• Great Awakening Update 3-30-19 Kellyanne Conway Summary

    Please link above picture to view short video of Kellyanne Conway’s ‘It’s Time to See the Truth’  …or see Link here. 

    I was really touched by Kellyanne  Conway’s response to the press yesterday.   (It begins with the discussion of Adam Schiff, but moves toward  transparency  and honesty within the government).  After struggling for years to try and get the truth out, there was a moment of humble vindication- sincerely on display.    Even if one totally disagrees with the Trump agenda…one can sense her conviction for the truth.   It is worth a listen (4 and a half minutes of your day 🙂  ) to become  united in the restoration of America.       After listening to the above video, can we honestly say she in not telling us the truth??

    Maybe it really is the time…as Kelly Anne asks..to be reflective-or in language I can understand…be open-to what is happening.    Open to see if she is revealing to us what is really taking place behind the scenes in congress and the press.  Sometimes it just becomes sooo clear, we realize it’s  time to be ‘grateful’ – glad we  are part of those who can see the evil and do what we can to stop it.

    After watching the video, please feel free to view the links below for confirming evidence of why they want to take President Trump down.   Some of the media is waking up….here is  a 30 second Nationally Televised video that is agreeing with us…It’s time, the deep state is being exposed to the world  Link 

    Why We Should Investigate –Seek for the Truth?

    For decades we have seen the horrific corruption in the government…top CIA and FBI officials screaming  that wars were started and ended  because of greed that feeds the deep state.   Our neighbors –families being torn to the core…it has to be stopped.   Link 

    This is not just about ‘due process’-or cheating to get some extra cash.     This is about millions of lives needlessly killed or families  being torn apart in pre-determined wars, human trafficking, drug smuggling…all with the fingerprints of those in power behind it.   This is why they are desperate to impeach Trump.

    Some leaders are directly involved, some indirectly.   All however will be found guilty if they knowingly  allowed evil to be advanced-and benefit from it.

    For years we have heard the prophetic word go out, how the Lord was going to restore the land…if we prayed.    Part of the plan included President Trump, as far back as 2011-along with the  military and congress who were truly devoted to protecting  our republic.  See links in  article (Trump Prophecies at the end footnotes)

    When Trump ran…he saw what we saw, knew what we knew…what millions of Americans  see…and vowed to fight the corruption with us Link.   Truth is spreading world wide Link.

    We knew most of the media was going to attack him with everything they had…we have never seen such an attack on a president in our lifetime-or in recent history.   Our predictions proved to be 100% accurate.   Most of the press and opposing congress  do not hate Trump…it runs soo much deeper.

    If the congressional opponents just ‘seriously disliked him’,  you would see them  work against him… and  at times they would let him run his course until they got the candidate they desired.   All of those opposed to the Obama agenda did this.   We rallied with those who believed in the like-minded principles that were completely different than the former president.   We waited, and yes, we felt we needed to pray.  1 Tim. 2:1-3 

    This is ‘not’ what is happening now however.   If our eyes are open, we can see the agenda.   It is plain and simple.   Take him out!   Any way and by any means.   They don’t hate Trump, they are threatened by Trump.   He is the ‘first outsider’ that actually is  ‘gaining enough support’ to expose and prosecute the injustices.

    What you  see are politicians that are scared to death their illegal activities are going to be exposed-and jail time is awaiting them.   If it was not for the hand of the Lord protecting Trump (along with patriots in the military) he would be toast.  The evil goes that deep!  Link

    As mentioned before, some in government  who saw the generations of corruption had a ‘war plan’ to fight it.      You will be seeing this picture a lot…it summarizes the victory strategy.

    1) Mueller Report–Done.   The totally false narrative has been debunked.   The main video above explains the great waste of time, money and opportunity that could have been used to restore our land.  They never had ‘any’ evidence –they simply wanted to take Trump down.

    2) Fisa Release- Coming, who really started all the fake narrative on Russian collusion?   What is it called when you have a political party buy out top CIA, FBI and congress…to illegitimately take out an elected president?   It’s called Treason.

    3) I G (Inspector General)- report being released.   For 3 years now, I G Michael E. Horowitz has been working behind the scenes to release millions of documents.   Darkness to light Lk. 8:17.   With this will be the unsealing of thousands of indictments.   Link

    This will be in unison with the military tribunals mentioned below.

    4) Military tribunals-Hang on…this will get ‘interesting’ 

    As mentioned before, what I heard the prophetic word about the military tribunals, I thought, I have not heard that term since watching videos of WW 2- Nuremberg Tribunals.  Amazingly, main stream media in now saying they are coming.  See Sen. Graham clearing the way for ‘Military Law-Tribunals’ Link,  See above links, especially Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor in footnotes.   

    The corrupt have one agenda…take Trump down.   They are afraid their lives are going to be exposed.   This is the only logical conclusion of ‘why’ many of both sides of the isle not only disagreed with him, but attacked him on everything.  From accusations of  being mentally ill, to spreading lies of perversion  in foreign countries…the abuse has been unparalleled for any president in history.  

    It Is Not About Politics -But About Truth and Justice 

    The goal is not to harp on politics…politics in my opinion is boring.    You have been lied to, and you are valuable enough to us to be told the truth.   When the corruption is finally exposed, the evil will also come to light.   The corruption hurts all of us-it hurts our homeland.   In short, it hurts our children-and their children, and all those we care about.     This is why we cannot be quiet, your lives are too important to be taken advantage of-and in some cases-abused and killed.

    Wars that could have been prevented, affiliations with drug cartels, human trafficking, child abuses -and as President Eisenhower warned us,   the military industrial complex (buying out congressmen for arms sells) are all just a part of what we are currently fighting against.

    It would be so much easier to keep silent, let others do ‘their thing’ …but that would mean we do not care about what happens to you and our country, our future, and in many ways-for other countries hoping for the same gift of freedom.

    In closing, the important move right now is simply getting to the truth, what the Lord is doing in ‘Our Country-and the World’.   Like Israel, if the leaders were evil, the whole country mourns Prov. 29:2.   The Lord is  uniting the people to see the truth-so they can fight the evil.   The result, more open doors to bring His light to the world-by His harvesters  Matt. 28:16-20 🙂 .

    If we do this-humbly ask for help from above…the Lord will gladly show us the way.

    Jerm. 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

    Thanks for taking to the time to listen to the above video…God bless, Bill

    For other articles in this area, please see Topic under the Great Awakening Link.


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  • The Abortion Issue P-3 Answering the Ethical Questions

    The Ethical Debate –Our Moral Integrity

    Giving evidence that the child in the womb is predesigned with cells and organs already functioning-will not likely alter ones viewpoint on ‘if’ an abortion is ethical…especially for hard core believers.

    In other words, prenatal facts can help us realize that life is occurring…but does not always change our views on the ethics of abortion.   Other arguments that deal with issues ‘outside’ of the mother’s pregnancy will many times influence people’s views on the legitimacy of abortion.    It time now to look closely at these ‘other’ arguments…the ethical debate.

    It’s a mothers ‘right’ to choose how she treats her body…not the governments

    The mother does indeed have rights to govern her body.  We need to take this a step further, the mother should be protected by the government to choose how she treats her body…because as an individual  her rights should be protected by the authority that is designed to protect her, which is indeed the government.  See Gods Political View.

    One of the governments main responsibility is to protect the individual, the family, the community and the nations rights and freedoms.   ‘All’ have rights and ‘all’ work together…and collectively we should attempt to work to fairly distribute these freedoms and rights-without violating one another in the process.  This how our republic operates, with the greatest government system in the world 🙂  See prior link

    You see where the facts are taking us.  An individual rights need to be protected by the government. This is the pro-choice argument, and most will not deviate from it.  The facts listed in section 1 give us the evidence needed that the ‘origin’ of physical life-the individual…is coded in the DNA.   Remember, the union of all the DNA starts at conception.  That’s when the both pairs of 23 chromosomes combine with the other 23, forming multiples of cells.   The ‘development of life’ at this point is indisputably agreed upon.  Link

    Let’s look at both the plant and animal reproduction.   In almost all cases, you have male and female counterparts, and their union matches to form their newly formed DNA code offspring.  The development and cell multiplication starts.   The complete ‘blueprint’ in the coded DNA is fully formed, all that is left is the ‘development’.   Link

    Some of the species develops in a pouch, in the soil, in a cocoon etc.   Different development stages don’t determine life of the cells, but a ‘different’ phase of their cell development. 

    Uncovering soil from the top of the plant seedling in the ground a few days early does not begin the life for that seedling.   You just uncover the seedling before it breaks into new areas of development-the air and sun.   Nothing changes as far as the seedling…the ‘environment changes’ BUT NOT THE SEEDLING!  The fundamental DNA design does not change…just the process in the development.  

    Taking a infant kangaroo outside the pouch of the mom…a few days early…does not change the small kangaroo (ie..dead in the pouch, alive out of the pouch)…the environment changes…but not the kangaroo.

