• Line in the Sand, January 20th, 2021 Great Awakening 11/19/20


    On the 20th of January, a new or existing president will take the oath of office, and become the next president of the United States, literally becoming the leader of the free world.

    Both sides agree, we are in the middle of a judicial fight that will determine the triumph of an agenda that is fundamentally different from the other.

    While the political phrase ‘This will determine the direction of America for generations to come’; has historically been entirely overused…rational thinking, in this case, would make the argument –not this time-this will indeed change history! 

    The Differences in Policies would Radically Change the Laws of the Land 

    -laws that will allow-what has never has been allowed before in our nation.  

    laws that will not allow-the freedoms we have been privileged to experience from the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  (Increasing conservative blackouts on social media…is just one example). 

    This multiple-stage attack on our society would change the entire makeup of our country.  There is a real probability we as a free and prosperous nation will never recover if the proposed radical agenda has an opportunity to invade our nation.   History has proven this…time and time again   See Link 1, Link 2

    If the course of law is maintained-and not legally changed or violated, then it appears there will be a ‘line in the sand’ …a binding ‘done deal’ coming the 20th of this new year.   Even President Trump, our executive administrator, our current commander in chief…could not change what is written in law.

    Soo, Where Does This Leave Us?

    Again, if logical reasoning is to prevail, then both sides would be in a situation where they have to engage ‘EVERYTHING NOW!   Nothing is left ‘in the hand’, all forces have to be put ‘on the table’…played out’!  

    If what patriots have been giving evidence on is true, then those who have been violating you (our country) are in a ‘the gig is up moment’… ‘the cops are surrounding the house’ roundup.    See Global Corruption 

    You can see this in the mainstream media (mainly the liberal’s voice) and the independent news agencies (the conservative’s voice).   Every current and prior politician, business executive, entertainment icon, is making a statement to insert Biden or hold on to the true Trump vote-to protect our republic.   There seems to be no middle ground-the battle is at hand, the armies are lined up-the war has to be declared and won by January 20, 2021

    The conservative hand-thus far-have shown these cards

    -Get as many judges legally appointed as possibly-because when the corruption is exposed…they have to prosecute fairly-or all this talk about ‘Making America Great’  will go down in flames.  (Yes, the left views this as ‘stacking the courts’  🙂 ) The end goal is to have a government that is not controlled by generations of the global cabal (ruthless in their agenda).   The process to accomplish this is to declare war on all those who are purposely violating us and other countries worldwide.   The battle is indeed epic.

    Note:  President Kennedy-who was the most powerful and informed person on the face of the earth in the ’60s,  spoke of a global group of ruthless (evil) elite who will stop at nothing to achieve their world dominance.   This group involves both political parties in Congress, the CIA, FBI, etc., media broadcasters, corporate executives, world banks -hierarchies in leadership in every part of society.     Scroll down to his quote and listen for yourself.    See Kennedys Speech (that probably got him assassinated)   

    -Rally a grassroots effort across the nation to unite the country, starting with values believed to be fundamental to our society.   This includes protecting the freedoms of all Americans, including those who are in the womb-unable to protect themselves. See Link 1, 2, 3.    This also encompasses protecting our constitutional rights, the foundation of our republic.

    -Use the government to protect ‘all’ the institutions-Family, Business, Religious, Education etc. –so they can thrive together (balance out one another).   Do not hinder them or over-regulate them.   Encourage their growth in the communities. See God’s Political View

    The Liberal Play

    -President Trump is crude, brash-full of prejudice- and totally unable to lead our country.   Let’s attack him and try and impeach him…even before his first day in office.  We will not stop our attempts at getting this man out as president.  (The goal is to stop this international ‘Great Awakening’ of the people-the masses).   President Trump is the one who has the power to insert his top officials ‘generals’ into government to accomplish this.

    If you take him out, his ability to fight the horrendous crimes from the deep state by legal and legitimate government channels fails. 

    Simply put, the bad side will increases their evil against us until Jesus comes back at the height of world tribulations and restores true peace,  righteousness and justice.  See Matt. 24, Link 1, Link 2

    -Let’s rethink the whole concept of capitalism, American business…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. (The conservative tag for this is ‘free enterprise’-or what many citizens call  ‘having the freedom to pursue the American dream’).    The government should have the heart to help…everyone, even those outside our borders!   See Link 1, Link 2

    -To pursue this ‘New Progressive Agenda’ we will have to radically change our life habits.  This includes but is not limited to … changing our use of fossil fuels, rethink and redesign everything from the shape of buildings-to what we drive, or even if we will be allowed to fly commercially.  Rethinking the right of home and land ownership, a complete tax remodeling (higher taxes)-and all the other policies under the Green New Deal.

    -Be more ‘inclusive’ in our thinking.   Allowing a restructuring of the family, social issues, sexual orientation, full-term abortion etc.  Almost all moral guidelines that have protected us from social chaos are ‘up for discussion’.  In other words, ‘We the Government’ will dictate what you believe and how you should behave.     Their cover will be…let’s not focus on what is moral or not moral, but more on being ‘inclusive’ to the thoughts and desires of ‘all individuals’.

     The True Reality however is…

    In a republic with laws that protect the freedoms of all individuals-both the individual and group as a whole are protected.     

    A government with laws that allow the individual and specialty groups the right to abuse others-injustice and chaos are the inevitable outcomes.  

    Chaos is always the first step to complete government control.  Create social chaos, then bring in the military to control the masses. 

    If we don’t know the evils of history, then it is likely to -not just repeat-but make you its’ slave. Eph. 5:11, Link  

    Yes, radically different.  

     The conservatives -patriot- battle line.  It is evident President Trump did not complete what he has labeled as ‘cleaning the swamp’.   He has most of the needed judges appointed, but obviously, the corruption (alleged by the left) is still strongly in place.    Another 4 years is needed to set in motion a justice system that can operate without being continually influenced by the swamp or deep state.   The short of it…the battle is at hand.   This is precisely what President Trump knew was coming.   Amazingly,  he forecasted this publically over 3 years ago.   Listen to President Trump predicting in 2017 the global roundup, starting with the U.S.A.   See ‘The Coming Storm’ 

    If lighting or thunder are signs that serious weather is coming then the imminent inauguration should bring serious signs of a showdown by Jan. 20.   I would love to be privy to what both sides are plotting…but we know our ‘moment of truth’ at the OK Corral is approaching at lightning speed.

    Our line in the sand is truly a historical Alamo event. 


    The Good news is- the planning, directing and final outcome have been already determined by a God who is absolutely just and fair.   We can simply believe the Lord is putting the pieces together for us.   We still need to ask, however,  Father, what is my responsibility…what can I do now and for the coming days ahead!

    The Right (eous) Choice

    We are not asking you to change your moral compass by going against what you think is best for you, your family, or our nation.

    We are asking however, to consider we as a people need help and guidance from ‘our Parent’ our Father in heaven who wants to show us what is ‘best’ for you and your loved ones.   Not such a terrible thing to ask, right!??  

