President Trump-How an Imperfect Person can be the Perfect President

President Trump is not my first choice for a babysitter, he is way too consumed with the task of building his agenda.

President Trump would not be my choice for a therapist…nurturing  another person’s ‘sensitive side’ is definitely not his forte.

President Trump would not -at this time be the greatest pastor…kinda needs to be a ‘little more refined’ and ‘smoothed out’ before he shepherds a congregation.

President Trump would however…be my first choice for the Patriots of this country to choose as the best individual that has the fortitude to-

Fight the corruption that dates back generations…according to Eighsighoewer, Kennedy and hundreds of other government officials. This corruption has literally surrounded him and his supporters.  See the links below. 

There is simply no other government official that would take on such a monumental crusade.

Once in a great while, however, a rough and tough Winston Churchill comes along-full of imperfections-but the best candidate to defeat the attacking evil that surrounded his country.  

With this said…

There is something I  refuse to do-and I know millions (and probably now-billions) of those who love freedom and liberty across the world are also refusing to do.  

We refuse to allow a person’s imperfections to blind us to a great mission-whom most of us call ‘The Great Awakening’.

The Battle of Our Lifetime

Many governing officials and the mainstream media are in an all-out attack, their crimes include

-terrible violations against women and children

-millions in crooked and illegal funds to their personal bank accounts.  

-along with crimes against humanity-you and I-our children and their future.  Some of their evil will shock us.  

They are fighting for their lives…or better put, they are fighting not to be discovered so that their lives will not be spent in jail.   If we look at the evidence however,  this is not ‘too big of a truth pill to swallow’.  Please see link. 

History has proven to us…It is much easier to swallow the truth pill-now- than to wait and try to rescue our children from a corrupt government-later. See Kennedys Book, While England Slept.

We Will Not Believe the Lies 

We refuse to be played. We will not allow a bias against a president’s imperfections- that is amplified every minute by the media and by many government officials- blind us to ‘the purpose’ of what is being accomplished…the presidents and other patriots’ true intentions.

Look at the facts, don’t let the media and peer pressure confuse you by the constant rhetoric of his imperfections.

-He put pressure North Korea…along with offering a hand of restoration…to what Obama said was his greatest coming challenge-resolving the North and South Korean crisis.  

-We all have known families that have absolutely been destroyed by drugs...across the borders, across the streets-straight into the hands of our children. It has affected almost every living American in our country.

How can you ‘not’ want to stop most of the drugs at the borders…how can we not want to stop gang members, slave human trafficking at the borders.

Chaos at the borders means chaos within the country.

-Just look at what is happening to Mexico…we are advertising our insanity to vote for a party that wants drugs, human and child trafficking, chaos etc. etc. to have free reign…we have to restore our borders Link.  

-Socialism is simply taking our other institutions that work together to complete a society (government, business, religion, family, education etc. ) and strip away their freedoms and powers. Socialism then incorporates them into a controlling government-into a police state and out of the hands of ‘we the people’.  See God’s Political View 

That is why ‘all’ the dictators in WW2 virtually started with this agenda -some disguised with other names (communism, fascism) but they all had the same snare-give me your government (and the police state) and I will give you the world.  See Link 

These ruthless dictators controlled roughly half the world’s population.

Today…literally all the democratic puppets are being dragged into a  crippling socialist agenda-that would almost certainly-over time- destroy our country.   

Note:   There is no country in the world, that is a true socialist government-with no free enterprise-that is not in total poverty. 

To think there is no strategy behind their pursuit is simply letting our naive world-view block out the facts-and control our lives. See Link,  Not a lot of experience, but a lot of truth 🙂 

Which side wants to open our country back up…get it running again.  (Japan has less than 1000 COVID deaths as of June-with a highly condensed Asian people on an island-a country that did not shut down- and left their business, schools social events open.  Google verification.  

Covid 19 is real…but so are those who are using it as a means to bankrupt our country.  Link 1, Link 2.

This same ‘side’ tried to outlaw promising Covid 19 cures, sent mandates that forced infected patients ‘back into’ nursing homes-the the highest risk category of people. 

They completely falsified the true death rate numbers, by mandating doctors list ‘all’ deaths by infected Covid individuals-as death by covid-only.  As this doctor explains, by definition..if you are killed in a car wreck, or have two weeks to live…but have covid…then you charted as a covid death.  Literally then, all deaths by anyone walking around with covid-even with no symptoms of covid…if and when they become deceased (by any means, Covid or not)…is a charted Covid 19 death.  How can we not see, another deliberate attempt to jack the numbers up. Link. 

Simply, by stacking up the death rate…the country will be in a perpetual shutdown…that will eventually destroy the economy and throw the country into chaos.   The obvious outcome, the Patriots and President will not get re-elected…and they can continue with their corruption as they have done for decades. Link. 

Why else would they take the protection arm of the government away from ‘we the people’ by disbanding the police, publically mocking them by declarations of defunding them? If they succeed, they know we will be a Mexico clone, chaos in the streets. Mexico Cartels Coming to America, Seattle Confirming Complete Chaos from Liberal Agenda. 

We will not allow simple imperfections -that are amplified a thousand times over-distort the true intentions of this President, patriots in office, and all the concerned citizens across the world. We simply cannot allow personal bias.., even if it is on ‘steroids’ distract us from our true purpose of rescuing America…simply because of one’s imperfections. This will not stop our Great Awakening.  Link 

The difference between the two sides are starting to become shocking…look what is happening in Seattle link. 

Which side wants to truly help, create a safe and blessed future for our children, protect your rights as a people…acted wisely during Covid…but does not believe we have to destroy families -their business and completely bankrupt national economies because of ‘over-regulation’. 

Which side wants to keep the police strong so our country will not turn to chaos…which side is promoting your well being, and which side is quietly destroying our country from within, – from it’s core.

If they temporarily have a victory until Justice is restored as stated in the Word, you will not have to worry anymore about posts that differ and make some uncomfortable…for they will shut us down like never before.

Right now we have to make that choice.  As Kennedy said, there is not the Democrat or Republican answer (left or right) but the correct answer.   In other words, the truth has been clearly shown- we just need to take that step of humility and be open to it. 

I recently watched a video of another former far-left young adult…rocken the green hair and still -like all of us-not completely perfected.  She was cussing -and explaining how one week ago…she would -for free-commit vulgar acts against president Trump. She said -one-week ago-she absolutely could not believe…she would be saying this…she still seemed a little shocked…

She stated… ‘I just realized that most of the news is fake…Trump is actually fighting child and human sex trafficking, and Hillary and most of the left have not mentioned this at all. In fact, some of them are part of it (see records how many times Bill Clinton flew with pedophile Jeffery Epstein on his island full of underaged girls).    See Link 

Like so many…here is one young adult finally seeing the truth,  willing to discover what the evidence is showing her.  She will probably lose most of her friends because of her new allegiance (which side promotes violence to those who disagree? which side turns the other way when innocent lives are attacked during riots??!!). She simply desires the truth over how difficult it is to come by.  Walk Away Movement Testimony Part 1, Part 2. 

Even with her imperfections-because of her desire for the truth, she has won our respect and admiration. I hope she soon realizes she does not have to travel her road alone. 

Deut. 4:29  But from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find Him, if you search after Him with all your heart and with all your soul.





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