• What’s the Point?

    Recently-it seems people’s thoughts are on the things that are affecting them…and us.   Covid, limited work hours, do I need to wear a mask, I can’t go to the beach, am I going to ‘real school’ in a few months…I just want to watch my football this season!

    All these questions with the lack of perfect answers are disrupting our lives-and the discussion on how to do the right things to correct this mess -is what we all have talked about with our family and friends.

    These talks at times may be passionate- I personally kinda think this is just fine- it is a great personality trait if we really care about the people around us.

    Because of this-the discussions have turned to specific concerns-like- are we being safe, is the government doing the right thing-and-what side are ‘you’ on 🙂

    Many of us believe this will pass and the answers to what we should have, could have and would have done- will –in many ways be answered.

    Hopefully, our motives are not to sway others to our ‘side’ but to –as friends and family should do-protect them from getting harmed physically or personally.

    With this said, I did want to share a personal story that explains why the above discussions are important-at least for me.

    Unless we get ‘to the point’ why we have voiced the concerns over the years…and especially in the last few months-then they just become ‘another discussion with another viewpoint’.

    Talking about freedoms, liberties and true justice are not really worth mentioning at all-if they were ‘optional’ standards for us to live by.

    These ‘virtues’ as our forefathers called them, also protected our ability to freely pursue the most important matters in our lives, the things we value the most.

    One example for me was when I argued (ooopps) discussed issues about religion in college. I thought I had all sorts of arguments with all sorts of answers. I was wrong-but I digress lol, that is another story.

    What I was really doing (though half clueless) was simply trying to fulfill my life, the best way I knew how. When we think about it…in the process of trying to figure out ourselves, it seems we do the things we do, most of the time because we are simply seeking affirmation in our lives.  We want to feel valuable-worthwhile. We want to know if we blow it things can be mended. We want to recognize our special skills and talents-to know they can be used to help others. We desire to know what special purpose is in our life…and how do we discover it?

    Maybe most importantly, we need to know that this value and love are guaranteed by the highest authority…and will never change.  This is probably why when we are raised with serious problems with (or many times without) our parents-it can be difficult to overcome.

    When we look around and see the major mistakes others have made (ourselves included)-there seems to be a direct link of simply trying to find our value in the wrong way-‘in all the wrong places’.  We can see those looking for affirmation through negative peer pressure, having to maintain a special ‘status’ among those around them, continually seeking approval from others, using drugs to fulfill an emptiness.

    It’s kinda obvious, all of these searches are directly connected to… what seems to be the most important part of our lives-finding that ‘something’ that fulfills us…that brings a special value to us.

    Again, What’s The Point

    When we discover some of the answers that bring this purpose to our lives, then they become extremely important to us. This brings joy, hope, promise and a thousand other qualities to us.  What we then desire is to pass these treasures on to others.   It is not just the ‘car or house’ we want to leave behind,  but a lifetime of eternal blessings that others can use for generations to come.

    I won’t speak for others, but maintaining joy and hope is a lot easier said than done.   This seems all the more reason why we have to protect our freedom so we can always be able to follow the pursuit of happiness –rather than having to fight for it on a daily basis.

    The Freedom I Thought I Did Not Want

    This ‘freedom’ allowed me to have conversations with those ‘Christians’ at college.  I did not know it at the time-by they were simply trying to give me what I was looking for. All of the above. Affirmation, purpose, value, promise, joy that can be found outside of my circumstances-by an authority that can never be challenged or changed.

    In their process of trying to help me…they made me sooo mad! 

    They just had that look in their eye…like they really believed what they were saying. They also had a unity…not so much in being clones to one another…but just seemed to undoubtedly agree who their God was-like they knew Him personally.

    It really did tick me off…my party circle was getting ‘smaller and smaller’-I was losing them to –the other side!  To make matters worse,  my ace cards were not working-at all- with them.   I kept mentioning ‘What right do you have to tell me how to live’ just seemed to bounce off them.  They were like-that is definitely ‘just not’ the most important question right now.

    What actually made me question my world-view (you know-the thing that pieces our world together, the thing that if it falls apart-it gives you  ‘this ship is sinking’ kinda feeling) was their sad but genuine look of concern they had for me. ‘You just don’t understand-we really care for you, God really cares for you…but you just don’t get it.’   Maaan, this really bothered me…I thought-their core values are different from mine-thus some of the things I was doing were ‘allegedly’ wrong- what they call sin.

    The worst part of all this brain-scramble was…you leaving me-and your last play is that darn empathy card!  Don’t you dare leave saying God truly cares for me-He has a purpose for me-this makes me want to ‘NOT  hate you’…and that just ain’t fair! I will be ‘thinken’ all night-maybe there is something to those Jesus freaks 🙂

    As mentioned before, I knew these Christians had some kind of line with something or someone, for they definitely had a prophecy connection that no one else could come close to.   Thus, after being directed to start reading the Gospel of John, I reluctantly obliged.

