicting in 2017 the global roundup, starting with the U.S.A.   See ‘The Coming Storm’ 

If lighting or thunder are signs that serious weather is coming then the imminent inauguration should bring serious signs of a showdown by Jan. 20.   I would love to be privy to what both sides are plotting…but we know our ‘moment of truth’ at the OK Corral is approaching at lightning speed.

Our line in the sand is truly a historical Alamo event. 


The Good news is- the planning, directing and final outcome have been already determined by a God who is absolutely just and fair.   We can simply believe the Lord is putting the pieces together for us.   We still need to ask, however,  Father, what is my responsibility…what can I do now and for the coming days ahead!

The Right (eous) Choice

We are not asking you to change your moral compass by going against what you think is best for you, your family, or our nation.

We are asking however, to consider we as a people need help and guidance from ‘our Parent’ our Father in heaven who wants to show us what is ‘best’ for you and your loved ones.   Not such a terrible thing to ask, right!??  

Humility at times is simply putting aside ‘our ways’ and asking for help to discover ‘His ways-Gods ways’.   Kinda simple-really 🙂    See Humility

Let’s humbly consider asking the Lord above to help us…not just with this election, but all the areas of our life.  That we can become part of His everlasting family -where His kingdom will never ever experience anything but His eternal love and concern for us.  Can’t wait to enter a kingdom where all mankind is given the greatest opportunity to achieve what is truly best and pleasing to ‘all’ of us-in His everlasting joy.  Eph. 3:14-21   God bless, Bill 🙂 

See Knowing God 

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