    Humility at times is simply putting aside ‘our ways’ and asking for help to discover ‘His ways-Gods ways’.   Kinda simple-really 🙂    See Humility

    Let’s humbly consider asking the Lord above to help us…not just with this election, but all the areas of our life.  That we can become part of His everlasting family -where His kingdom will never ever experience anything but His eternal love and concern for us.  Can’t wait to enter a kingdom where all mankind is given the greatest opportunity to achieve what is truly best and pleasing to ‘all’ of us-in His everlasting joy.  Eph. 3:14-21   God bless, Bill 🙂 

    See Knowing God 

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  • Sometimes, the Worst Thing in Life is When You get what You Ask For

    Sometimes, the worst thing in life is when…


    Please hear me, I am not trying to be mean, harsh, crude, or inappropriate.   And…I am not being a sore loser, cause I am believing President Trump is the legitimate winner…by far-and the recounts will prove this.   You simply cannot have stadiums full of voters in overflow for Trump rallies, while some of Biden rallies had more staff than supporters.  Rallies that were literally so limited in numbers,  supporters were hard to find in a hotel lobby.

    The evidence of wrongdoing from

    -the synchronized voting spikes happening simultaneously (at the same moment) across states lines

    -of these hundreds of thousands of votes inserted instantly, 100% Biden-impossible

    -testimonies and evidence of wrongdoing and computer fraud

    -coordinated efforts to shut down polling stations in multiple states… in the middle of a 4-year presidential election-never happened.  

    -leading red states ‘miraculously flipping’ to democratic after the mysterious shutdown

    The evidence should easily prove the impossibility of a legit Biden win.


      Biden winning however is not what is important to You-I-and our Nation.  

    Sometimes, the worst thing that could happen to our lives is

    For those who have some experience in life, from teens-to seniors, we can look at stages in our lives where we desperately wanted something-and realize…we are soo glad that it did not come to pass.

    -A past boy (girl) friend where their life eventually turned completely sour…now knowing-the relationship would have been doomed-gone down in fire-our lives being torched by the flames.

    -A job or career move we thought would have been the best…later realizing it would have consumed us-or taken us down a path that would have hurt those we care for-the most important people in our lives.

    -the list of experiences is unlimited-but we all recognize providence-or what many call God-has had control in our lives-His hand to protect us from things we simply cannot understand on our path of life.

    This presidential election is no different, or less important.

    The truth coming at you is like a flaming steal sword-please do not ask for it to be cushioned-it needs to penetrate our hearts, the core of who we are, what we believe.

    You have been told the truth numerous times…again and again.

    You have been given proof, examples, -more times than you have cared to be shown.

    You have seen enough evidence-if you were willing to open your eyes, it would soo light up your life,  we would be walking together in such radiance-there would be absolutely no question of our course and destiny together.  We would be amazed at those who have refused to see it. Link

    This is sooo not about Biden, or an election.   It is sooo about seeing the Truth.

    And the Truth is this.

    There is light and darkness in this world.   Good and Evil.   Again-we all have experienced this-have seen this for ourselves, it is without question.  LinkUnderstanding God

    Joe Biden is not the director of this negative democratic radical agenda…not even close.   He is just ‘part of it’.   He is the current ‘door’ to allow this to happen.

    You have been shown his corruption…along with the Clintons, Obama, most of the democrats, almost all of the past republicans, much of corporate America.  This includes a handful of privately-owned news agencies’ (mainstream media)-all clumped together to what is commonly called the cabal, deep state-or DC swamp.   Link 1, Link 2

    Yes, most are just puppets.   Most have been paid off, bribed, caught in incredible scandals-that would put them in prison for years.     They absolutely have no idea…or care in the least-about the true intentions of those who pull the strings-those who have the real power.   They are not in a network of conspiracy-they are just easily-repeat-easily controlled by an evil group of ‘individuals’ in power.   We have seen World Wars, the past empires…that simply were successful at obtaining power that could control the masses.   This is not complicated, it has been easily repeated…time and time again.   There is no refuting this.

    Yes, if you research this-the evidence indicates there are certain families who have control of the passageway to the majority of the world’s income through the central banks that work in unison with all the nations.

    Yes, they believe they are more than special, they believe they are superior…and they want control of the masses-as all past emperors have desired.  They want you as their ‘servants’.  Servants that lose their freedoms however are nothing more than slaves.   As President Kennedy stated, they are and will be ruthless. They will stop at nothing if you get in their way.  Link

    Yes, it is evil.

    If you have had the fortitude to read so far…you are in for a blessing.

    This coming not from me, but from every person that is awake…those seeing the truth.

    We have been trying to tell you this…but it took this political crisis to get you to listen.

    What we have been trying to tell you-isss…they hate you.   Like almost all past empires-world wars-they are trying to invade your homeland- rob you of what you value most, destroy you if you oppose-hijack your family if they don’t consent…

    And if you do consent…they want you to take a ‘so-called vaccine’ or mark or inserted chip.  In doing so,  you will be giving them permission to be part of their ’empire’.   In reality, you will absolutely be

    -giving your allegiance to this proven evil system.   The God in heaven is telling us-once this happens-there is no turning back Rev. 14:9-11The Root of Evil

    Joe Biden-is a doorway to the coming radical socialist agenda…the same socialist agenda that allowed halve of the world’s populations to be enslaved by Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung.  Here at the facts link 1,  link 2. 

    Note:  Socialism is the ‘Mother of all dictators’.   They use it as the ‘front door’ to take control of our government institutions-including the nation’s armies.   Give me your allegiance and control and I will give you the world-for almost nothing in return.  Satan tried this with Jesus and failed, (Matt. 4:5-10) …seems to work with the masses though.   Don’t be confused by the different (ism) given to these dictators…they are simply tyrants stripping you of your ‘life’ and ‘freedoms’See the above links. 

    Joe Biden is weak, if, given the chance to be the illegitimate president, he probably will resign early-which will allow those who are on board to fully implement their socialist agenda.   One major goal is to take away our constitutional freedoms.   They really believe they are superior, that they are the ‘thousand lights’ as President Bush proclaimed. (Don’t be fooled, they think ‘they’ are the lights-rulers-those who will make the world better-but they have to make you their subjects  link.  (search Georgia Guidestones

    We do not stop warning you because you are valuable to us, you are one of the Lord’s creation.   He desires, we desire to share an eternal family together, in His infinite love.  How in the heck do you think we could ever give up on you.   –Even if-you do not agree with us-even if-you do not see the evidence glowing right in front of you. See How Much Does God Love You

    It’s time to stop hanging on to your personal biases that have stopped you from seeing the truth.   We know how this plays… cause Bill Thomas and every Christian knows…we have been guilty of doing the same thing.   We are not pointing fingers at you, we are pointing to you the way of truth-to stop you from being harmed…it’s kinda simple if you don’t read into it-too much.   Even though it is simple to understand, this truth is still…deadly serious!  If this agenda is not stopped, it has the potential for the nations to magnify their evil and turn against everything that is good and pleasing to God.  This will allow the Judgments from heaven to begin, as predicted by Jesus 2 thousand years ago.   See Matt. 24.

    Please see the links below…this time however, have an open heart before the Lord- so He can enlighten our hearts.

    John 9:25   He replied, … One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

    God bless, Bill

    Please see links below for becoming part of this Great Awakening 🙂

    See Knowing God

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  • Father I’m In- The Great Awakening 11-5-2020

    We are in a life ‘limbo’ waiting to get a verdict that will

    -set in motion the destiny for thousands upon thousands of children that are-in waiting- for their chance at life. 