    After reading John, where it says…My sheep will hear my voice-He just hit-like a train and came rushing in. One incredible woooow-it’s real…this Jesus is real.

    He simply showed me how much He loved me-how He truly was God.  I was absolutely blown away…WE CAN REALLY KNOW GOD!! AMAZING!!

    I knew He took away all the things I have done wrong, that were against Him.   I was astonished I could know the God that made the heavens-by Name…and I knew I had a home-forever.  I did not have to guess about this any longer. Like those Christians who made me mad- I now joined them-we both know this Jesus- it is just astounded me someone can actually know God… couldn’t get over it 🙂

    Have to add, kinda important. When I realized how incredible His infinite love is (remember that affirmation thing) I soon realized how important this was for all of us. Why did those Christians not mention this…time and time again…???  His love and home in heaven will blow you away…they need to mention this time and time again…

    For those reading…over time I realized they did..time and time again…but I-was really not listening…time and time again.  

     The point Is

    The whole point of ‘what’s the point’ is-the reason we get passionate at times about freedoms, liberties, and guarding them…is –without them…we may not be able to write posts like this or to have the opportunity to talk to you ‘freely’ –about what matters most.   I am sure almost all of you feel the same way…you want to continue to have the freedom to pursue the most important things in your life-and to be able to share them –freely and without hindrance.

    We both know however, this is putting it mildly, what is happening in sooo many countries are not ‘hindrances’ but persecution.   They are sacrificing their lives and putting their family’s lives at risk-so others can receive the message of Truth.

    To secure your destiny with God, I am simply going to repeat what made me mad many years ago.  The message however intrigued me to the point, I had to see if what they were saying was real.

    To find your home in heaven…that will last for all eternity-to know the True God of the heavens-it is not enough to just read the following articles, we must get honest with the Lord.   And-because He is real, He will respond to you like His own child.

    God bless, Bill

    Please see the following link-articles under ‘Knowing God’ 😉  Link

  • President Trump-How an Imperfect Person can be the Perfect President

    President Trump is not my first choice for a babysitter, he is way too consumed with the task of building his agenda.

    President Trump would not be my choice for a therapist…nurturing  another person’s ‘sensitive side’ is definitely not his forte.

    President Trump would not -at this time be the greatest pastor…kinda needs to be a ‘little more refined’ and ‘smoothed out’ before he shepherds a congregation.

    President Trump would however…be my first choice for the Patriots of this country to choose as the best individual that has the fortitude to-

    Fight the corruption that dates back generations…according to Eighsighoewer, Kennedy and hundreds of other government officials. This corruption has literally surrounded him and his supporters.  See the links below. 

    There is simply no other government official that would take on such a monumental crusade.

    Once in a great while, however, a rough and tough Winston Churchill comes along-full of imperfections-but the best candidate to defeat the attacking evil that surrounded his country.  

    With this said…

    There is something I  refuse to do-and I know millions (and probably now-billions) of those who love freedom and liberty across the world are also refusing to do.  

    We refuse to allow a person’s imperfections to blind us to a great mission-whom most of us call ‘The Great Awakening’.

    The Battle of Our Lifetime

    Many governing officials and the mainstream media are in an all-out attack, their crimes include

    -terrible violations against women and children

    -millions in crooked and illegal funds to their personal bank accounts.  

    -along with crimes against humanity-you and I-our children and their future.  Some of their evil will shock us.  

    They are fighting for their lives…or better put, they are fighting not to be discovered so that their lives will not be spent in jail.   If we look at the evidence however,  this is not ‘too big of a truth pill to swallow’.  Please see link. 

    History has proven to us…It is much easier to swallow the truth pill-now- than to wait and try to rescue our children from a corrupt government-later. See Kennedys Book, While England Slept.

    We Will Not Believe the Lies 

    We refuse to be played. We will not allow a bias against a president’s imperfections- that is amplified every minute by the media and by many government officials- blind us to ‘the purpose’ of what is being accomplished…the presidents and other patriots’ true intentions.

    Look at the facts, don’t let the media and peer pressure confuse you by the constant rhetoric of his imperfections.

    -He put pressure North Korea…along with offering a hand of restoration…to what Obama said was his greatest coming challenge-resolving the North and South Korean crisis.  

    -We all have known families that have absolutely been destroyed by drugs...across the borders, across the streets-straight into the hands of our children. It has affected almost every living American in our country.

    How can you ‘not’ want to stop most of the drugs at the borders…how can we not want to stop gang members, slave human trafficking at the borders.

    Chaos at the borders means chaos within the country.

    -Just look at what is happening to Mexico…we are advertising our insanity to vote for a party that wants drugs, human and child trafficking, chaos etc. etc. to have free reign…we have to restore our borders Link.  