    A baby bird that breaks through it’s shell and hour earlier than the one besides it..does not make either chick dead or alive…but just different in stages of development.  

    A child passing through the birth canal (or a surgical c section) does not make that child dead in the womb and alive after birth, it simply is life moving into a different environment.

    For a healthy baby in the womb

    -how many indicators give evidence for life…in the thousands.

    -How many indicators of a healthy baby giving signs of death-with accurate information ‘0’!  Part 1. 

    Thousands of indicators that the baby is alive-and if the baby has died, we have thousands of indicators that the life process has stopped.

     If death occurs in the womb…’all’ the life systems stop and ‘all’ the prenatal  life indicators cease. The cell replication stops, the organs development (and functions stop), the heartbeat, brain activity stops…every living thing stops.   Life and death is determined by ‘all’ of these incredibly obvious life indicators-signs.

     ‘LIFE’ and ‘DEATH’ systems  inside the womb are  EXACTLY  the same outside of the womb.  There only difference is the stage of development.   We don’t have to have a ethical debate to tell it the baby in the womb is living or dead.   The standards for life inside the womb are exactly the same outside the womb, if we simply adjust for ‘time’ …giving the baby a chance the grow into their natural environment.

    Since the baby does not change because it  ‘passes’ through a birthing canal, we cannot argue it is wrong to terminate a life outside the womb, but ethical inside the womb.   Again, similar to taking a kangaroo from the pouch, the babies make up does not change.    The   ‘essence’ of a child does not change simply because it is passing from one phase of life to another.   Could this argument be any simpler??  The evidence is black and white.

    Note:  This is why laws that determine if one is alive or dead  outside the womb should be the same as  inside the womb.

    Should the Human Fetus Be Treated Like an Organ?

    As far a treating this human fetus like and organ.   What does the evidence indicate?   With one hundred percent certainty, take a kidney out and leave it alone.   It does not ‘turn into an person’…ever, never…its functions die outside of the environment it was designed for.  Deliver a healthy baby…it lives as a human being…just like you and I.   The ‘normal unborn baby’ is not an organ but a living individual (person).   The scientific empirical evidence proves this thousands  of times a day-and the results verify it’s humanity-individuality.   We have to start recognizing the facts…the truth that is  demonstrated by the evidence.  The healthy baby inside the womb is alive and the baby inside the womb is an individual (a person) that ‘has’ organs…just like you and I. 

    Sincere honesty  always intends to help, to bring the truth to light…so we all can live in truth and be ‘lifted up’-edified- by it 🙂

    The ‘Rights’ Discussion Closed

    The mother does indeed have a right over her body, she is a living individual.   She has a right to opt out of surgery, medical care, give a kidney away…the list continues.   The fact remains however, when ‘another individual’ is involved, ‘all’ have the right to be protected, this is indeed one of the most important task of the government…to protect ‘the life’ of an individual link.   Thus,  individual rights have to be protected by the government!  This includes all living conditions, stages of well being and development.   The science clearly shows ‘life’ exist in all areas of an individuals prenatal growth, (section 1) thus ‘all individuals’ are to be protected by the law.   

    For many, we believe the life was introduced inside the mother…to give extra protection…not less.   Mothers have the upper hand many times on compassion. We men have been told the bonding process ‘inside of her’ during pregnancy gives the two an intimacy that simply goes beyond expression, I am inclined to agree.  Having a baby inside of a mother does not determine (or eliminate)  the rights of the child, it simply identifies the baby’s  protective origin during the first developmental stages.  Natural location of an individual does not void ones rights.   Both the mother and the unborn have  rights to life because both are ‘alive’ and both  are human individuals’ as science has proven to us.  

    The Mothers life is endangered.

    Let’s allow  a doctor who completed hundreds of abortions  (1,200) answer this one.  Short Veresion. Full Version

    Since medical equipment and monitoring is expensive, Dr. Lavatino was in a metroplex where staff combined most of the abortions in one central area.  He states  ‘there was never an instance in thousands of abortions cases that were reviewed did any doctor  ‘have to’  perform an abortion because of danger to the mothers health.   There are times that a pregnancy does indeed endanger the mothers health (section 2, my sister in law) and the baby does need to be removed.   The alternative is simple.   We need to take the baby, but we will do everything medially possible to allow the child to live.   Yes, some babies will not survive…but we will attempt with all of our ability to save them.   I do not know one pro-life person who would not agree to this option.  Don’t endanger the mom, attempt to save the baby.


    The New Child Will Bring a Hardship to the Mother and Family

    Since life and rights have already been established in and outside the womb, than terminating a life inside the womb is as ethically and morally wrong as outside the womb.

    Simply, if  the determining factor to end life is because of  difficult circumstances, than it would be logical and potentially legal to end the life of  a child,  an elderly person, the sick and handicapped  because they are not ‘benefiting’ family or society, but are a burden to it.   One example would be some of the societies in WW 2 , using this argument to euthanize (trying to stay neutral on terminology)  handicapped children, elderly and ‘undesirables’.  Today, almost all societies would call this genocide.

    If one desires to research Hitler’s persecution in this area, one can do so.   The focus of this article however is to show how loved and special we ‘all’ are… by the Creator who designed us in eternity past.  Link.

    Pro Life Argument, Pro Choice Dilemma

    In our society, if one is seeking to end their life, we realize they are in a state of depression, crisis, etc.   We reach out to them and help them get through the critical time-to help them live by standards we believe to be healthy and normal.   How many testimonies have we heard of people breaking through difficult times to lead a happy and productive life.

    The pro choice camp has a dilemma  that cannot be resolved.   A few generations ago, if someone would have suggested…a mother can terminate the life of her unborn baby, one natural conclusion would be, I am glad my mother did not believe this, or abort me.

    No rational (non suicidal) person is thinking…I am glad I do not have ‘my life’, so may mom could defend ‘her right to her body’.   If we are living in reality, everyone knows this issue is about ‘someone else’s’ life!

    Likewise, I have heard mothers defending abortion by telling their other children, ‘Our family is sooo special, we can do more because we chose to abort  your siblings’.   Obviously, this does the opposite of making the children feel more secure-valued by the Lord and family.  They are surely  thinking…I made the parental dice throw on life, my lost brothers or sisters were not so fortunate.

     There is nooo rational way to address this issue, except with the truth.   Nobody-in their right mind wants to be the one volunteered to be aborted…only to volunteer others.   Life has been established, rights likewise…nobody wants to be the one ‘chosen’ to be aborted-for any reason…or any time.  

    To avoid this totally apparent truth, an individual and society has to completely shift attention away from this (and other) truths to different topic points.   This is called denial.  

    For centuries, leaders have spoken half truths and lies multiple times –knowing, if it is repeated time and time again… the people will lose focus on the obvious truths-reality.  They know this, and the term for this is propaganda.  

    The apparent truths have to be Drowned out.   The only way to accomplish this is through     and lots of it.  

    Woman’s  Rights, Hardships, repeated time and time again…rights, hardships…without ever looking at or in many instances not allowing  other meaningful  truths (evidence) to be presented.   Does this sound like a ‘fair’ court process to you?


    This format is not a book, but a series of articles and will not cover every detail on this critical social issue.   The evidence presented however does cover ‘all’ the arguments for establishing that an ‘individual’ inside the womb is ‘alive’ and has a ‘right’ to life.  This ‘right’ is supported by scientific evidence and any society with a moral conscience. Link

    New York Reproduction Act 

    To briefly clarify the New York Reproduction Act (similar to some other states) it included the ‘health’ clause to give license to a mother to abort a full term child for any reason relating to her health.   In other words, migraines, stress, inconvenience or any other emotional disruption will allow for the full term abortion.  Lawyers and politicians are smart, they know the ‘health’ clause was an open door for full term abortion on demand.   The legislation also cleared the way for any abortionist…to be legally protected from the lawsuits that may arise from prosecutions for these actions.   This  ‘legalization and protection combination‘- will promote all  efforts to have abortions performed at the latest dates for maximum profits.   I can’t speak for others, but my hearts sinks writing this last sentence.

    My goal is not to give the readers the details of  a full term abortion,  but to join the voice of others who value ‘all’  life…from the beginning to the end.   It must be stated  however,  we all know how horrific the procedures have to be…to end the life of a completely developed human being.   I would like to believe, anyone that I personally know, we would be devastated to witness a full term abortion.

    What about…

    There is always the what about.   Rape, incest…  Sadly, these are tragic examples of how some babies are brought into this world.   This next response does not ‘prove’ a point…but rather give us an example.   I once heard of a testimony of a lady keeping the child of the man that had raped her.   She loved her child, but was honest about the difficulties.   The child did not know the rapist ..but the mother saw similarities in their laugh.   Yes, it was difficult, but she believe it was not the infants fault.    The baby did not cause it’s circumstances and should not be punished because of them.   One mothers testimony -keeping her baby after being raped Link 

    Adoption is a legal and moral option for those who believe the baby deserves an opportunity share life’s  hopes and dreams, as we do.  It is one of the  moral answers to a genuine difficult pregnancy.