    -determine the outcome of legislation that will rapidly restructure the foundation of our freedoms-our constitutional way of life.   In other words, history has proven to us…if we do not protect our freedoms, we will fall prey to those dictators who will now or later-take our freedoms away from us, as proven in every kingdom, dynasty and governmental institution throughout history.   Please see Dangers of Socialism, God’s Political View.

    We have prayed for the Lord to move in the final outcome of this election. 

    These prayers have been heard by the Lord…but there is another ‘vital piece’ of this reformation that needs to happen ‘now’, before the Lord will set the final course of the 2020 election that will give to us

    -individuals in government

    -and  legislation

    which will bring His truth, His love and His light to our country.

    There needs to be a commitment by His children

    -to cleans every part of themselves

    -a sincere desire to pursue His grace and holiness-to accomplish ‘His Purpose’ for our future-that is now at ‘our doorstep’.  

    The critical immediate task at hand is to make a declaration to the Lord-from all of His church

    Lord, I commit to being part of this move of Your Spirit-this holy opportunity You are giving to this world.   I will cleanse myself of all my life issues that are taking me away from You…in order that I can hear and follow You-to take part in the Army of God. 

    You now have my commitment –and along with millions of Your children across the face of this earth.  You can now know –the opportunities You have created for Your church to reach the world will not be in vain. 

    With our sincere commitment to surrender every part of our life to Him,  the Lord can now open the doors for what He desires for our country and the world, to bring His blessings down from heaven.

    A king can only go to war if his army is willing to follow him into battle.

    A  Divine King is able to destroy all who oppose…but our King desires to have His army march out and demonstrate to the world-His love, His living sacrifice that He made for them, in order to have others join His family for all eternity.  Link 

    Let’s tell our Father right now, let’s let Him definitely know…we are in!   


    Please see articles under Knowing God 

    and 1st 4 articles on the Kingdom of God

  • Once Divided, We Now Stand United

    To genuinely restore our country, we needed an absolute blockbuster of a person to break apart the corruption that runs soo deep.  See Link 

    Joe Biden and his son Hunter, received tens of millions of dollars from China to promote pro-Asian policies.  As Biden has stated dozens of times….China is our friend-they are not taking advantage of the U.S. We have all seen for decades the opposite is true.   See Link 1, Link 2 

    The evidence is soo apparent, if we only see with open eyes. Joe, however,  is just the tip of the iceberg…for the conglomerate of tycoons from the political, corporate, media and entertainment industries want to keep their power-and privileges-as they have for decades. What’s even worse, they know if justice is truly served…the extent of their abuses will put them in jail for years to come.

     Using History as Our Teacher  

    Neville Chamberlain was a ‘nice guy’ and came back from Hitler’s Munich Peace Agreement in 1938 -amongst great fanfare.  He waved a piece of paper in the air in triumph-I have saved us from World War….see, I have Hitler’s signature right here.

    Hitler knew Chamberlain could be played…this false hope allowed Hitler time to set up his ‘Blitzkrieg’ a ‘blitzing’ push from Poland that backed up the entire English army at a coastal town called Dunkirk…where practically all of England’s infantry were caught and almost slaughtered. Great movie Dunkirk Link🙂

    Winston Churchill-Chamberland’s replacement- was a cold as steal…tough as nails –and Hitler knew he was literally in the fight of his life. Churchill was not politically correct…offended ‘softies’ around him-but literally rallied the Allies of the free world to stand together-homes blown to pieces-but they were bound and determined to fight for their country-for their freedom-to the very end.

    As this writer mentions below…president Trump is not a people pleaser, but a Patriot.

    I really believe, if we continue to seek the face of God…after the cancer of wrongdoing is taken out of the ‘swamp’ within our country…He will eventually bring a healer to restore us back to health from surgery.

    The question is…in the middle of war…do we want a Mother Teresa or a Winston Churchill. Both are vitally important, but both would be completely hopelessly lost if their roles were switched.

    This Is Not Coincidence 

    It is soo interesting, almost all the issues we are facing as a country…we have 2 polar opposite views…not 3 or 4, but 2. Could it be…one is seeking the well being of all Americans in our country…and one is being forced fed by the tycoons mentioned above?? One; that if we ‘step back’ and think independently…we realize these policies make complete sense…the other…there are no policies at all, just hate rhetoric mentioned time and time again.

    Some of the policies that under attack are –

    -regulations at our border to stop the chaos

    -stop the violence caused by the riots against innocent people

    -restore our economy…the best poverty buster is ‘real jobs’ in the inner city.

    -protecting our freedoms that every civilization in world history has eventually been stripped of.

    -respecting our neighbors, our nation, our God and all of His creation.

    -the list continues.

    Are these the horrendous things that conservatives are found guilty of??  If one finds them so terrible, what country do you want to live in that is not protecting the above liberties and agendas.  

    This writer below did a great job asking…Why do we see 2 completely different people in President Trump –and 2 completely different views in this global reformation that is restoring fairness and justice to our nations.

    Maybe it’s time-to step away from the propaganda…look at the true facts-the evidence-stop trying to put President Trump in Mother Teresa’s monastery…and support his work to allow our families to live in the best country possible.

    Having policies totally based on the negative attributes of a fighter that is trying to restore our country are just bad policies. Glad we both finally agree…let’s take our stand this Tuesday 🙂

    See  Trump -Two Viewpoints-One President  

  • It’s ‘Now Time’-to see the Truth

    Above is a short video about what happened in the two ‘town hall’ meetings for Biden and Trump. We have seen the evidence from the Department of Justice that prove Biden’s son…Hunter -received millions of dollars from ‘China’ (when he flew with daddy to China) for a job that he had no previous experience. We also have Biden on video tape-saying if you don’t fire the investigator on another Hunter payout, your country will not receive the 1 Billion dollars you were promised. That is called-pay to play…or put more directly… we will make you rich as long as you forsake your country and favor ours.

    How many times have we heard Biden say-China is not a problem to the U.S. economy…lies. lies and more -evidence of lies.

    Not one question at Bidens town hall-about his illegal activities-total avoidance to make their candidate look good.

    Trumps’ town hall was a debate from ‘the gun’. One lie by Savannah Guthrie …as the video above points out…was about QAnon.

    The reporter in this video has gone over ‘all’ of the thousands of Q post, and many of us have read Q from its conception. They have never encouraged violence, they always support the courts and judicial system..have told us to be patient and wait for the evidence, never do what the other side has encouraged…riots, violence in the streets.   Q has given us Scripture to have the Lord deal fairly with one another-to pray that peace will come back to our country.  Q post view Trump as a patriot…along with millions of other patriots across the world. They never have made him nothing other than one of the politicians fighting horrible corruption in our country.

    The ‘town hall’ host Savannah Guthrie completely lied about QWhy. Because Q is one source-among many-that does have high-level information about what is truly happening in our country. We have seen this being confirmed time and time again, mentioning current events well in advance of common knowledge.

    Like any war, if you take out the communication to the other army, their battle ability is ‘doomed’. The mainstream media ‘has to attack Q’…as proven with the latest public announcements of Q  bans on social media.  (It took about 8 attempts before I found a way to get around the ‘This post is not FB acceptable’ Gestapo label…at least temporarily).   They are trying to ‘blind’ our eyes of communication so we will not be able to stand united.

    Kinda simple.