    -Socialism is simply taking our other institutions that work together to complete a society (government, business, religion, family, education etc. ) and strip away their freedoms and powers. Socialism then incorporates them into a controlling government-into a police state and out of the hands of ‘we the people’.  See God’s Political View 

    That is why ‘all’ the dictators in WW2 virtually started with this agenda -some disguised with other names (communism, fascism) but they all had the same snare-give me your government (and the police state) and I will give you the world.  See Link 

    These ruthless dictators controlled roughly half the world’s population.

    Today…literally all the democratic puppets are being dragged into a  crippling socialist agenda-that would almost certainly-over time- destroy our country.   

    Note:   There is no country in the world, that is a true socialist government-with no free enterprise-that is not in total poverty. 

    To think there is no strategy behind their pursuit is simply letting our naive world-view block out the facts-and control our lives. See Link,  Not a lot of experience, but a lot of truth 🙂 

    Which side wants to open our country back up…get it running again.  (Japan has less than 1000 COVID deaths as of June-with a highly condensed Asian people on an island-a country that did not shut down- and left their business, schools social events open.  Google verification.  

    Covid 19 is real…but so are those who are using it as a means to bankrupt our country.  Link 1, Link 2.

    This same ‘side’ tried to outlaw promising Covid 19 cures, sent mandates that forced infected patients ‘back into’ nursing homes-the the highest risk category of people. 

    They completely falsified the true death rate numbers, by mandating doctors list ‘all’ deaths by infected Covid individuals-as death by covid-only.  As this doctor explains, by definition..if you are killed in a car wreck, or have two weeks to live…but have covid…then you charted as a covid death.  Literally then, all deaths by anyone walking around with covid-even with no symptoms of covid…if and when they become deceased (by any means, Covid or not)…is a charted Covid 19 death.  How can we not see, another deliberate attempt to jack the numbers up. Link. 

    Simply, by stacking up the death rate…the country will be in a perpetual shutdown…that will eventually destroy the economy and throw the country into chaos.   The obvious outcome, the Patriots and President will not get re-elected…and they can continue with their corruption as they have done for decades. Link. 

    Why else would they take the protection arm of the government away from ‘we the people’ by disbanding the police, publically mocking them by declarations of defunding them? If they succeed, they know we will be a Mexico clone, chaos in the streets. Mexico Cartels Coming to America, Seattle Confirming Complete Chaos from Liberal Agenda. 

    We will not allow simple imperfections -that are amplified a thousand times over-distort the true intentions of this President, patriots in office, and all the concerned citizens across the world. We simply cannot allow personal bias.., even if it is on ‘steroids’ distract us from our true purpose of rescuing America…simply because of one’s imperfections. This will not stop our Great Awakening.  Link 

    The difference between the two sides are starting to become shocking…look what is happening in Seattle link. 

    Which side wants to truly help, create a safe and blessed future for our children, protect your rights as a people…acted wisely during Covid…but does not believe we have to destroy families -their business and completely bankrupt national economies because of ‘over-regulation’. 

    Which side wants to keep the police strong so our country will not turn to chaos…which side is promoting your well being, and which side is quietly destroying our country from within, – from it’s core.

    If they temporarily have a victory until Justice is restored as stated in the Word, you will not have to worry anymore about posts that differ and make some uncomfortable…for they will shut us down like never before.

    Right now we have to make that choice.  As Kennedy said, there is not the Democrat or Republican answer (left or right) but the correct answer.   In other words, the truth has been clearly shown- we just need to take that step of humility and be open to it. 

    I recently watched a video of another former far-left young adult…rocken the green hair and still -like all of us-not completely perfected.  She was cussing -and explaining how one week ago…she would -for free-commit vulgar acts against president Trump. She said -one-week ago-she absolutely could not believe…she would be saying this…she still seemed a little shocked…

    She stated… ‘I just realized that most of the news is fake…Trump is actually fighting child and human sex trafficking, and Hillary and most of the left have not mentioned this at all. In fact, some of them are part of it (see records how many times Bill Clinton flew with pedophile Jeffery Epstein on his island full of underaged girls).    See Link 

    Like so many…here is one young adult finally seeing the truth,  willing to discover what the evidence is showing her.  She will probably lose most of her friends because of her new allegiance (which side promotes violence to those who disagree? which side turns the other way when innocent lives are attacked during riots??!!). She simply desires the truth over how difficult it is to come by.  Walk Away Movement Testimony Part 1, Part 2. 

    Even with her imperfections-because of her desire for the truth, she has won our respect and admiration. I hope she soon realizes she does not have to travel her road alone. 

    Deut. 4:29  But from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find Him, if you search after Him with all your heart and with all your soul.





  • Liberty and Justice for All-Stop the Hate 6-26-20

    Was listening to a person I know all too well…heap insults and indecencies at the black community…the replies I had for him did not go over well.