    It’s Not About Abortion, but About Life 

    I hope, in some way, ‘every person’ reading this article, now realizes how special and loved we are.   The way God has formed all us with our own unique personality,  DNA blueprint, ordained days written in a book in heaven Part 2.

    The main focus for writing this series is for us to appreciate how valued life is for ‘all’ of us…and thus it is shared to others-even those who are ‘in waiting’ to experience it.

    As mentioned earlier, if someone reading these pages participated in having an abortion (mother or family member) Gods love and forgiveness covers all…from this point forward, just do what we know would please Him.   It needs to be repeated, the Apostle Paul persecuted the church, but was used by God to be one of the most influential leaders the world has ever seen Rm. 1:1-2 , 1 Cor. 15:9  My heroes are not those that never made a mistake…but those that turn them into a witness…with a powerful testimony of Gods mercy and love.

    Romans 8:28   And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    Gods love and forgiveness will always be ‘bigger’ that our mistakes-sins-that every one of us have done.   All we have to do is respond to this loving grace…enter into His life.   See Understanding God,  Knowing God   May the Lord Bless You as You Pursue His Truth.

    More Information Links Coming Soon 

    -Help is Waiting, Abortion Alternatives Pro Life Across America

    -The Truth About Abortions  Second Trimester ,  Third Trimester 

    -Turning Despair into Hope-a mother gives life after being raped Link

    -Does a baby feel pain in the abortion procedure Link

  • The Abortion Question P-2 We Are ‘All’ Valued in Gods Eyes

    In Gods Eyes, How Special We Truly Are 

    Before we review the serious moral questions on abortion, I would like to insert an important truth in the equation.   Simply, to show how special you are…in the eternal eyes of the Father who created you.  I understand completely, you may not agree with the teachings in the Bible, but if you read these verses-you will understand the perspective of many of those in the pro life movements-and-if these words are true, God can use them now or later to show you how loved and valuable you are to Him.  See link at the end of this article.

    Psalm 139:13-17

     13. For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

    Notice the Lord mentions first, He creating  your inmost being, your personality.   His utmost desire is to have ‘fellowship’ with you (your personality, soul, spirit)…to have a relationship with an infinitely loving God.  He ‘knit’ you together in your mothers womb.   As the evidence given proves, the dna code…the ‘knitting’ is complete in the womb.    2 sets of 23 chromosomes-the DNA blueprint finalized  at conception.   See  P-1  Fellowship or Friendship 

    14. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  The Lord has shown the Biblical writer some incredible things.   Fearfully made cannot be understated.   Having a Holy Sovereign God reach down and ‘weave’  together your DNA code, speak life to your personality…and form you into a person is awesome and to be revered.   This creation process is ‘not’ to be insulted or violated.  The writer saw the Holiness of God forming an individual-most likely the writer himself- into the image of God Gen. 1:26. 

    Wonderfully made-the combination of this new creation, your spirit, personality, the working of your physical body goes far beyond anything imaginable…it is totally beyond comprehension!!  Seeing this creation process the Biblical writer was simply overjoyed.   

    15. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

    My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place…The Lord knew how you were going to be created before you were born.  Evidently, in the creation process, there is a ‘secret place’  that no one is allowed to see…or copy anything about you.   You are ‘patented’ ‘unique’ and cannot be replicated-the secret formula.  I am a identical twin, and while we have a ‘similar’ dna code, we still are unique and ‘individually’ made.   The ‘woven’ concept is continually mentioned in creation of a human being…which matches perfectly into the seemingly infinite design within our DNA make-up. See Part 1,   See Jer. 1:5, Is. 44:24, Is. 49:15

    16. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

    In the Lords eyes, you were with Him in eternity past.  Everything from your body, to your days on earth, the Lord desires for you to walk in His ways…they are ‘ordained’ .  Did you know you have a ‘book’ detailing how to spend your days in fellowship with God…see link at the end of article.  We can begin to understand, wiping out a life in the mothers womb is actually going against His ‘Life Steps He has Ordained for Someone, that was Planned  in the Lords heart before we came into existence.  Jer. 1:5  See Predestination Free Will 

    17. How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!  

    Actually seeing how the Lord plans and then creates an individual’s life – which includes  the body, soul and spirit… before time began-blew this author away.   The vastness of the physical details, the beauty of His individual plans for your daily life that has been recorded in His book for you-made this author  realize how ‘vast’ God’s plans truly are…and how each person’s life is incredible beyond belief.   

    Science verifies the above scriptures…for our universe  has been established with natural laws , His design blueprints for the cosmos.   Also, every time we communicate to another individual, we are sharing a part of our personality…the the Bible calls our soul.  Billions of times a day, mankind verifies we have a soul that  lives in a world with natural laws that have been designed by a Creator greater than ourselves.    See Does God Really Speak to Man., Picking Up Gods Call 

    It’s time we start allowing the evidence to guide us on our viewpoints, especially when they can alter the life that has been planned by Supreme Being in eternity past.

    I would like to show you another example of God demonstrating how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.   When you see this happen in your own life, it takes it out of the theological realm and into the personal.   Just wanted to share with you my nephew Nathan…born a 2 lbs, 11 oz.    The parents could have chosen to terminate life and not take the risk of a disabled child.   Start again with a clean slate.   As we have been shown in the above section however, God has His purpose.   The choice was life.  Nathan is a completely healthy child and I (along with other family members) have witnessed a supernatural sensitivity  in him that has amazed us.  See pics below.


    Before reviewing the ‘debate’ below, I thought this was the proper time to share something with you.   To those who have had an abortion, or who have been responsible for others having one, we just wanting to let you know, the Lord’s forgiveness is great…and applies ‘to all’ of us. Rm. 3:23, Jn. 3:16.   After seeing the evidence of His master plan for each individual, even if we have worked against His plan, He will cover us in His forgiveness and love if we simply turn to Him.   Just be honest with the Lord (recognize our sin before Him) and ask to begin His relationship with you.     Here is a page that will help Becoming A Child of God,  Also, Understanding God

    Note: The Apostle Paul persecuted the church before he met the Lord and turned into one of the greatest writers in the New Testament – someone all Christians desire to meet in heaven.  🙂

    The Ethical Questions-Part 3

  • The Abortion Question P-1 New York’s Reproduction Act

    Abortion, the very mention of this topic causes the blood to boil on both sides of the issue, eyes to bulge and voices to accuse.    To change one’s view, one would need a mountain of evidence, a truck load of conviction and maybe just ‘a little’  open-mindedness.

    As most of you know, this article will be written from the ‘pro-life’ viewpoint, but it is not intended to hurl accusations to those who disagree.   This topic is too important to offend those who sincerely desire to be correct…justified in what they believe.   As with any belief, if ones reviews the opposing arguments and your viewpoint still holds true…then you simply become stronger in the truth-and are even more skilled in defending it.   Truth seekers-desire not to live in a lie, or the like…live in denial.   Living in denial not only hurts ourselves, but even more importantly, encourages the many around our sphere of influence to follow in our footsteps.   This hurts them and makes us accountable to those we have influenced negatively.

    For those who disagree with the Pro Life position, I would like to invite you to continue reading and gather information.   Again, this will support your viewpoint when (and if)  you find the errors that are mentioned here.   Truth will always birth the evidence, when it is given in a complete and inclusive manner.

    What We Agree On

    This next section will focus on what we agree on.   It starts by both of us agreeing … that this is a very important life matter, and we need to get to ‘the truth’ of it.   We do not want to be on the wrong side of such an important social issue that would allow individuals to be stripped of their rights, or deny someone the ability to carry out their life –as they think  is best for them.

    We ‘ALL AGREE’ on certain facts, what they call in the science community empirical evidence (evidence that is gathered by experimentation-that can be verified by having the same results-tested multiple times).

    Some results will fluctuate on the sensitivity of the equipment in use…and also from the accuracy of the information given to those doing the testing.  Please verify the results yourselves from multiple resources.

    The  development of the baby inside the womb is documented by EHD and  distributed  National Geographic. Link 

    These institutions are reporting the facts- and as we know, National Geographic is well known at reporting its findings, without bias toward any one view.

    Note:   This next section presents the developmental stages of the fetus and does not discuss the reasons ‘why’ someone might hold to one view or another.  Please review the next sections to sincerely consider the reasons for or against abortion.  Part 2 , Part 3


    The First 24 Hours of Fertilization

    1) When the egg is first fertilized, the union is call a zygote. The father and mother contribute 23 each of their own chromosomes of their reproductive cells.

    2)  The rapid development of the baby begins (yes, some use different names for this individual).

    3) The zygote’s 46 chromosomes represent the unique first edition of a new individual’s complete genetic blueprint. This master plan resides in tightly coiled molecules called DNA. They contain the instructions for the development of the entire body.  The DNA of a single cell contains so much information that if it were represented in printed words, simply listing the first letter of each base would require over 1.5 million pages of text!