    The town hall host version of Q was a total lie...we see President Trump as a co-patriot, and Q will use scripture from the Bible to trust in the true savior…the One that took our sins on the cross….and rose from the grave 2000 years ago. The same One who is working with patriots to stop the harm and violence to our people.

    This is the deal.

    -It’s Trumps’ job to run this country, and make it the best country possible, as we help other countries.

    -It’s the host job-the medias job-as President Kennedy said, to expose wrongdoing and be a light of truth to the American people.

    This is important.   It’s our job-to put away any personal bias and humbly receive the truth-so we can help one another…and Americans as a whole.  

    President Trump was destined for this job because he is a fighter…like General Patton and Prime Minister Churchill-in WW2.   I would not want any 3 of them to be a nanny to my grandkids, but I would want them to fight the gangs that are destroying our country for self-gain.

    You can now listen to the evidence at the town halls-mentioned above, -and…you have been given the evidence for decades…

    It is  ‘Now Time’ to see the truth.   See decades of evidence Link

    We can’t help each other if we don’t.    Let’s not look back and realize…thousands of patriots tried to warn me…but I refused to listen.

    We keep coming to you because we simply believe you are valuable enough to join with us to save our country.

    It’s kinda simple.

    For more updates, please scroll down to ‘Great Awakening’ on this Link.

  • Malachi 4:5-6  

    Malachi 4:5-6   Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. 6  And he will turn The hearts of the Father (s) to the children, And the hearts of the children to their Father (s)

    Recently I received some direction from the Lord on an Old Testament verse that was translated incorrectly in the modern-day versions.   It was not just any verse in the Hebrew Scriptures, but the last verse in the Old Testament, setting the course and direction for the world to receive the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

    Here is the verse-and the one prior to it.

    Malachi 4:5-6   Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. 6  And he will turn The hearts of the father (s) to the children, And the hearts of the children to their father (s), Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

    The Lord’s direction was -the translators did not follow the true meaning of the original Hebrew Text-it means something completely different.   In the Hebrew text, I was not foretelling that the prophet Elijah will turn the hearts of the earthly fathers (plural) to their children,

    but that Elijah will turn the hearts of the Lord’s children (His saints) to their  Heavenly Father (singular) Jehovah God…and that His heart will turn toward His children-(the saints).  

    My response was…well Lord, then all the translations I have read are wrong…and when I go to the computer to read the original text-it will verify what You are showing.

    Sure enough, in the original Hebrew (the earliest scriptures of the Bible- before they were translated into our different languages) shows something incredibly interesting-and yes…different than our modern-day translations.     It also gives an entirely different viewpoint to what Malachi was teaching-the prophet was giving us a critical eternal lesson…let’s look 🙂

    In the original Hebrew text 

    The Word for father in Hebrew is {ab} and the plural is ‘technically’ {abot or in some text-avot}.  The Hebrew writers of the Old Testament however stayed with their custom of using {ab} for both father-singular and fathers-plural.   They left it up to those explaining the scripture to use their discretion on whether the text should be singular or plural.   (As far as the Hebrew {ab}-in the Old Testament-it is translated roughly twice as many times singular than plural.) 

    Note: The Hebrew culture did this with numerous words.  For example, the word ‘children’ in the same verse above is translated twice as many times as ‘son’.   The word ‘son’ in scripture often represented ‘all’ the children– and the translators would decide which word-son or children-would be the most accurate.

    For decades I thought this last verse in the Hebrew Bible before the Messiah’s final return was ‘nice’!   Elijah is going to be a great counselor and restore a bond between the fathers and his children.  While this is ‘nice’, it really does not have much to do with Christ’s everlasting reign, our eternal life-or the power of God touching the nations on earth.   Others I talked to had a similar view.

    While this worldwide revival (more accurately called reformation) will indeed restore family relationships…it will also include the world witnessing the power and glory from heaven invading our lost world.   Fortunately, my former interpretation was incredibly wrong.   The scope of my view was way too limited…for it truly means the Lord’s Presence will create a movement of God that will touch all the nations of the world 🙂

    With the heavenly Father (singular) interpretation, soo much of scripture comes together smoothly, more powerfully.    This ‘time of Elijah’ is also mentioned Revelation 12.

    Revelation 12:7-12  Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8  But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9  The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. 10  Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Messiah.   They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; 

    Does this sound like the local church on the corner of Main and Broadway-I wish 🙂   The Lord is giving Elijah an essential ‘key’ to bring down power from heaven that will invade our world.   Let’s take a closer look.

    What Malachi  Does Teach Us

    Malachi was ‘divinely aware’  of the holy relationship between the Lord’s saints and their Father in heaven.

    Malachi 2:10  Have we not all one Father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?

    Here Malachi is reminding the Hebrews that they all have ‘One Father’ in heaven.   One God for ‘all’.   Why do they fight against one another, for they are ‘not’ of different families-but one.  

    Note:  it is interesting that this verse uses the same H1 {ab} for both the singular Father (that of God) and plural -profaning the covenant of our fathers-plural (earthly fathers), same Hebrew word.  H1 {ab}.

    Malachi 1:1   The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi. Vs. 2- I have loved you, saith the LORD

    These verses show that Malachi has a fire in his heart because the Lord has deeply moved him –first verse above Mal. 1:1The burden….   Malachi absolutely understood, the number one task for Elijah will be for the saints to totally seek God’s heart-become one with Him…only this can truly change the world.

    Personal Note:  One of the most remarkable ministries I have ever encountered is IRIS ministries, with Heidi Baker and her husband.   Her favorite church was in the garbage dumps of Mozambique Africa, where you would see more flies on children than you could see their skin.   She and her husband are transforming lives from the worst of conditions. Throughout the country, she is known a ‘Mama Baker’ 🙂     Television host Sid Roth allowed her to do something I have never seen him do…allow her to take control of the broadcast for 2 shows.   On the second broadcast-for the first time ever-he wanted her to have a church service on live TV.   She simply got on her knees and had everyone start to worship our God.  She encouraged all to just ‘get real’ with Him and reach out to Him…touch His heart!

    Maybe the last verse in the Old Testament that was preparing for the coming Messiah…and Hydie Baker are ‘on’ to something ‘divinely special’!  If we turn our hearts toward God, He will turn His heart toward us…and the heavenly sparks are going to ignite the holy fire that will literally change our world 🙂

    Malachi 4:2-3   But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. 3  And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.

    Highlights of Malichi 6

    If we use the singular form in this verse…it dramatically reinforces–what I believe the Bible teaches to be the most important lesson for the saints in the entire Word of God.

    In verse 6:5, Malachi is telling us the Lord is going to send His prophet Elijah before He comes back on the day of the Lord.  This is when the Lord will judge the evil in this world and begin His eternal reign on earth.  Please see  Day of the Lord Rapture, Rev. 3:10, Prophecy Gen. 

    The prophet Elijah will be burning with passion to proclaim the Lord’s desire to have the world prepared for His second and final coming…similar to John the Baptist…on the Lord’s first ministry 2000 years ago.  Mal. 3:1Luke 3:4

    Mal. 3:1-3 Behold,  I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: … 2  But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: 3  And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.

    While it is true, those seeking and following the Lord, their relationships will be restored during Elijah’s time on earth-but counseling is not the active ingredient to bring God’s glory to the nations of the world.    A holy loving fire from God will be manifest from heaven to the earth…and the Lord’s divine love will engulf all who seek His face.   His glory from heaven will bring down the kingdom of God…and Jesus will come back to a radiant church  Eph. 5:27.