    Was watching blacks on videos sneak up on whites and beat the living crap out of them…just because they were white-some did not have a chance to defend themselves.

    Was watching a ‘news’ broadcast…actually trying to justify rioters harming the innocent…whether it be by violence, setting fire, vandalizing one’s place of business… in other words, destroying the lives of other human beings.

    I also had a chance to ‘reflect’ on some things in the last couple of days. I was listening to true accounts of two ladies that were persecuted for their faith in Iran. For several months, they truly thought they were about to be hanged, for showing others the love of God…trying to teach them not to hate. Because of their actions-and seeing so many of their prayers answered…they were showing others a better way of life-one that can leave the hate behind.

    I did not feel guilty after hearing their testimony, but in a ‘cleansing’ kind of way-I felt ‘unworthy’ –for having life sooo easy-living in a land that has given me freedom-paid for by the sacrifice of others.

    Some people know the pain of doing the right thing on a daily basis…but we in America are seldom called to give our lives for doing what is right. I was sooo reminded…what little I can do…I absolutely must do. I was sooo reminded…our life seems to go by sooo fast-we have to ask ourselves-am I doing what I can to show others the way, I don’t want my life to just slip away and do nothing-being part of the injustices by not trying to do my part to stop them.

    We stand up for what is ‘right’ now-or our lives are forever identified that we did nothing to protect innocent lives.

    The hatred on ‘all’ sides must stop now. The person that I know well has identified the wrongdoing by some in the black community and has allowed poison to enter his heart. Inferior race, keep them from making money…etc. etc.

    The hatred it must take-to walk up to an elder lady, and because of her white skin…violently attack her and possibly injuring her to the point of death. Riots where Police are killed and permanently paralyzed…for doing their job-for keeping law and order.

    The greatest lesson in my life is trying to examine every action of my life…and determine if this view is a personal bias…or the right way…the correct thing to do. Jesus was pretty smart when He made this His greatest commandment-loving God by examining every aspect of our heart mind and soul.

    Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is, love your neighbor as yourself.…Matt. 22:37-39.

    What a passageway for an entire nation!

    Starting with myself, those who aren’t religious…and those in the Christian church…not doing this-not examining every area of our life to get rid of our bias..our junk…ultimately grows into the greatest mistakes of our lives. See link 1, Link 2

    For every parent, friend, teacher, politician, mentor, neighbor-or anyone who cares about living life truthfully …the first thing we can do is not support what is wrong and stand up for what is right.

    -Are you listening to or in any way supporting the ‘news media’ that does not condemn ‘all’  actions by any race that is harming innocent lives? Whether it be prosecuting a few guilty police, or harming the innocent in riots…punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent is the code of justice we all must follow. If we say nothing -or- feed our souls with the poison of those promoting these violent acts -or-listen and support news media that continues to blaspheme justice, then we become guilty.  Are we going to let life slip by…and realize we did nothing to protect those who needed our help-and stop those who hurt other innocent lives?

    -We have to try and influence ‘all’ in our realm that we can reach out to. Parents, teachers, business leaders, etc. etc. ‘show them’ by life example to uphold the code of Justice. Say to them, I could not hurt your children because of what others have done…show them how insane it is when news media, rioters, people we know who have allowed hate to enter their hearts…how completely insane it is to harm an innocent life for something they did not do!!

    -We can vote for those who promote justice-who don’t twist the truth and allow violence to continue. Don’t be like sooo many, who allow their bias to pound a stake through the heart of Justice. We cannot be sooo easily influenced by the continued ‘rhetoric’ of others…we are smarter than this-and we are braver than this!

    -If we all influenced those around us…the hatred and violence would top in a heartbeat. We can stand with those who are ‘right’ or allow others to influence ‘our biases’ and allow the floodgates of hatred and violence to continue.

    We are at a ‘crossroad’ when we can look back and know…we did everything in our power to stop the injustices…and tried to teach our family, friends and nation…to do what was right.

    If so, we will always know and be remembered as one who was part of the healing of our nation… when they needed us the most

  • Micah 6:8 Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

    When I saw this post…and thought, it must be a good paraphrase of Micah 6:8…because it is so ‘right on’ for our situation today.

    Actually, this is a direct quote from Micah…but the first half of the verse is just as important.

    Micah 6:8

    First Part-

    He (God) has shown you (mankind) what is good (what is important in our lives) and what is required of you (in other words, do this above all else!)

    Micah 6:8

    Second part-

    Act Justly

    Love Mercy

    Walk humbly

    Act Justly

    With all the craziness and hostility this past month, there has been one resounding message that has stood true above all else…enforce the code of justice!  Which is-

    ‘Protect the Innocent and Prosecute the Guilty!’

    From punishing the few guilty police to protecting individuals (and police) from hate crimes, looting and the bloodshed of innocent bystanders-all the criminal activity would have been avoided if we followed two words from the Lord…act Justly.