    4) The ‘coded’ messages to replicate cells into groups and organs (called mitosis) –has begun.  (the firs cell division occurs between 24-30 hours).  The ‘pregnancy hormone’ that can detect if a woman is pregnant can start as early as 24-48 hours.

    First Week

    1) By 3 to 4 days after fertilization, the dividing cells of the embryo assume a spherical shape and the embryo is called a morula.

    2) The cells inside the blastocyst are called the inner cell mass and give rise to the head, body, and other structures vital to the developing human.

    3) Cells within the inner cell mass are called embryonic stem cells because they have the ability to form each of the more than 200 cell types contained in the human body.

    1 to 1½ Weeks 

    1) The placenta delivers maternal (from the mother) oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and medications to the developing human; removes all waste products; and prevents maternal blood from mixing with the blood of the embryo and fetus.  (The ‘Life Connection’ between the mother and child begins)

    2) The placenta also produces hormones and maintains embryonic and fetal body temperature slightly above that of the mother’s.

    3) The placenta communicates with the developing human through the vessels of the umbilical cord.

    4) The life support capabilities of the placenta rival those of intensive care units found in modern hospitals.

    3 Weeks

    1) The heart begins beating 3 weeks and 1 day following fertilization.  The ‘circulatory system’ is the first to receive a fully functional state.

    2) The brain is dividing into 3 primary sections called the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.

    3) Development of the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems is also underway.

    3-4 Weeks

    1) Between 3 and 4 weeks, the body plan emerges as the brain, spinal cord, and heart of the embryo are easily identified alongside the yolk sac.

    2) Rapid growth causes folding of the relatively flat embryo. This process incorporates part of the yolk sac into the lining of the digestive system and forms the chest and abdominal cavities of the developing human.

    4-6 weeks

    1) Red and white bloods cells are starting to co exist together

    2) the diaphragm for breathing is largely formed

    3) limbs begin to become established

    4) the skin coating starts to be seen

    5)  the respiratory system, the right and left main stem bronchi are present

    6) the liver and kidneys are developed and identified

    6-8 Weeks

    1) The embryo begins to make spontaneous and reflexive movements. Such movement is necessary to promote normal neuromuscular development.

    2) A touch to the mouth area causes the embryo to reflexively withdraw its head.

    3) Intestines, hand bone structure is forming.

    4) Detection of brain waves begin.

    5) Elbows, fingers and hand movement begin

    6) Hiccups have been observed at 7 weeks

    7) The chambers in the heart are now complete, electrical wave pattern is similar to the adult heart.

    8) For females, reproductive ovaries are now identifiable.

    9) Retina and eyelids are evident

    10) Knee joints, hands and feet now can now function and join together

    8 Weeks

    1) Breathing motions (practice) begins…movement of breath occurs, even before external oxygen is present.

    2) Kidneys are functioning, releasing urine in the amniotic fluid

    3) Eyebrows grow

    4) During this time (the first 8 weeks) , the human embryo has grown from a single cell into the nearly 1 billion cells which form over 4,000 distinct anatomic structures.

    5) The embryo now possesses more than 90% of the structures found in adults.

    8-12 Weeks

    1) By 9 weeks, thumb sucking begins and the fetus can swallow amniotic fluid.

    2) The fetus can also grasp an object, move the head forward and back, open and close the jaw, move the tongue, sigh, and stretch.

    3) Nerve receptors in the face, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet can sense light touch.

    4) In response to a light touch on the sole of the foot, the fetus will bend the hip and knee and may curl the toes.

    5) A burst of growth between 9 and 10 weeks increases body weight by over 75%.

    6) The fetus yawns and often opens and closes the mouth.

    7) Fingernails and toenails begin to develop.

    8) Unique fingerprints appear 10 weeks after fertilization. These patterns can be used for identification throughout life.

    9) By 11 weeks the nose and lips are completely formed. As with every other body part, their appearance will change at each stage of the human life cycle.

    10) Though sex is determined at fertilization, external genitalia can now be distinguished as male or female.

    3-4 months

    1) Between 11 and 12 weeks, fetal weight increases nearly 60%.

    2) Distinct taste buds now cover the inside of the mouth.

    3) Bowel movements begin as early as 12 weeks and continue for about 6 weeks.

    4) The limbs are nearly proportional to the birthing size

    5) Most of the developing baby is now able to respond to even the lightest of touch

    6) Although movement begins at six weeks, the mother now feels the independent movement of the baby

    4-6 Months

    1) Recorded hormonal stress response is recorded when a surgical needle is introduced inside the baby’s stomach.

    2) In the respiratory system, the bronchial tree is now nearly complete.

    3) By 20 weeks the cochlea, which is the organ of hearing, has reached adult size within the fully developed inner ear. From now on, the fetus will respond to a growing range of sounds.

    4) Hair begins to grow on the scalp.

    5) All skin layers and structures are present, including hair follicles and glands.

    6) By 24 weeks the eyelids reopen and the fetus exhibits a blink-startle response. This reaction to sudden, loud noises typically develops earlier in the female fetus.

    7) By 21 to 22 weeks after fertilization, the lungs gain some ability to breathe air. This is considered the age of viability because survival outside the womb becomes possible for some fetuses.   End of the research page distributed by National Geographic.  

    In other words, by 22 weeks, any pregnant mother in 46 states (and Washington DC) can-for any reason, abort a child that is able to sustain life outside of the womb.  See Link

    Not all of these premature babies at this early stage will survive, but all have the potential to survive and live healthy lives outside the womb.  10 states and Washing DC now allow for full term abortionsin which case a fully developed independent infant can be given a life terminating procedures (yes…trying to stay neutral on my terminology so we can review the evidence).  The information given from the above resources are facts.  While laws in given states may vary in the future, the facts given about infant development within the mother cannot be disputed.  The most experienced doctor in any abortion clinic will agree with these statistics.   Thank you for reviewing this portion of the article, it is time now to consider the reasons why someone would choose  a pro-life or pro-choice position.

     Part 2 Our Lives, Valued and Special, 

    Part 3 Answering The Ethical Questions 

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  • The Great Awakening December 2018 Update

    As mentioned in previous articles,  for generations  individuals from government (presidents, congress, judges etc.) along with military and private corporate chiefs have been warning us about a global agenda coming from what many call ‘the cabal’ or deep state and shadow government.    This ‘agenda’ desires to move the world into a one world government in which they-the elite-would rule all societies.     See Stop the Global Corruption 

    To manage this system, individual rights, beliefs and personal freedoms would be stripped from the ordinary citizen…and  We the People’ would be reduced to a slave class of working servants.

    Over 2,500 hundred years ago the Jewish prophet Daniel predicted this would happen and 2000 years ago Jesus with His apostles mentioned this  take over in absolutely amazing detail.  See the Book of Daniel and Prophecy, Matt. 24:   We need to always remember however, the Lord along with His saints have the final eternal victory 🙂   Rev. 19:11-16, See Root of Evil.

    These Amazing Prophecies Dating Back Thousands of Years Include  

    Prophecy-a globally controlled bar code system in order to buy or sell,  see microchip implant   Yes, they will ‘promote the positives’ in order to deceive the masses for population control.  

    Revelation 13:16-17   It (the second beast) also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark (implant) on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17  so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    Prophecy-The world will travel across the land as never before (airline-train-modern world travel) and knowledge shall be increased dramatically.   Whether we research information on our own, or instantly receive news from the media, we have  almost unlimited data displayed immediately on our devices by  the internet or networks.

    Daniel 12:4 “But you, Daniel, keep these words secret, and seal the book until the end times. Many will travel everywhere (Hebrew word meaning-lash out-travel like a whip, punch), and knowledge will increase (Hebrew word-in abundance) .”

    Prophecy-We will witness live television that will show the destruction of an evil city, destroyed by what could only be a nuclear blast. 

    Revelation 18:17-19   In one moment all this wealth (of this city-hub for the world) has been destroyed!’ Every ship’s captain, everyone who traveled by ship, sailors, and everyone who made their living from the sea stood far away. 18  When they saw the smoke rise from her raging fire, they repeatedly cried out, ‘Was there ever a city as important as this?  ‘How horrible, how horrible for that important city. … In one moment it has been destroyed!’

    Prophecy-The world will witness entire  armies perish in an instant, literally…be burned and ‘evaporated’ before they hit the ground.  At times, the Lord ‘tells is like it is’.   Again, this clearly is describing a  nuclear blast that was  developed at the end of  World War II!  

    Zechariah 14:12   This will be the plague the LORD will use to strike all the people from the nations that have gone to war against Jerusalem. Their flesh will rot while they are standing on their feet. Their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.