    True Transformation of our World  

    To understand the future, sometimes we have to look at the past.

    John the Baptist, the Apostles and Jesus preached the kingdom of God.   Jesus says…this is why He was sent   Please see the first 4 Article on the Kingdom of God. 

    Luke 4:43  But He (Jesus) said, “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.”

    The focus of the Kingdom of God message in the word is to simply bring the presence of God down to earth, His heavenly realm to our earthly realm.

    Matthew 11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence, and violent people have been seizing it.

    The Lord’s heavenly realm is the passageway to ‘EVERYTHING’!!

     Focusing our walk that unites our hearts with our Father in heaven…will bring the Lords presence and glory to us…on earth.   This great quest kept the Nation of Isreal protected under King David, was finalized in the Old Testament with Malichi, is emphasized by Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament, and simply is the greatest instruction in the Word of God.

    Acts 13:22  After removing Saul, he made David their king. God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after My own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’

    John 10:30  I and the Father are one.”

    Matthew 22:37-38   Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’   This is the first and greatest commandment.

    Pursuing His infinite love, being empowered to receive emotional and physical healings, finding our purpose and destiny, fulfilling our life’s aspirations-are all made possible through our devotion-  by turning our hearts to the Father in heaven.  Please see our Road with God, Part 1, Part 2. 

    The ‘Presence-Driven’ Church

    Through the 1970s and into the 1990’s the church went through a phase of ‘hyper prosperity’ ‘healing’ ‘miracles’ with the emphasis on the admiration of church leadership.  There was very little focus on humbling ourselves before the Lord and serving Him…’ with our whole hearts! -Above verses 

    The pastors that feared the Lord reacted to this move…and the Lord put into their hearts-bring down My presence in the church-and watch real miracles take place throughout the nations.   This Spirit-led direction many called ‘The Presence-Driven Church’-humbling ourselves and following His leading to have the presence of God manifest in our churches’.

    John 14:21  Whoever has My commands and keeps them is the one who loves Me. The one who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I too will love them and show Myself (manifest Myself) to them.”

    I (Jesus) will manifest to youNothing-absolutely nothing in this world can replace the Lord’s covering and presence.   What Moses experienced on Mount Sinai-and what the Jewish nation witness when He showed  Himself to them when all Isreal worshipped with King Soloman-is the most important experience in a church service…and in our lives.  Ex. 33:18,   2 Cor. 4:4-5


    2 Chronicles 6:12 Then Solomon stood before the altar

    of the LORD in front of the whole assembly of Israel (all of Israel was worshipping the Lord)  and spread out his hands.

    2 Chronicles 7:1-3 When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. 2  The priests could not enter the temple of the LORD because the glory of the LORD filled it. 3  When all the Israelites saw the fire coming down and the glory of the LORD above the temple, they knelt on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshiped and gave thanks to the LORD, saying, “He is good; His love endures forever.

    How is this for a Sunday Morning Worship service !?


    The Last Verse in the Old Testament is giving us the divine Direction for Establishing our eternal relationship to the Messiah in the New Testament.

    King David was chosen by the Lord to lead Isreal-as stated by Jehovah…because he was a man after God’s own heart.    While King David did ask for the Lord’s help…this was not his focus.  He sought after God’s heart, what His purpose was for our world, what were His specific desires for ‘this day’, what made Him joyful, what grieved Him- Eph. 4:30.

    Note:  Have you ever noticed, when David did commit serious sin, his overall relationship was soo close to the Lord, the Lord punished him-but never allowed others to attack or harm him personally.

    When we as a church-seek after the Lord’s Own Heart-our hopes and desires become more of following the Lord’s direction, not ours.   We desire to put more and more of our flesh ‘under the cross’  and God’s presence increases even more in our lives.

    Simply, when we seriously become obedient to the last verse in the Old Testament, then we

     -desire to discover the Lord’s heart-what are His desires for us…for the world.   We pursue what pleases Him…and attempt to avoid what grieves Him.

    This direction from Malichi 4:6 gives us the burning prophetic word coming out of Elijah’s mouth.   The results-

    His Holy Spirit will be flowing through us-out to the world that desperately needs Him.   Our gifts will be in complete ‘active’ mode…and the true church will walk humbly with one another-and Jesus will be displayed to the world.  We will become more like Jesus, One with the Father- 

    John 17:21  that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me and I am in You. 

    In short, the Greatest and First commandment will be activated to the world by simply following Elijah prophetic message that was given to him by the Lord Himself…This prophetic word will quite possibly be the greatest message given to the Children of God-to accomplish the greatest revival in all history… Road with God, Part 1, Part 2. 

    Turning the hearts of the Lord’s children to their Father in heaven, and God will turn His heart toward His children.  This will unite us with Jehovah’s heavenly realm…and make us one with Him on earth.

    This ‘One Heart Unity’ will activate greater works for the united church than what  Jesus did while He walked with us on earth

    John 14:12  Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

    The Lord is soo wise, there is no greater way to end the Old Testament and give us soo much hope for the coming age 🙂

  • The Big Why…Why the Lies-The Great Awakening


    Why the Lies

    The U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention released these findings on the Survival and Fatality Rate of Covid 19.   Here is the link.

    The study gives different scenarios (the different conditions of the patient and various treatments) so the results will be estimates…but we can definitely get a good idea of the survival and fatality ratio.  Please see the results below.

    The last study below was by the Human Mortality Database…which shows the mortality ratio of each nation per thousand of those infected from Covid 19.  They are also similar to the U. S. results listed above.

    In short, we have fatality rates that are incredibly less than any claim or prediction that was given to us by the media or the politicians that continue to ‘shut America down!!’   These same politicians outlawed cures and threatened doctors that prescribed them.

    The last picture above gives us these results….if you are 79 years old, in any country in the world-and are infected…you have less than one percent chance of dying from Covid.  The first two pics show similar results of the fatality rates that many in the government and media have completely exaggerated.

    Why would counties in the U.S. –as they did in Orlando Fl.  give completely false results?  Why did they claim the general population had a 100% infection rate?    What was their purpose when they tried to jack up the infection and fatalities numbers-by making all those infected with Covid-no matter how they died-to be charted as a Covid-19 death?  The reasons are obvious!

    While the picture below may be illustrated by clip art, it still reveals the serious truth about other flues and viruses.   We did not go into a nationwide shut down for pandemics in recent history.


    It really is time to do the math-and we are talking about simple addition!

    Politicians on both sides of the aisle who make less than 200K a year… and in most cases-have expenditures for at least 2 dwellings (one in their home state, one for DC) do not after a dozen or so years walk away with 10-15 (or more) million dollars in their bank.

    They all don’t have ‘book deals’ or ‘speaking deals’…and if they do…who are they receiving millions of dollars from-and why??!!.

    We both know, we ‘all’ know why…the corruption runs deep, but the evil runs even deeper, to the bottom.   See link

    Is It Possible  God Really Did Intervene?

    There has been more prophetic directions given to us by the Lord in the last dozen years than in the last 1000 years.   There has not been a time in the last millennium where it was recorded that the Lord predicted an international great awakening…a president for a specific country…the direction for the restored church, the destruction of the old political guard, and given specific details about the blessings to come for a country that has been crying out for the help from their God.   That is how important this worldwide Great Awakening truly is.   Please see 

    -World Wide Reformation Movement

    -Prophetic Beginning -see prophecy at the end of the article. 