    Simply, ‘protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty!’

    Note:  This is why Justice should always be administered by a ‘third’ party…by the government institution that is designed to carry out justice (the above-code of justice) and by the Lord.  See Gods Political  View

    Romans 12:19   Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

    On a personal level we can indeed want justice-fairness…but always with the intent of forgiveness…

    2 Peter 3:9   Instead He (God) is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

    Love Mercy

    This reminds me of the testimony of Corie Ten Boom-whose family died in the German concentration camps, but survived to write about the true stories about their experiences.    Some of the Christian prisoners would tell the Germans who were torturing them…how much Jesus loved them-and through the sacrifice of Jesus, they could become God’s children, having an eternal home and loved by God forever.

    While their stories were amazing testimonies, I remember smiling after one account.  A German officer was soo stunned at their mercy and forgiveness, in typical wartime fashion, at gunpoint he ordered one prisoner to go out now!!, baptize him in the nearby river…so he could know this great God of theirs! lol 🙂

    Love is something we act upon for a number of different reasons; Mercy is something we receive after we offended someone.  It is typically given by someone who could have retaliated against us but has decided to show undeserved compassion toward us.

    Forgiveness is related to mercy…it wipes clean our prior offenses and works at restoring the relationship to its original place.

    1 John 4:19   We love because he first loved us.

    Loving mercy, combining the two…takes this task even further.  It makes us work at falling in love with the difficult act of having mercy on those who have offended us-desiring to be ‘Christ-like1 Jn. 2:6.  We ‘all’ have been guilty of violating the Lord and our fellow man.    Rm. 3:23

    If we cease to have mercy on those who have offended us than we really do not have the right to forgive ourselves when we ‘blow it’ with others.

    How important are these few words from the Lord, how different would our nation have been if our country would have followed them the past few weeks?

    Psalm 33:12   Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.

    Walk humbly

    (before the Lord and man) 

    In the last few days…this has been the most important message for people that I have talked to…who needed help from the Lord.  See Be Humble. 

    To be honest, one was a Christian who did not want to surrender an issue to the Lord… and one would say he does not believe in the Christian viewpoint.  We as Christians are not immune to areas of pride…hostility, violence against others-sometimes within our hearts, and sometimes with actions against our neighbors.  Matt. 5:21-22.  If we do not want to surrender our issues to the Lord (ie…be obedient to the Word and pray to discover His will), these issues can grow into a bitterness that controls our lives.  Gal. 6:7 We reap what we so-still stands true for us today.  See Life’s Greatest Lesson. Part 1, Part 2.

    For both individuals, however, I knew I could not nor did not want to try and convince them of anything.  I knew the only hope they had was to hear from the Lord Himself…having God speak to them-and in Divine authority He has to show them the truth.  All I asked was to pray about this issue…and hear from the Lord Himself.  See Convincing Those Whose Minds Are Made Up. 

    In order to hear from God however…we have to do something that can be difficult, but incredibly simple.  Humbly give permission for God to show you the truth…in your life.  See short video   Asking God-Who He Is. 

    Wow, how completely honest and pure is the relationship between God and man.  He will not ‘force’ His love on you…an eternal divine relationship has to be pure from the start…in order to be genuine.  Divine love cannot abandon its nature…God cannot coerce or violate your will  2 Tim. 2:13. See Understanding God

    When I argued with Christians before I became one…I had a ‘closet prayer’ to Jesus.  If they are right about heaven and hell..then I want to know-show me if You are real.  I do not want to spend eternity separated from You because of my sins.  Show me, if You really are the savior who died on the cross for the sins of the world.

    John 3:16   For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    If you are sincere…He will truly send His Spirit to you and show you His Love and Mercy as He has told  ‘us to do’  in the title verse…

    Matthew 7:7-8   “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

    ‘Humility toward God’  before and even after we know the Lord…is the divine door that opens our hearts to the truth that He desires to show us.

    Micah 6, in no uncertain terms…tells us what is important in life…and what is required for us to live in a manner pleasing to our God in heaven.

    This teaching ties directly into the Lord’s greatest commandment.  See Life’s Greatest is Lesson. Part 1, Part 2.

    Matthew 22:37-38   Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38  This is the first and greatest commandment.

    The Lord, our God who created you and me, the heavens and the earth Ps. 19;1,  does not give us important lessons for unimportant reasons.

    How critical this message is for our nation’s current hostility…and how wonderful it would have been if

    were humble enough to follow His teaching.

    Psalm 144:15   Blessed are the people who have these blessings! Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!

    A  life-changing message for us and our nation, given to us by a few words from our God in heaven.  🙂

    Please see articles of ‘Knowing God’ 

  • Democrats Rally to Disband the Police

    The above picture is what happens when we allow the code of justice (prosecute ‘all’ the guilty and protect ‘all’ the innocent) to be violated…and tie the hands of the police institution that is designed to protect us and restore law and order.