    These and  many other ancient prophecies predicting a global force fighting with weapons of modern warfare…was one major reason I knew these ‘Christians’ I used to argue with did indeed have some overwhelming truth to back their claims.  See Biblical Predictions of Modern Warfare 

    The Fight for World Control

    From the beginning of civilizations, historians have documented the power lust of kings, queens and conquerors to rule by whatever means possible.   The proverbial saying by First Baron Emerich Acton cannot be deputed.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    If men (and at times women) are left to rule without boundaries-limits, ruling families, kings, queens, governments will over time become abusive and totalitarian.   Any truly objective historian knows this…and the Lord verifies this in His Word.   That is why nations should always be controlled by the Lord.  He blesses just nations that follow Godly ways, and curses nations that become evil-to help protect the innocent.  See Ps. 17, Ps. 23

    Job 12:23 He makes nations great, and destroys them; he enlarges nations, and disperses them.  See Deut. 28.  

    He gives strict instructions never to follow a global world leader until He comes back to rule in righteousness and fairness.   Jesus rules his world government from  a foundation built on His Love for those He died for and came to redeem See Rev. 13. Is. 2:1-4, Is. 9:6-7

    With great wisdom, our forefathers understood our government should have a system of ‘power checks and controls’ by ‘We the People’.   See Gods Political View, Divine verses Evil World Agenda 

    While many of those in governments around the world have been entrapped or influenced by the global central banks or deep state, this does not mean a majority of politicians understand ‘why’ they have been entrapped.

    Only a small ruling class have a true understanding of their  goals for Final World dominance.   If they can get control or a vote from those in power…whether it be in government, media, entertainment, education…that is really all they think they need to achieve their final quest.   In other words, get them to be controlled without revealing  their true motives. See speech by John Kennedy below. 

    The last stronghold of freedom in our time-a world power defending liberty…is of coarse the U.S.A.    If our republic goes down, their is no other country  that has enough military power to stop  the corrupt global countries,  central banks and those controlling many international corporations.    This was demonstrated in WWI, proven to be true in WWII-and is absolutely true today.

    Again, we see this is Bible prophecy.   Israel in the latter days is surrounded by enemy armies-and the U.S. is nowhere to be found (for reasons we can only speculate at this point).  Without a powerful alley to defend Israel, then nations of this world turn against her, as we have seen so many times in history.   In the end times however,  the Lord returns and conquers  the armies opposing His chosen nation.     Rm. 11:26, See section on- Prophecies Concerning the Nation of Israel, part 8 

    Current Prophetic Summary

    Never in my life, nor ever in modern history, has the prophetic Word be so accurately on display as the last handful of years.   The links at the bottom of the page will give proof of prophetic words being given about the current president –proclaimed over a decade ago.   Prophets assuring of Trump winning the elections despite absolute guarantees by the media claiming a certain loss…and many other prophecies being amazingly fulfilled (links at bottom).

    What Happened

    Those nations that defended liberty and freedoms did have their share of shame-what many would call…leaving their First Love Rev. 2:4.  We neglected the fight to defend truth and justice-and to show the World the The Way.   In simple terms, we got lazy and allowed the devil and darkness to take over many positions in government, entertainment media, education etc.   In 2015, the prophetic Word went out…America repent or we will start the end time judgement in preparation for the Lords return –one example of many warnings given was Johnathan Cahn,  The Harbinger  

    While we did not fully repent, we did pray.   The Lord, in His great mercy allowed us  a reprieve, giving us an opportunity to show the Lord we are sincere in following His truths.

    If someone would have told ‘the truthers’ a handful of years ago…a presidential candidate (along with some libertarians still in the government) could carry out a plan to defeat or restore –the central banks, the illegal private (unaudited) U.S. Federal Reserve, the democratic party, the republican party (the ones in the controlled deep state), military complex (Dwight D. Eisenhower’s term), the U.S. covert-secret police state –CIA, FBI, Council of Foreign Relations etc. , the corporate controlled media-and entertainment industry,  the United Nations, Most of Europe, Most of the Middle East, many in Russia, growing Chinese dominance, North Korea, Global Corporations and many sleeping Americans…we would have said, this is impossible, except this coming directly from the Lord.   Fortunately, in this case…we would be entirely correct 🙂    See links at bottom. 

    Many, in and outside the Christian camp…did not understand, we needed a ‘ Winston Churchill’ kind of leader-and not a ‘nice Neville Chamberlain’ that got run over and bullied by Hitler.  See John F.  Kennedy’s book… Why England Slept. 

    I may get in a little ‘hot water’  for this, but Trump in many ways reminds me of my dad.   He was one of the younger  captains at the end of WWII, and in my opinion-an incredible leader.   He was assertive, confident…and to put it mildly, was goal orientated.   ‘Calm and collective’ could describe some of his siblings-but not him 🙂 .   One thing was for sure however,  Bob Thomas was fair, believed in doing things the right way-and would lead men and women to win and achieve what was best for them-despite the difficulties that lay in their path.    Trump is brash at times, defensive…but absolutely loves his country-and is determined to expose and defeat the corruption that runs sooo deep, it will shock many sleeping Americans.  Presidents  Trump, Kennedy, Eisenhower  -in no uncertain terms, declared to us  exactly what truthers  have been giving evidence on for decades.  Friends, they could not have spelled these truths out any clearer-all we have to do is open our eyes and see what is happening around us.   See links  under the presidents names above. 

    This is Why

    This is why many in the government  have one pressing agenda, take Trump down-now!   Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!   They ‘HAVE TO’ project (falsely accuse others of what they have done, or deny allegations before they hit the media) before the FISA courts and thousands of sealed indictments are released.   Once the evidence is in the hands of ‘We the People’, we will see how deep the corruption really is…and the Lords Spirit will work on the hearts of many around the world.   Yes, there may be some chaos, but the evidence will be overwhelming and absolute.    

     This is why there is sooo little news on policies that are saving the lives of our brothers and sisters in North Korea, the lowest unemployment in decades, most working in the U.S. than ever before, companies that are being drawn ‘back’ to the US and policies that will use all means possible to ‘stop’ the drugs that are hurting and killing our children.

    Most importantly however, Trump is stopping the corruption that was mentioned by the Prophets of the Lord…fighting against  the intentions of a global world government influenced by a small but powerful elite.  Those, who through the years have grown tentacles reaching into the depths  of government, media, businesses and many of our institutions.   Trump, true libertarians in the government, those that are ‘not sleeping’ …but  are aware  of the ‘The Great Awakening’ and the prayers of His saints  …are being used by the Lord to take back our country and our world.

    1 Thessalonians 5:5-6   You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. 6  So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober.

    This is how important this move of the Lord truly  is.   Even is you don’t agree, at least now ‘you get it’ what many millions upon millions of people are seeing…not just in the U.S.A…but now in other countries like  France (the yellow Jackets).   This is why they want a move like the one  we are experiencing in the U.S.A. See link

    The Church is Next

    What makes this movement so exciting for many of us…is we see the Lord’s hand is moving…like when He chose David-to be part of a Divine Restoration that blessed Israel.   Financial recovery…or even political freedoms mean very little if there is not a spiritual purpose-an ‘eternal end game’ for those in our country.   The Lord is cleaning out the government to restore the church…to bring back a Holy Spirit movement…to bring His life and glory back to us…to break through to our family and loved ones.

    Personal Note:  Recently, while praying with someone we have not prayed directly with before…we completely switch gears.   The move was to ‘get out of the way’ and hear what the Lord was saying to those we were praying with.   The situation dramatically changed…His Spirit moved and revealed truths in much more meaningful ways…in areas far beyond our ability to explain, in His Wisdom-Praise God!

    Romans 8:26-27   At the same time the Spirit also helps us in our weakness, because we don’t know how to pray for what we need. But the Spirit intercedes along with our groans that cannot be expressed in words. (i.e. not expressed with words in our natural or native language). 

    Simply, we need the Holy Spirit’s power and revelation from God, from heaven to change lives on earth.   This great awakening is the first phase for the Lord to achieve this.   Yes, this cleansing is coming to the church…but it’s all connected.   What the Lord is doing in the government is going to directly affect our lives when He cleanses the church-to make it pure and holy.

    Zechariah 4:6 So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.

    See First 4 articles on Kingdom of God 

    We will see the Lord in clarity as never before, He will touch others  as never before and the plans He has for us…will be achieved as never before.   Rev.  12:10,  Acts 2:14-28, Mark 16:15-19

    Ephesians 5:27   and to present her (the church-His body) to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

    Jeremiah 29:11   For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    I would like to close by thanking those of you who took the time to read (and pray for direction from Him) while reviewing the scriptures and testimonies in this article. 

     For those who are not familiar with or have questions about the Christian message,  I would like to invite you to know the true Creator of the universe.   For me, He was not like the preconceived ideas I had… but Someone who wanted me to abide in His family…is love for eternity.   We are praying that the Lord will  reach out and touch you in a special way…to receive His destiny He has for you 🙂

    Please see the following two links

    Understanding God, Knowing Our Lord and Savior 

    Stop the Global Corruption (mini library on New World Order Corruption) 

    Trump Prophecies, dating back to over a decade ago

    Amos 3:7 Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

    Kim Clement Link

    Mark Taylor  Link 1 Link 2 

    Lance Wallnau  Link 

    Also John Kilpartrick (pastor who started the Brownsville Revival)  Word from the Lord Link 

    Best overall videos explaining the Great Awakening Link  Start with ‘The Plan to Save the World, Killing a Mockingbird, We are the Plan. 