     The church leaders and lay Christians who are awake in the Spirit are saying the same thing…they see what the Lord is doing…giving us the opportunity to clean out the evil and restore His covenants back to His people.    We were at the edge of the cliff…where the Lord could have allowed the nations that turned away from Him..to receive the evil that they desired-and the consequences that followed.  We were literally headed for the end-time tribulations as stated in Daniel and Revelation.

    Gen. 6:7 Do not be deceived:  God is not to be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return. 

    In His great mercy, He heard our prayers and is giving us an opportunity to fight the age-old corruption that has plagued nations throughout the centuries.   See The Root of Evil 

    As mentioned above, the math is simple.

    The Old guard is simply trying to destroy President Trump…the patriots that support him…and anyone that violates their mode of operation.

    While many are just following the money, for some-the evil goes much deeper.   Most will be shocked if we ever see their true intent…and the horrendous acts of sex trafficking and child abuse-in every form.   We have heard the testimonies of the occult rituals in Hollywood…but they were shut down by the media as most  Americans continued to sleep.   Until recently the children were being abused with little help from those that could actually rescue them.

    We finally have a movement where there is a direct attack on those doing the abuses to ‘all’ of us.   For the first time since President Kennedy, the fight comes from patriots in the highest positions in government.

    You can actually hear JFK give this speech.  Link.   He could not have been more exact.  He believed there was a one-world ‘monolithic’-evil ‘ruthless’  ‘conspiracy’ the first conspiracy nut, that was hidden, highly funded and involved military, political, three-letter agencies ‘intelligence’, using the latest scientific methods…  with and end game of destroying those who do not fall in line.  Does this describe what patriots have been saying about the cabal or deep state?   We all know the answer is a profound YES!  This is what patriots have been warning about for generations…and we now have a chance to stop what President Kennedy gave his life for.

    You Have Personally Witnessed 

    As we have said sooo many times-they don’t hate Trump and the Great Awakening…they are terrified of this movement.

    -You have seen them sacrifice American lives by attacking Covid 19 cures and the doctors that prescribe them.   Complete overregulation (more accurately called overkill)…all to keep Covid active and alive.

    -You have seen them attack every word President Trump has spoken. 

    -You have seen them start the impeachment accusations before he even sat down in the oval office.

    -You have seen how they distort the truth by the twisted questions at every press conference.

    -You have witnessed them make policies that continue the violence in the streets (defund and abolish the police) and do everything to continue chaos at the borders.  

    -You have seen them destroy the code of justice-   ‘Hate all’ for the sins of one.

    They have the simplest of propaganda that force-feeds the American people, regurgitated time and time again.   The most educated swallow the lies.   Their slogan… ‘President Trump, his radical followers are fanatics’-until you realize their lies and join those radicals. 🙂      See Walk Away P1, P2.  

    These ‘fanatics’  have simply fallen ‘back’ in love with our country…because we see an opportunity to restore everything that is good-to our country.   The foundation being God’s love and peace.

    How in the world do we not stop-throw away our prejudices-and see what is truly happening?

    The Truth is we really don’t want to convince you…we want Him-the Working of the Holy Spirit to do that.  The reason is that He loves you and simply wants you to have the truth-along with – a made in heaven home-for all the ages to come.

    Thank you for reading this far…I know it is work…the opposite of a FaceBook post.   Since when do we ever get anything valuable without having to do some work?

    To ‘seal the deal’ please see the section under knowing God… Link 

    To see more on this Great Awakening, please see it’s section as you scroll down. Link

    God bless,

    Bill 🙂

  • What’s the Point?

    Recently-it seems people’s thoughts are on the things that are affecting them…and us.   Covid, limited work hours, do I need to wear a mask, I can’t go to the beach, am I going to ‘real school’ in a few months…I just want to watch my football this season!

    All these questions with the lack of perfect answers are disrupting our lives-and the discussion on how to do the right things to correct this mess -is what we all have talked about with our family and friends.

    These talks at times may be passionate- I personally kinda think this is just fine- it is a great personality trait if we really care about the people around us.

    Because of this-the discussions have turned to specific concerns-like- are we being safe, is the government doing the right thing-and-what side are ‘you’ on 🙂

    Many of us believe this will pass and the answers to what we should have, could have and would have done- will –in many ways be answered.

    Hopefully, our motives are not to sway others to our ‘side’ but to –as friends and family should do-protect them from getting harmed physically or personally.

    With this said, I did want to share a personal story that explains why the above discussions are important-at least for me.

    Unless we get ‘to the point’ why we have voiced the concerns over the years…and especially in the last few months-then they just become ‘another discussion with another viewpoint’.

    Talking about freedoms, liberties and true justice are not really worth mentioning at all-if they were ‘optional’ standards for us to live by.

    These ‘virtues’ as our forefathers called them, also protected our ability to freely pursue the most important matters in our lives, the things we value the most.

    One example for me was when I argued (ooopps) discussed issues about religion in college. I thought I had all sorts of arguments with all sorts of answers. I was wrong-but I digress lol, that is another story.

    What I was really doing (though half clueless) was simply trying to fulfill my life, the best way I knew how. When we think about it, many times we do things because we are simply seeking affirmation in our lives.  We want to feel valuable-worthwhile. We want to know if we blow it things can be mended. We want to recognize our special skills and talents-to know they can be used to help others. We desire to know what special purpose is in our life…and how do we discover it?

    Maybe most importantly, we need to know that this value and love are guaranteed by the highest authority…and will never change.  This is probably why when we are raised with serious problems with (or many times without) our parents-it can be difficult to overcome.

    When we look around and see the major mistakes others have made (ourselves included)-there seems to be a direct link of simply trying to find our value in the wrong way-‘in all the wrong places’.  We can see those looking for affirmation through negative peer pressure, having to maintain a special ‘status’ among those around them, continually seeking approval from others, using drugs to fulfill an emptiness.

    It’s kinda obvious, all of these searches are directly connected to… what seems to be the most important part of our lives-finding that ‘something’ that fulfills us…that brings a special value to us.

    Again, What’s The Point

    When we discover some of the answers that bring this purpose to our lives, then they become extremely important to us. This brings joy, hope, promise and a thousand other qualities to us.  What we then desire is to pass these treasures on to others.   It is not just the ‘car or house’ we want to leave behind,  but a lifetime of eternal blessings that others can use for generations to come.

    I won’t speak for others, but maintaining joy and hope is a lot easier said than done.   This seems all the more reason why we have to protect our freedom so we can always be able to follow the pursuit of happiness –rather than having to fight for it on a daily basis.

    The Freedom I Thought I Did Not Want

    This ‘freedom’ allowed me to have conversations with those ‘Christians’ at college.  I did not know it at the time-by they were simply trying to give me what I was looking for. All of the above. Affirmation, purpose, value, promise, joy that can be found outside of my circumstances-by an authority that can never be challenged or changed.

    In their process of trying to help me…they made me sooo mad! 

    They just had that look in their eye…like they really believed what they were saying. They also had a unity…not so much in being clones to one another…but just seemed to undoubtedly agree who their God was-like they knew Him personally.