     The government is the authority that is set up by the Lord to protect our institutions so they can thrive and perform their important function in our society.  The governments role is never to replace them, abuse, or hinder them. (business, church-religion, family, education, environment etc.)

    Romans 13:1-2  Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established…  Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    In short, the governments are here to protect us-and we are subject to them as long as they do not violate us-or God’s laws.  Unfortunately,  we have seen government abuses throughout the centuries.  Link 

    With every form of protection, there has to be a police or military component, or else you get overrun by the likes of Hitler, or have complete violence in the streets…as we have seen.  See the above pic. 

    Why is it, the same individuals who oppose President Trump (and our Great Awakening)  even  ‘before’ his election are the same ones who

    -Started the false Russian Collusion, and hundreds of other false allegations.

    -who outlawed and fought against cures and promising therapies for Covid 19 ( i. e. destroy the economy)

     Link 1Link 2

    -who told the National Guard to stand down and not restore peace in the streets. 

     ‘AND NOW’ are not only defunding the police by millions of dollars- there are even plans to ‘disband’ the police departments.

    Without the police, we have complete anarchy and violence in the cities. 

    See-Archbishop Vigano Exposes Deep States Agenda for Violence Article, Letter to President Trump 

     A child can see what is happening. There plan is to put the country in complete chaos…throw the 2020 election so they can ‘maintain’ generations of corruption that patriots have been warning us about for decades.   Link  

    This is not a conspiracy theory any more…we are seeing the evidence unfold right before us. Scroll down to Great Awakening Link 

    Our plan- expose and arrest those who have violated you and me -our families and loved ones for generations.

    The Critical formula to accomplish this.

    -At best, the mass arrest can take place-the proof will be self-evident, and sleeping Americans will finally wake up to the truth.

    Sadly however, there is more and more talk of having the masses receive what they are asking for-and more of the chaos will continue until ‘the masses’ wake up and see the country is in meltdown -and we restore the code of justice. In other words, many times people are unwilling to change until they are driven by a need to do so.

    The Lord’s plan. Have the people pray, restore His Truth to this country, have the evil exposed and punished-and mend this country in His love. 

    2 Chronicles 7:14   if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    The longer we wait to do the latter, the more chaos and violence will have to occur…in order for ‘the people’ to be truly be motivated to want the truth and change to walk in it.

    Let’s stop now and humble ourselves, and seek the face of God so He can restore our land.

  • In a Heartbeat, the Narrative Changes

    Recently I had a ‘visit’ to the hospital and tried to use the time to get a first-hand account of Covid 19.   I asked all the staff that I met- about their experience.

    In short, the basics of what we thought stood true, with one exception.   My admiration for the medical staff across the country greatly increased.   They sacrificed themselves and their families to take care of you and me.

    As we thought, Covid 19 is real.   It is somewhat more contagious than the flew…and once it enters the lungs-it can be deadly.

    This is why doctors across the country were promoting cures…and why we became extremely furious when lifesaving therapies were being outlawed and discouraged by many ‘left’ governors, mayors and much of the press.

    The thought of using politics at the cost of saving human life goes beyond criminal.  Please see   Link 1, Link 2

    In a Heartbeat, the Narrative Changes.  

    The killing of George Floyd was tragic.   As we watched the video…we knew he could be in serious trouble-and action to stop the hold down needed to happen once he was subdued.   Many would have jumped in and tried to help…even if it meant risking their own well being.

    Just as tragic however is when we decide to harm others-who are innocent, by perverting the name of Justice.  I am honored to live in a country where the marchers pictured above have the right to protest.   I-along with sooo many who are not heard…are ashamed when some abuse our privilege and violate other innocent lives in the name of justice.

    This is not justice, this is revenge with an attitude of vengeance to harm and destroy another human life.      Why do we want to act like those we claim to hate?

    Violating the innocent however cannot be masked like Covid 19-it is obviously wrong -anyway we look at it, in any manner we participate in it.

    The Falsehoods Continue

    As with Covid 19, we are seeing incredible falsehoods that are hurting the American people, you and I.

    Instead of supporting all of the police who-each and every day protect the cities across the nation; many liberal mayors and governors are now mocking the police.  They are starting ‘defunding campaigns’ to cut their support.   They are the same ones who are not allowing the National Guard to protect our cities.   They are the same ones who tried to stop the Covid 19 cures and also the same ones who wanted to impeach President Trump (and stop our Great Awakening) before he even became president.

    We cannot believe the lie-that it is ‘all just a huge coincidence’-that these same officials (and press agencies) who tried to stop the election of President Trump and this awakening are the same ones

    -that attempted to stop promising therapies for Covid 19 

    -that now mock and belittle the police who serve every day to protect our cities 

    -and also are the same ones who are now telling the National Guard to stand down, don’t restore peace to our community to protect innocent lives?!  