    Overall Purpose and Plan for the Church, Articles by Timeline ,   See Topic-Great Awakening 

    May the Lord bless you as you pursue His Truth.

  • When My People Humble Themselves and Pray


    Ephesians 6:12   For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Wanted to share a  post about the ‘battle’ in ‘high places’.   Was driving to a rather distant location for work and the Lord had plenty of time to get my attention.  He just wanted to remind me that the battle in ‘high places’  is very real-and is currently being fought with great zeal.   While one day the Lord will completely wipe away all evil and darkness from our world  (Rev. 21:4, Rev. 20:11-15) until that time however we are to fight the powers of darkness with ‘intensity’, through prayer and obedience to Him.     

    2 Chronicles 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    He was showing me that battle in the heavens and on earth is ‘intense’ and so many  are not aware of this…we lose sight of the battles that are truly going on around us (myself included-I needed to be reminded).  

    When we pray, the Lord sees our fight to stop the advancement of darkness and is delighted, but because we don’t always ‘see’ the battle, we can get discouraged and think our prayers don’t enter the battleground.  

    He just wanted to let us know, when we pray as His children- in the Lords name, we truly are entering the fight that is pushing back evil that is trying to destroy our children and our nation(s).   

     John 14:14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. 

    1 Peter 5:8   Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

    Don’t give up, don’t stop praying…He is saying our proclamations in prayer  are spiritual weapons that  are truly accomplishing great things-powers are being pushed back…and  lives are being eternally saved.

    2 Corinthians 10:4  The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

    He wanted to add one more strategy point.   Remember, we are seated with Christ Eph. 2:6,  so we can visualize we are looking down at our world with the Lord.  We would probably agree, most would be unaware of the battle going on around them… and when one is in a battle with an enemy they cannot see, it could be discouraging-to say the least.   Now, look down, and you see groups of people praying in one accord, pushing back the darkness and evil.   The greater the army, the greater victory you have and the quicker you see real progress.   You actually start to see results when whole groups of people pray as an army-progress in made…and in most instances…we see the results of our fight.  

    The spiritual snowball begins to take place.   We begin to see the  spiritual battles around us are being won…and the fire –revelation in our hearts is now set at high octane… The Lords glory burning within us. 

    Love it when life is not that complicated  and problems are resolved by workable solutions.  Let’s keep praying, not just for solutions to our problems, but for the army of God to join  together- the only way to truly bring in the Kingdom of God, His heavenly victory.  

    See first 4 articles on The Kingdom of God 

    Becoming a Child of God Please see link 

  • John 3:30 He Must Increase, I Must Decrease

    John the Baptist summarizes his life in 6 simple words 🙂     At Bible college, the teachers really enjoyed studying the Apostle Paul’s ‘great  theological’ books.   Some even implied the gospels were not that interesting-too simple for great minds.   Well, I got a check in my spirit and life confirmed that the letters in red-as stated in the gospels are the most important words ever given to mankind.   Jesus greatest teachings were summarized by this reverent testimony given by John the Baptist-He must increase and I must decrease. Jn. 3:30  (see scriptures below).

    Recent Example

     While visiting a church a short time ago the Lord gave me a life lesson in this area.   The anointing was literally ‘flat lined’ in some areas in the service and several of us noticed we could not pick up a pulse.   It was not an immoral or as they say in theological terms…and apostate church, it just was their focus for some was in the wrong place.

    He was showing me there was a barrier between His glory and the body…and that the barrier could be easily broken.   They could walk through it…in His strength.

    All they needed to do was get honest about their shortcomings, their focus and humble themselves.   The barriers were blocking the Lords passageway to openly work in their lives.   It was easily penetrable-but they ‘had to get honest’-humble before God and they would surely break through.  See Being Humble

    He was also showing that sooo many people recently have been going through very difficult times, if they would go through the spiritual wall, the Holy Spirit would pour out in their lives as never before.   There was a divine unity awaiting them (because they have been faithful in their trials) and the Lord wanted to give them a Holy Spirit Oneness that would be sooo supernatural- those in the world would absolutely notice this Divine work.    They would know…Only a Living Holy God could create such a unity-it’s source is from heaven above!

    In other words, all this congregation has to do is follow the gospel of John the Baptist.


    There is something amazing that happens however when we do this.   By allowing our lives to decrease…we in turn receive a  

    In human terms, we call this a paradox (a statement that seems to contradict itself)…but the Bible simply calls this trusting God –or-letting the Lord do His part while we do ours.   Here are some other examples of a paradox in the Word.

    -Exaltation through Humility

    Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up. James 4:10

    Walking in humility, lifting mankind above your personal desires and aspirations will allow the Lord to bless us and be honored.

    -Strength through Weakness

    2 Cor. 12:10   Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong (Leaning-trusting  on our God and not on ourselves).

    -Walking as ‘the least of these’   we shall become the greater (If we live our lives as a servant, our reward in heaven -as well as blessing on earth- will be great and will never perish)  Matt. 6:33 ,  Matt. 11:11, 1 Peter 1:4 

    the last shall be first, and the first last Matt. 20:16.

    But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant (the least). 12  And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.  Matt. 23:11-12

    -Receiving through Giving

    Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6;38.

    The Lord blesses us as we give to the genuine needs of others.

    -Living by dying  

    Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. Jn. 12:24

    When we die to the self (ish) desires and live for God…the living for God-having Him flow in our lives creates a ‘fullness’ that cannot be accomplished any other way.

    Daniel 12:3 Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, And those who turn many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever. 

    -Finding life through losing it

    He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.   Matt. 10:39   

    Finding, searching, placing your heart in the temporary things of this world will blind us to His call for the eternal relationship with Him.

    -Knowledge through lack of Understanding

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;   In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6   

    Our personality has a soul (mind, emotion and will) but it also has a spirit that is made alive when we receive Jesus –when our sins are forever forgiven by the cross.   From that day forward…our spirit should be guided by His Spirit…which should work in unity with one another.   Our minds ability is enhanced when it is aided by an infinite all knowing God.

    Biblical Perspective

    In each and every case mentioned, the Lord is not trying to devalue the things in life that He has given us (our lives, money, minds etc).  He wants us to excel at work (try to be the best-which may result in being first) Ps. 90:17Col. 3:23.   He desires us to be leaders of others (having a ‘greater’ position)-to set a good example 2 Tim. 2:15Eph. 4:11-12.  Paul says he runs the race to win…and instructs us to do the same 1 Cor. 9:24

    There are times the Lord does indeed prosper us…eternally in heaven and as He wills on earth  John 10:10Matt. 6:33.

    The Lord created our minds and He used the Apostle Paul-the greatest theological mind of the New Church  Gal. 1:14Phil. 3:5 -to have more impute in the New Testament  than any other author.

    In all these instances…in all these instructions and examples-the Lord is simply saying…don’t let your human abilities or  personal (self centered) aspirations  get in the way of walking with Me.   Keep hearing, trusting and ‘humbly walking’  on My divine path I have for you.

    Matthew 7:13  “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.

    We Were Created in the Image of God

    Gen. 1:26

    When we were created in the image of God, His purpose was to have our soul and spirit lit up with the glory and powerful love of His Divine Majesty.   Each and every corner of our soul was intended to have complete understanding of how infinitely valuable we are-because we would know how infinitely loved we are.   After mankind fell into sin, we have been on an continual quest to fill this void.  I personally believe in heaven we will be eternally grateful for the verse listed below.   We will live in  His unending glory and love that will  overflow into every empty place that we previously had within our heart.

     1 Corinthians 13:12  For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I am fully known (Note:  Please keep this in mind.   This verse is mentioned in the context of one of the greatest chapters about Love…in the Word of God) 

    When we are Face to Face with the Lord, we will know the Lord in a complete manner (which includes His love for us) and this loving glory will light up our personality-we will fully know Him because we are now in His presence…face to face.   

    We will have also have  full knowledge of how  special He had made us-how great of a creation we are – because we will be-fully known’-(our personalities will be beautifully and completely revealed …to us and to others)-in the light of Gods love toward us.   We will live with such a overflowing joy…because every area of our heart will be discovered and found to be unique…specially made by Him.   Darkness and shame because of sin will never again dim or  hide our potential.   His plans will be accomplished in perfect unity with His directions- and Gods pleasure will overflow into our hearts.   Every part our personality will be brought into the Light and found to be with Divine approval by an almighty God.

    Never again will we question  our capabilities or  our purpose for life.   ‘Who we are’ will be completely understood  in the most positive way because  I (we) will be  fully known  by His Glorious Light shining within us in our heavenly kingdom.

    Revelation 21:4-5   And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” 5  Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” 

    God’s radiance glowing in our hearts does this.   We were never meant to live without knowing our Creator.