    It really did tick me off…my party circle was getting ‘smaller and smaller’-I was losing them to –the other side!  To make matters worse,  my ace cards were not working-at all- with them.   I kept mentioning ‘What right do you have to tell me how to live’ just seemed to bounce off them.  They were like-that is definitely ‘just not’ the most important question right now.

    What actually made me question my world-view (you know-the thing that pieces our world together, the thing that if it falls apart-it gives you  ‘this ship is sinking’ kinda feeling) was their sad but genuine look of concern they had for me. ‘You just don’t understand-we really care for you, God really cares for you…but you just don’t get it.’   Maaan, this really bothered me…I thought-their core values are different from mine-thus some of the things I was doing were ‘allegedly’ wrong- what they call sin.

    The worst part of all this brain-scramble was…you leaving me-and your last play is that darn empathy card!  Don’t you dare leave saying God truly cares for me-He has a purpose for me-this makes me want to ‘NOT  hate you’…and that just ain’t fair! I will be ‘thinken’ all night-maybe there is something to those Jesus freaks 🙂

    As mentioned before, I knew these Christians had some kind of line with something or someone, for they definitely had a prophecy connection that no one else could come close to.   Thus, after being directed to start reading the Gospel of John, I reluctantly obliged.

    After reading John, where it says…My sheep will hear my voice-He just hit-like a train and came rushing in. One incredible woooow-it’s real…this Jesus is real.

    He simply showed me how much He loved me-how He truly was God.  I was absolutely blown away…WE CAN REALLY KNOW GOD!! AMAZING!!

    I knew He took away all the things I have done wrong, that were against Him.   I was astonished I could know the God that made the heavens-by Name…and I knew I had a home-forever.  I did not have to guess about this any longer. Like those Christians who made me mad- I now joined them-we both know this Jesus- it is just astounded me someone can actually know God… couldn’t get over it 🙂

    Have to add, kinda important. When I realized how incredible His infinite love is (remember that affirmation thing) I soon realized how important this was for all of us. Why did those Christians not mention this…time and time again…???  His love and home in heaven will blow you away…they need to mention this time and time again…

    For those reading…over time I realized they did..time and time again…but I-was really not listening…time and time again.  

     The point Is

    The whole point of ‘what’s the point’ is-the reason we get passionate at times about freedoms, liberties, and guarding them…is –without them…we may not be able to write posts like this or to have the opportunity to talk to you ‘freely’ –about what matters most.   I am sure almost all of you feel the same way…you want to continue to have the freedom to pursue the most important things in your life-and to be able to share them –freely and without hindrance.

    We both know however, this is putting it mildly, what is happening in sooo many countries are not ‘hindrances’ but persecution.   They are sacrificing their lives and putting their family’s lives at risk-so others can receive the message of Truth.

    To secure your destiny with God, I am simply going to repeat what made me mad many years ago.  The message however intrigued me to the point, I had to see if what they were saying was real.

    To find your home in heaven…that will last for all eternity-to know the True God of the heavens-it is not enough to just read the following articles, we must get honest with the Lord.   And-because He is real, He will respond to you like His own child.

    God bless, Bill

    Please see the following link-articles under ‘Knowing God’ 😉  Link

  • President Trump-How an Imperfect Person can be the Perfect President

    President Trump is not my first choice for a babysitter, he is way too consumed with the task of building his agenda.

    President Trump would not be my choice for a therapist…nurturing  another person’s ‘sensitive side’ is definitely not his forte.

    President Trump would not -at this time be the greatest pastor…kinda needs to be a ‘little more refined’ and ‘smoothed out’ before he shepherds a congregation.

    President Trump would however…be my first choice for the Patriots of this country to choose as the best individual that has the fortitude to-

    Fight the corruption that dates back generations…according to Eighsighoewer, Kennedy and hundreds of other government officials. This corruption has literally surrounded him and his supporters.  See the links below. 

    There is simply no other government official that would take on such a monumental crusade.

    Once in a great while, however, a rough and tough Winston Churchill comes along-full of imperfections-but the best candidate to defeat the attacking evil that surrounded his country.  

    With this said…

    There is something I  refuse to do-and I know millions (and probably now-billions) of those who love freedom and liberty across the world are also refusing to do.  

    We refuse to allow a person’s imperfections to blind us to a great mission-whom most of us call ‘The Great Awakening’.

    The Battle of Our Lifetime

    Many governing officials and the mainstream media are in an all-out attack, their crimes include

    -terrible violations against women and children

    -millions in crooked and illegal funds to their personal bank accounts.  

    -along with crimes against humanity-you and I-our children and their future.  Some of their evil will shock us.  

    They are fighting for their lives…or better put, they are fighting not to be discovered so that their lives will not be spent in jail.   If we look at the evidence however,  this is not ‘too big of a truth pill to swallow’.  Please see link. 

    History has proven to us…It is much easier to swallow the truth pill-now- than to wait and try to rescue our children from a corrupt government-later. See Kennedys Book, While England Slept.

    We Will Not Believe the Lies 

    We refuse to be played. We will not allow a bias against a president’s imperfections- that is amplified every minute by the media and by many government officials- blind us to ‘the purpose’ of what is being accomplished…the presidents and other patriots’ true intentions.

    Look at the facts, don’t let the media and peer pressure confuse you by the constant rhetoric of his imperfections.

    -He put pressure North Korea…along with offering a hand of restoration…to what Obama said was his greatest coming challenge-resolving the North and South Korean crisis.  

    -We all have known families that have absolutely been destroyed by drugs...across the borders, across the streets-straight into the hands of our children. It has affected almost every living American in our country.

    How can you ‘not’ want to stop most of the drugs at the borders…how can we not want to stop gang members, slave human trafficking at the borders.

    Chaos at the borders means chaos within the country.

    -Just look at what is happening to Mexico…we are advertising our insanity to vote for a party that wants drugs, human and child trafficking, chaos etc. etc. to have free reign…we have to restore our borders Link.  

    -Socialism is simply taking our other institutions that work together to complete a society (government, business, religion, family, education etc. ) and strip away their freedoms and powers. Socialism then incorporates them into a controlling government-into a police state and out of the hands of ‘we the people’.  See God’s Political View 

    That is why ‘all’ the dictators in WW2 virtually started with this agenda -some disguised with other names (communism, fascism) but they all had the same snare-give me your government (and the police state) and I will give you the world.  See Link 

    These ruthless dictators controlled roughly half the world’s population.

    Today…literally all the democratic puppets are being dragged into a  crippling socialist agenda-that would almost certainly-over time- destroy our country.   

    Note:   There is no country in the world, that is a true socialist government-with no free enterprise-that is not in total poverty. 

    To think there is no strategy behind their pursuit is simply letting our naive world-view block out the facts-and control our lives. See Link,  Not a lot of experience, but a lot of truth 🙂 

    Which side wants to open our country back up…get it running again.  (Japan has less than 1000 COVID deaths as of June-with a highly condensed Asian people on an island-a country that did not shut down- and left their business, schools social events open.  Google verification.  

    Covid 19 is real…but so are those who are using it as a means to bankrupt our country.  Link 1, Link 2.

    This same ‘side’ tried to outlaw promising Covid 19 cures, sent mandates that forced infected patients ‘back into’ nursing homes-the the highest risk category of people. 