    Why do they promote an agenda to that will bring complete chaos to our cities-that we all know will increase the violent acts against you and I?   Why would a narrative to shut down our country, keep our social distancing from a deadly virus until at least next year, completely change in the matter of a week-so they can protest?  One more question, when is the 2020 election?! 

    We have been told the answers.   For generations, we have been given the truth in plain sight-see Global Corruption and links at the bottom.    It is simply time to open our eyes and put truth ahead of personal political beliefs.   It is time to protect innocent lives, convict ‘all’ who break the law…and restore our country.   It is time to stop the hate-restore law that brings us back to order-not chaos.   We need to bring dignity back to the name of Justice.

    Note:  As mentioned before, corruption does not go down without a fight.   It covers all political parties, is found at the highest levels of the military, private corporations, banking systems, entertainment, foreign policies –the list continues.

    For clarity however, it is important to understand, most of those involved at the lower levels are not motivated by any goal that has been formed by the elite at the ‘top’.  They simply have became ensnared over the time by countless backroom ‘deals’, inappropriate behavior-and are following political instructions for favors they have received over the years.

    The articles below mention the prophetic beginnings of our Great Awakening, which includes President Trump.   We are close to exposing more of the corruption…and we are in-as they say- ‘a critical mass stage’.   In other words, globalist generals, politicians, corporate leaders know-if they don’t bring President Trump down, they will indeed be exposed and ultimately prosecuted.   In the next few weeks and months, we will hear many in the military, in both political parties, many in the press and those in the private sector engage in an all-out assault against President Trump.

    We need to look at the motives.  Link.  As this article is trying to explain, don’t fall for a half-truth and believe the lies!!  If they take him down, then our movement takes a tragic hit.   As the prophecies mention, however, he, the patriots and our Great Awakening are in God’s hands-as we pray for the truth to be revealed :).

    In Summary 

    Never in modern history-or since the founding of our country has the Lord worked in such a prophetic way to restore our nation -to have His hand move to fight the powers of evil that for generations have tried to destroy (by direct and indirect means)  you and me -our family and loves ones.  This is indeed a worldwide reformation!

    Don’t fall for the lies that are coming-they have been shown wrong on every attempt to take this President out.  From ‘Russian Collusion, impeachment, children in cages at the border, the Mueller investigation, the lies seem to be endless.    Personal bias has to run extremely deep for us ‘not to see’    ‘EVERYTHING’  that president Trump has done-they automatically retaliate against.  When does reality finally come into focus- where there is ‘smoke’ (evidence) there is ‘fire!’.   This goes far beyond political differences, they are fighting for corruption not to be exposed, they are absolutely in survival mode.   

    As proven by the continuation of countless never-ending wars,  Covid 19, the current bloodshed during the protest, their future attempts will not hesitate to destroy human life in order to maintain power.  With the Lord at the helm, we will not be quiet and let this happen.

    World Reformation Movement 

    The Prophetic Beginning

    Please scroll down to The Great Awakening Link. 

  • Taking a Stand for George Floyd-and All Innocent Americans

    We all know what the few police did was wrong.

    Most of us would have jumped in and gone to jail, to allow another individual to breath-to save his life.

    We also know violating others in the name of justice is the same as the original act of injustice, they are one and the same.  They both are criminal, cruel and brutal.

    We become what we say we hate when we act like those we hate.

    As for me, the greatest crime of all, however, is when

    do not attempt to stop the violations, all the injustices being committed to those who are innocent.

    Each one of us can make a difference if we do everything in our power to do what is right.   To teach, speak and ‘show’ the difference between right and wrong.

    This means…

    If we are a parent-we teach our family what happened to George Floyd was wrong -and those guilty should be punished.   We also teach those who commit acts of harm against ‘their neighbor’ are just guilty as those that harmed George Floyd.

    It was not an accident when the Lord made this His greatest commandment

    Luke 10:27  And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and love thy neighbor as thyself.

    This means

    -every teacher, businessperson, family member, newscaster, preacher,  neighbor should support with earnest-

    The Code of Justice.    Convict those who are guilty and protect those who are innocent.

    Psalm 82:2-4  “How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? 3  Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. 4  Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

    Proverbs 31:8-9   Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. 9  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

    When do not do our part, then ‘We the People’ are the ones who truly stand accused.

    Today,  we are witnessing why our founding fathers believed justice, fairness and doing what is right is so foundational for our country’s survival.

    John Adams ‘Our constitution was made only of a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to any other form of government.

    This means each one of us does everything in our power to oppose those who desire to continue the violence and oppose all that is criminally wrong.   We correct any media narrative that is promoting hatred and violence.   We correct those around us who violate the innocent.   We join with those who carry out the code of justice-of fairness.  We are not ashamed to speak the truth.