     Pride will exit (because we fully know-are aware of  His great sacrifice for us)-and we will spend eternity in total appreciation on how wonderful He has made each and every one of us.

     Psalm 139:14  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

    The Divine Correction

    We can contribute all intentional harmful actions that have caused such great suffering in our world…to mans attempt to wrongly fulfill their desire to regain affirmation-to restore their value that was lost because of a broken relationship with our God.   Combined with an evil agenda by demonic activity-every power plan by evil leaders in government (the main reason for wars), every desire to fill a void by drugs-all the children in broken homes that struggle to find self worth, is simply an emptiness seeking to regain what the Lord is trying to restore…in Him-His eternal relationship with us-that was lost due to sin.    See Understanding God

    Since the draw to regain wholeness, to restore value in life is soo strong-we have a life tendency to fill this void at any cost.   This can  come from healthy sources, but many times we reach out to influences with disastrous consequences.

    The Lord ‘has to’ guard us in this area.   …to make this a critical issue-a complete ‘seek for and find- life event’ see  Matt. 5:3-12.     Unless we come into the light and see healthy Godly solutions, we can never understand there is a better way, a divine alternative for the unhealthy situations we are in.

    Note:   This is why the ’12 steps’  found in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotic Anonymous) borrow the same principles established from the Bible.   ‘Show’ them healthy living principles to cancel out  the negative destructive ones they are living.

    The Lord  is declaring in no uncertain terms, do not attempt to restore your self as ‘the best’, ‘the first’ or ‘the greatest’ without understanding who you are in relation to your Creator…and your need for a complete restoration to your Creator.   See Knowing God links below.

    He is teaching us, receive your happiness through an eternal  relationship with the True God…so My glory, direction and joy can return to you in a healthy,  healing and permanent way.

    In order to accomplish this,  Jesus is telling us-get rid of our  ‘junk’-the sin in our lives, your impure ways-seek your Father in heaven…trust Him and the important things in life-the eternal things  will be granted to you.   If you try and accomplish the things in life without Our relationship being completely established, than …

     What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26  

    To  keep us on track we ‘surrender’ our goals, money, lives-and all the important things we value (as mentioned in the paradoxes above)  will be given to you …in His timing and in His order.   In other words-don’t make all the things mentioned above your absolute priority.   Give them to God-seek His purpose and love…and we shall indeed receive what is needed in life.

    Matthew 6:33  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

    If we don’t put Him first…our sin nature that desires to fulfill our longings unnaturally (in an unhealthy way) will naturally -and automatically- replace His love with ‘worldly fixes’ like the praises of men, the riches of this world, or the harmful desires (longings)  of this world   Jn. 12:431 Jn. 2:15-16

    Decrease to

    When we decrease and allow Him to increase…it means we are getting rid of our  our imperfect ways and allowing for Divine Intervention to take us higher.   It means we are connected to the heavenly radiance of Jesus-who is complete in glory-lifting us up with Him Eph. 1:32:6.    Our life is elevated from a dark world below to being touched by a Holy Realm from above.   We truly are being manifest for glory to glory…being lifted up when we decrease our ways- which allows us to increase in the ways of God.

    John 15:7  If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

    2 Corinthians 3:18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to (increasing) glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post.   So many people, including myself when I first became a Christian, thought these verses mentioned above meant that  we were supposed to have a low self esteem, have people walk on us-by being ‘the least of these’ etc. etc.   In actuality, these verses mean just the opposite.   He wants us to believe we are the most valued people, His Divine Children… because we are made in His image. 

    Galatians 4:6   And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.

    1 Peter 2:9  But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

     All we need to accomplish-in our churches and in our lives-is to have us get out of the way (decrease) while He lifts us up in His strength (His increase).   The result in doing so..we will have more of His Kingdom of God presence in our lives.    There is no greater gift or blessing that can excite us more…than to be ‘increased’  by replacing ‘our defective ways’ with the Lords heavenly direction, having His glory and love to shine  within us.   See 1st 4 Articles on the Kingdom of God. 

    God bless you as you pursue His truth.

    To Personally Know the One and True Lord, please see

    Knowing God

    Finding God

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    Being Humble

  • Is. 5:20-Calling Good Evil, Evil Good -Living in the Light and Avoiding the Darkness

    Isaiah 5:20  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light and light into darkness ….

    I was having a conversation with someone a while ago…about the two major views that are taking place in our country.   ‘The Middle’ is becoming vacant and there seems to be two developing polar opposites.    I was  glad the conversation went well…there was no name calling, harsh words or feelings, but a  mutual respect for ‘other’ qualities in our lives-and we even laughed about how we think the other is ‘crazy’ lol.

    We were simply amazed at each other…at the  lack of discernment about what was going on in our nation.

    Judge  Kavanaughs election is a perfect example.   After all the personal feelings, convictions and opinions on both sides have been mentioned and exhausted…the simple facts remain.   These ‘facts’ used to unite us so we could come to an agreement.   These ‘facts’ at one time  outweighed our opinions so we could come to the end goal of all things- the truth, sometimes revered  with a capital T…ruth.  Jn. 14:6, See Understanding Truth video

    For the preservation of justice,  accusations that could ruin someone’s life-were to be ‘thoroughly tested’  so they could be found true or false.   If you have been a victim… you would have legal recourse to protect you (the justice system)  in order for the abuse to  stop.   Innocent until proven guilty and having the government protect those who have been violated was set in place-not by man but by God.   The only time in Gods Word that men and women are called ‘a god’, is when they become ‘sons of God’ by a relationship with Him, and when God puts judges in place of government..to protect the people…representatives of God to protect the innocent.  See link

    The Bible verse at top…tells us sooo much-but let’s hold that thought for one moment.   Only God, Judge Kavanough, and Doctor Ford know exactly what happened that night…but being that it was decades ago-even Doctor Ford has admitted of some memory loss.

    The point is this.    ‘The Facts’ explain there is no evidence of the crime-no documentation, witnesses, time, location etc.   Even if you totally dislike Judge Kavanaugh, we would have to give him due process…justice.    If we desire to do what was right, due process…our vote should be based on work merit, not accusations without merit (no evidence).    Violating him, or those who supported him,  rioting where other innocent lives are now being harmed-puts us in a darkness zone where we begin not to be able to see the truth…even if it is incredibly obvious.   The Bible verse in Is. 5:20  gives us this exact warning- if we start calling good-evil and evil-good.

    In other words, if Judge Kavanaugh is innocent-if the proof overwhelming demonstrates this and shows his innocence-and we declare and react as if he was guilty.   If we accuse him of horrible crimes that he is not guilty of (as has been done to him in a national hearing)-the warning given by the Lord turns into a punishment.   Let’s look again

    Isaiah 5:20  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light and light into darkness,

    The Lord immediately goes from a warning ‘woe to those’…to an outcome… ‘who  change darkness to light and light to darkness’.   Simply, when we turn good into evil (falsely accuse the innocent) turn evil into good (honor those who are committing crimes- going along with the lies given to us by those in a corrupt government)  true light turns into a darknessa blindness.    Again, the outcome of perverting truth creates a darkness.   As  we know,  darkness impacts ‘all’  those in it… the ones doing the deceiving, and the ones being deceived, whom the Bible calls sleeping.     

    Darkness does not discriminate, it impacts all who participate in it-and allow to be ruled by it.

    The apostle Paul was given some incredible insight.   In the last times, those who are trying to deceive others will actually fall into the deception themselves.   Simply put, if we try and deceive others, or not stand up for those who are being falsely accused…we will transgress  further from the light and become deceived ourselves-

    2 Timothy 3:13  But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

     Yes, it could start out by just being lazy… I don’t want to look at the facts, pursue justice, uphold the innocent-I just want ‘my view to win’.

    Likewise for Christians, we have to genuinely surrender or views, theologies and personal perspectives-and truly hear from the Lord.   When we stand up for the truth   Is. 5:20,, or expose evil as commanded by the Word Eph. 5:11we will be able to ‘see the truth’-and thus be united in it.   ‘Hanging on’ to personal believes darkens our ability to see- as the above scriptures have shown.   See Our Road with God Part 1, Part 2

    Jn. 3:21 But he who walks the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen..

    As always, getting honest with ourselves before the Lord brings us into the light so we can be united-on the same road together with Christ.   Being united in Christ is the only true way to defeat satan.   Rev. 12:7-11Matt. 22:44Heb. 1:13.   Please see first 4 articles Kingdom of God. 