    They completely falsified the true death rate numbers, by mandating doctors list ‘all’ deaths by infected Covid individuals-as death by covid-only.  As this doctor explains, by definition..if you are killed in a car wreck, or have two weeks to live…but have covid…then you charted as a covid death.  Literally then, all deaths by anyone walking around with covid-even with no symptoms of covid…if and when they become deceased (by any means, Covid or not)…is a charted Covid 19 death.  How can we not see, another deliberate attempt to jack the numbers up. Link. 

    Simply, by stacking up the death rate…the country will be in a perpetual shutdown…that will eventually destroy the economy and throw the country into chaos.   The obvious outcome, the Patriots and President will not get re-elected…and they can continue with their corruption as they have done for decades. Link. 

    Why else would they take the protection arm of the government away from ‘we the people’ by disbanding the police, publically mocking them by declarations of defunding them? If they succeed, they know we will be a Mexico clone, chaos in the streets. Mexico Cartels Coming to America, Seattle Confirming Complete Chaos from Liberal Agenda. 

    We will not allow simple imperfections -that are amplified a thousand times over-distort the true intentions of this President, patriots in office, and all the concerned citizens across the world. We simply cannot allow personal bias.., even if it is on ‘steroids’ distract us from our true purpose of rescuing America…simply because of one’s imperfections. This will not stop our Great Awakening.  Link 

    The difference between the two sides are starting to become shocking…look what is happening in Seattle link. 

    Which side wants to truly help, create a safe and blessed future for our children, protect your rights as a people…acted wisely during Covid…but does not believe we have to destroy families -their business and completely bankrupt national economies because of ‘over-regulation’. 

    Which side wants to keep the police strong so our country will not turn to chaos…which side is promoting your well being, and which side is quietly destroying our country from within, – from it’s core.

    If they temporarily have a victory until Justice is restored as stated in the Word, you will not have to worry anymore about posts that differ and make some uncomfortable…for they will shut us down like never before.

    Right now we have to make that choice.  As Kennedy said, there is not the Democrat or Republican answer (left or right) but the correct answer.   In other words, the truth has been clearly shown- we just need to take that step of humility and be open to it. 

    I recently watched a video of another former far-left young adult…rocken the green hair and still -like all of us-not completely perfected.  She was cussing -and explaining how one week ago…she would -for free-commit vulgar acts against president Trump. She said -one-week ago-she absolutely could not believe…she would be saying this…she still seemed a little shocked…

    She stated… ‘I just realized that most of the news is fake…Trump is actually fighting child and human sex trafficking, and Hillary and most of the left have not mentioned this at all. In fact, some of them are part of it (see records how many times Bill Clinton flew with pedophile Jeffery Epstein on his island full of underaged girls).    See Link 

    Like so many…here is one young adult finally seeing the truth,  willing to discover what the evidence is showing her.  She will probably lose most of her friends because of her new allegiance (which side promotes violence to those who disagree? which side turns the other way when innocent lives are attacked during riots??!!). She simply desires the truth over how difficult it is to come by.  Walk Away Movement Testimony Part 1, Part 2. 

    Even with her imperfections-because of her desire for the truth, she has won our respect and admiration. I hope she soon realizes she does not have to travel her road alone. 

    Deut. 4:29  But from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find Him, if you search after Him with all your heart and with all your soul.





  • Liberty and Justice for All-Stop the Hate 6-26-20

    Was listening to a person I know all too well…heap insults and indecencies at the black community…the replies I had for him did not go over well.

    Was watching blacks on videos sneak up on whites and beat the living crap out of them…just because they were white-some did not have a chance to defend themselves.

    Was watching a ‘news’ broadcast…actually trying to justify rioters harming the innocent…whether it be by violence, setting fire, vandalizing one’s place of business… in other words, destroying the lives of other human beings.

    I also had a chance to ‘reflect’ on some things in the last couple of days. I was listening to true accounts of two ladies that were persecuted for their faith in Iran. For several months, they truly thought they were about to be hanged, for showing others the love of God…trying to teach them not to hate. Because of their actions-and seeing so many of their prayers answered…they were showing others a better way of life-one that can leave the hate behind.

    I did not feel guilty after hearing their testimony, but in a ‘cleansing’ kind of way-I felt ‘unworthy’ –for having life sooo easy-living in a land that has given me freedom-paid for by the sacrifice of others.

    Some people know the pain of doing the right thing on a daily basis…but we in America are seldom called to give our lives for doing what is right. I was sooo reminded…what little I can do…I absolutely must do. I was sooo reminded…our life seems to go by sooo fast-we have to ask ourselves-am I doing what I can to show others the way, I don’t want my life to just slip away and do nothing-being part of the injustices by not trying to do my part to stop them.

    We stand up for what is ‘right’ now-or our lives are forever identified that we did nothing to protect innocent lives.

    The hatred on ‘all’ sides must stop now. The person that I know well has identified the wrongdoing by some in the black community and has allowed poison to enter his heart. Inferior race, keep them from making money…etc. etc.

    The hatred it must take-to walk up to an elder lady, and because of her white skin…violently attack her and possibly injuring her to the point of death. Riots where Police are killed and permanently paralyzed…for doing their job-for keeping law and order.

    The greatest lesson in my life is trying to examine every action of my life…and determine if this view is a personal bias…or the right way…the correct thing to do. Jesus was pretty smart when He made this His greatest commandment-loving God by examining every aspect of our heart mind and soul.

    Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is, love your neighbor as yourself.…Matt. 22:37-39.

    What a passageway for an entire nation!

    Starting with myself, those who aren’t religious…and those in the Christian church…not doing this-not examining every area of our life to get rid of our bias..our junk…ultimately grows into the greatest mistakes of our lives. See link 1, Link 2

    For every parent, friend, teacher, politician, mentor, neighbor-or anyone who cares about living life truthfully …the first thing we can do is not support what is wrong and stand up for what is right.

    We can ask ourselves-

    -Are you listening to or in any way supporting the ‘news media’ that does not condemn ‘all’  actions by any race that is harming innocent lives? Whether it be prosecuting a few guilty police, or harming the innocent in riots…punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent is the code of justice we all must follow. If we say nothing -or- feed our souls with the poison of those promoting these violent acts -or-listen and support news media that continues to blaspheme justice, then we become guilty.  Are we going to let life slip by…and realize we did nothing to protect those who needed our help-and stop those who hurt other innocent lives?

    -Have we tried to influence ‘all’ of those we can reach out to. Parents, teachers, business leaders, etc. etc. ‘show them’ by life example to uphold the code of Justice.  Say to them, ‘We could not hurt someone’s child, family member, friend- because of what others have done’.   Explain to them how crazy it is when news media, rioters, people we know who have allowed hate to enter their hearts…how completely insane it is to harm an innocent life for something they did not do!!

    -Have we voted for those who promote justice-who don’t twist the truth and allow violence to continue. Don’t be like sooo many, who allow their bias to pound a stake through the heart of Justice. We cannot be sooo easily influenced by the continued ‘rhetoric’ of others…we are smarter than this-and we are braver than this!

    If we all influenced those around us…the hatred and violence would top in a heartbeat. We can stand with those who are ‘right’ or allow others to influence ‘our biases’ and allow the floodgates of hatred and violence to continue.

    We are at a ‘crossroad’ when we can look back and know…we did everything in our power to stop the injustices…and tried to teach our family, friends and nation…to do what was right.

    If so, we will always know and be remembered as one who was part of the healing of our nation… when they needed us the most

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