    To Summarize 

    These scriptures as saying-‘to keep in His truth and light’,  we have to    and evaluate our choices-views- in the sight of God.   Humbly ask, with His Help, for His light.    We need to make our decisions about life-others and our ‘political view’ based on the Word, His Spiritual leading which illuminates the truth and gives light to the opposing viewpoints.    This process of turning our hearts to His light…genuinely  searching for the evidence…keeps us in the truth.    See Be Humble 

    The Sovereign God from above is warning us-stop the hate, the false accusations!   Stop believing those that the evidence shows are lying… who are truly guilty (the false accusers)-those that are blaming the innocent.   Convict the criminals and not the innocent!  Especially as Christians, we have to speak up…and not be ashamed to expose the evil Eph. 5:11, Stop the Corruption in Our World

    In sooo many cases the Lord has given us enough light and evidence to see the truth ( as stated from the above verse).     If we do not want to go into ‘darkness’  we have to stop accusing  those who are truly pursuing good -don’t call them eviland stop calling what was proven to be evil –don’t turn a blind eye to it.    Start convicting those who are perverting justice!     It is our responsibility to discover the true intentions of those  with false accusations…and convict them!  

     This true justice will allow us to continue to see the ‘reality’ of those who are lying, and those who speak truth.  

    Just felt a need to state this incredibly important warning from the Lord-to put this truth out there.

    Have to mention one recent example.   A high schools football half time show allowed their students to show a drama of citizens killing police in cold blood.  Every person in the stands should have walked out on the field and protested.     See Link 

    While there is a push from the Lord to stop the injustices (see links at bottom), this is why there is a growing chasm between the political views.    A simple congressional hearing that opponents openly admitted they were going to reject (ie falsely accuse) before the evidence was given…no matter who was chosen-turns truth into a hate fest of unproven accusations.   Don’t be part of the hate, the turning good into evil…avoid the darkness stay in truth-the light.    God bless, Bill

    See the extent of the Corruption we are fighting See Link

    Getting to know ‘The Eternal Truth’ See Link 

    Understanding The Very  Unique Christian Message  See Link

    Keep Current with the ‘Great Awakening’, few recent post on this Move From the Lord  Link

  • God is Calling, Are We Ready to Pick Up

     A while ago I met someone who in my opinion would be labeled as a genius.   He had degrees from ‘academia’…but was also self taught in aerodynamics and engineering.   While he came across a bit ornery-lol-I really enjoyed talking to him-he was a likable person.

    His background was in science and it did not take long to discuss how all these things in life-what he studied…came about.   He immediately went to his ace of spades card- ‘I can prove God does not exist-because I can absolutely  guarantee He will not show up in our discussion’

    Well, in actuality, God did show up…because God desires to talk to man, to show Himself to the world in which He created and loves.   See Does God Reaveal Himself to Man, Understanding God

     Ps. 19:1  The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

    Genesis 1:31   And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. 


    Picking Up on the Call From God 

    While the discussion from the individual above was  geared to explain God in science, this article simply asks some very basic questions-about knowing God.

    Stop for a moment and think of the most awesome  aspect of nature…your favorite.

    Next, think of all your friends favorite…what they believe  is the most wonderful thing they have found in nature…or people-what some call Gods creation.

    Now, imagine if you asked everyone on this earth the same question-we would come up with some incredible findings about our world.  

    There is one thing we  almost all universally agree on…whoever designed, engineered, processed and maintains our universe is pretty smart and powerful.   One of my favorites-giving us a unique dna code-specialized as individuals, but sharing similarities for the unity and habitation of each species.    Multiplying this by millions of species and varieties ( completely alike in compatibility, but 100% different in gender -allowing for romantic bonding and reproduction 🙂 ) and then having different species co-exist in a highly woven ‘echo system’… completely blows my mind. Echo System  God Reveals Himself,  Life Begins

    If God is So Smart

    If God is so smart, would He be sooo absent minded, that He would ‘not’  introduce Himself        Just sayen, think about this.

    Why would a God, in which every natural law (the go to name for Gods blueprints) provides for us a world to live in…and then maintains this world-  be sooo neglectful that He would not identify-who He is.   Why would He not forward us His call number?   Why would He not want to ‘tag’ Himself, so to avoid all the confusion and conflicting information?

    Maybe, just maybe…God does forward us His number…but ‘WE’ just need to be willing to pick up.

    Maybe, just maybe…God chooses never to force one to pick up His call -cause His character includes a love so complete-absolute,  it can not violate our will to respond.     Link 1

    How many of you would ever enter a long term relationship…if they are saying to us-I don’t want to get to know you.   I like the world I live in…and I don’t want to change in order to be part of yours.   I have heard some things about you I just don’t like.   

    Even if they were completely wrong about their idea of you…after you tried to explain to them- the truth, that you are not such a terrible person, that you really want what is best for them.   You defend yourself and point out  that their understanding of you is completely wrong.   You try and reach out to them, to  explain that there are lies going around that are simply not true etc. etc.    After all the attempts to show them the correct way (the light)-if they still did not want to get to know you-would you force them?   God simply cannot force an individual to accept His truth-He cannot operated outside His nature-out of Divine Love.  See above links

    For most of us,  we operate in a similar manner.   We would feel we have violated someone if we ‘tricked’ a person, coerced an individual  into liking us and in the instance of leadership… following us.   This would be especially true if there was manipulation in a meaningful long lasting relationship.


    Gods Genuine Call to You 

    On God’s end, He really does have a call going out.

    2 Thes. 2:14 to this he has called you, to a life of glory with our Lord Jesus Christ.  (He wants you beside Him in our glorious home in heaven forever)

    1 Thes. 1:5 because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction. (The Holy Spirit is Calling Us with deep convictions

    God  has designed  ‘our call from heaven’  to be accessible to everyone and anyone who desires to pick up

    Jerm. 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

    John 3:16   For God so loved the world (that’s you) that He gave His only begotten Son (that’s the part that He got nailed for), that whoever believes in Him (that’s means get Him off call waiting) should not perish (that’s that part that  means your sins are cleansed away… and they can’t drag you to hell)  but have everlasting life (that’s the part that says He wants you in His glory…His infinite love forever).   

    In other words, get of call waiting and answer…see links below.

    Simple Logic

    I will never understand the audacity of some who say…God can’t exist, it’s all about science-what I see and can touch.

    If it is all about the physical realm-what we can see and touch, than we are not allowed to have feelings (good or bad), talk of  love, or if we have been hurt or grieved.   If we follow this line of thinking, than one cannot tell your children or others that you care about them.   You cannot say you value the meaningful times you have had with loved ones- there is no such things as  fond  memories of life because none of these things can be seen, evaluated, measured or tested.   If life consist of of what we can see and touch…than we cancel out all meaningful emotions, thought processes,  values and convictions.   We have to be honest about the reality in which we live…there is no such thing as life without these interactions within us.  See Do the Math 

    Simply stated, we all agree we are emotional beings- that operate within a physical world.   Every day, every hour, every minute that we are awake-we know there are realms within us functioning in both the physical universe-and the emotional (and spiritual) one in which we live.    Every time we laugh, cry, smile and have joy-proves this fact to us.

    God uses this personal realm to call us.   Again, this is sooo normal to understand.   It is the foundation to every relationship-those we care about.   The Bible calls this our soul.     The psychologist call this our personality-our mind, emotion and will.

    1 Thessalonians 5:23   And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The ‘CALL’  comes from the Holy Spirit-who talks to all those willing to listen

    Psalm 91:15  He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

    He talks to our soul, to awaken another part of us… in which we call our spirit.

    Romans 8:10-11   And if Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the spirit is life because of righteousness (our spiritual man becomes alive with Christ in us)

    In other words, God calls anyone through out the entire world by His Holy Spirit-those willing to listen-and respond to His call.   He will draw us to the truth, call us to the truth, so we can know Him….have an eternal  relationship with Him.    We all have a soul, composed of  the mind, emotions and will.     The Lord simply uses the Holy Spirit to call us through our soul…just like we respond to anyone we have contact with in our lives on earth.    In this way, Lord can indeed ‘get a hold of’ anyone-anywhere -who is desiring to know the Sovereign  God of this world.  See ‘Truth’-Video

    Our Part-No More Call Waiting-Pick Up Gods Call

    Our part is so simple, the Lord did not want to make this complicated…it is too important.    God loves us, but as stated above-His love is perfect.  He cannot force us to pick up, we have to take Him off call waiting.

    After reviewing all the facts given in the Bible, the Lords illustrations  begin to make complete sense.   Humbly going to God and asking for the truth, coming to Him as a child opens the door to your heart and allows  the truth to flow in.   This happens because you are giving God permission to do so.


    Mark 10:15  Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”

    God and most of you know-you can’t ax a front door down to have a truly sincere, loving long term relationship 🙂

    He has to have permission to come in.  We have to voluntarily   jump into the arms of Jesus.

    Romans 4:3   For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.

    John 10:9  I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

    We Can Truly Know God by Name

    Just wanted to clear up some misunderstanding we may have about the God of the Bible.   Because you have read this far, I believe you will be willing to read the following links, to make your place with God  secure –your eternal ticket to life forever in the Lords boundless love.

    Here is the link if you have questions about the Nature of God-an attempt to answer some of the ‘whys’ about the Biblical God, who desires to be in our lives.   Link 

    Here is the link…to pick up the call from God.    It’s so exciting to know you are going to take this next step, to share eternity with you.   Link 

    Hope you receive your special blessing today…one that will last forever 🙂

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