    Ben Franklin   Only a virtuous (moral) people are capable of freedom (our constitutional based freedom, free speech and right to assemble ‘peacefully’ ).  There is no middle ground, peaceful protest means promoting your view in peace-with no violence or criminal activity.

    We have seen the injustice by a few police, which resulted in a tragic death.   We are now witnessing however-

    continuing  in the brutality

    -by keeping silent when the violent attack the innocent.

    -by condoning or being part of the brutality.   By blaspheming the name of justice to serve our own selfish gain.

    This is not about color but about our country standing together for the truth.   This was the issue with our forefathers, which is now the issue and will forever be ‘the real issue’.

    There is indeed a time for justice as mentioned above, but there is also a time for healing, and allowing those in authority the time to prosecute.  Link

    We should expect justice to be served to ‘all those’ who are guiltybut-until at that time we walk in peace.   Many times the wait is longer than we would like, but ultimately, the Lord’s justice will always prevail.

    Deuteronomy 32:35   It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

    It does not take the whole country to change a nation, just those who are willing to ask our Lord in heaven to help us-to see us through the hatred.

    This verse is sooo important for us today

    2 Chronicles 7:14)   If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    It is up to us, ‘We the People’  to ‘show’ what it means to pursue fairness-to be the example for others.

    The line from the great novel Camelot really does stand true.

    We fight for what is right.   Might to be used for right.

    See the Governments True Role in Society Link


     must do.

    It’s time to look at what ‘WE’ can do.

    If we have voted for any mayor, governor or legislator that has told the police to stand down…and not protect the innocent-which includes the officers protecting our cities…then ‘we the people’ have voted for the wrong representatives.   As mentioned above, our founding fathers knew, ‘we the people‘ are the true guardians of liberty and justice.

    As President Kennedy once said, an error does not become a mistake until it is refused to be corrected. 

    From this moment on, however, we can change the momentum of our country.

    Commit to never vote again for anyone in authority that is not committed to protecting ‘all’ the innocent, and prosecuting ‘all’ the guilty.   We need to be united in our code of justice.

    Promote the code of justice to our friends, relatives neighbors-our sphere of influence.   When we truly seek truth and justice, I believe Jesus said it best…we become the salt of the earth.   Let’s become part of the solution and not the problem.   See links at the bottom to become the ‘salt of the earth’. 

    -Stop with the hate media.   Why do soooo many listen to, and thus contaminate their core of values-…by listening to (and thereby supporting) those who twist the code of justice.   At times we are shocked how many intelligent people believe the lies of the media.  They fall for the simple trick of twisting the truth in order to promote hatred, violence, and injustice to ‘all’ those who are innocent. Link 1, Link 2.   

    The lastest perversion is to ‘unpolice the cities’ by a number of false narratives, in order to have our communities thrown into complete turmoil.   The greater the civil unrest, the greater their chances of keeping their hold on power-by stopping our current movement to bring to justice many corrupt government leaders.   

    Simply, our city and state leaders must do whatever it takes to protect the innocent.    This is their undisputed purpose, to protect our rights-our safety as citizens of our great country  Link.    If the local cities need help by the national gaurd-so be it.  Many left-wing governors and mayors are now retaliating against ‘all’ of our police by mocking them.   Announcing publically that they are not a priority-start defunding them-they can be replaced by ‘community organizations’.   Community organizations are indeed an aid to support the police, but never should they be used as a tool to devalue the importance of the law officers in our cities.     Many in the press are in complete support on the attack of these officers-those who protect our neighborhoods. 

     President Trump and those in this Great Awakening are in full battle with the corrupt politicians of old.   We are simply amazed that soooo many do not see through the lies.   Please scroll down to The Great Awakening Link.    

    We need to desire truth over any political viewpoint.   

    How can we expect to receive justice in our time of need,  if we are not willing to actively fight for ‘all’ those who are innocent -if we are not supporting the prosecution of  ‘all those who are guilty?

    The Lord loves us, but we also reap what we so.

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    The Lord has called us to be the salt of the earth: to be the examples to those who would violate others for any reason.     We need to stand united in His purpose, to become His ‘salt of the earth’ and support His code of justice.  In doing so, we also become His eternal child in His divine kingdom.  Right now, our country could use a lot more if His divine kingdom on earth 🙂

    Matthew 6:10   Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

    God bless you as you pursue His truth.

    Please see articles under Knowing God  Link.

  • President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine Covid 19 Update 5/20/20


    Months ago…doctors were having incredible success with a safe inexpensive FDA approved drug…. hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), for Covid 19.  They were seeing a 90% plus cure rate, and when the virus went into the lungs (at that point…it was very dangerous) the doctors were seeing dramatic results within hours. This drug also acted as a prophylactic (preventative medicine) and now front line staff is using it, along with President Trump and probably most of the White House staff.  See Link

    Most of the press and many governors attacked this life-saving therapy.   Amazingly, several governors even outlawed it.   In Michigan, the governor was trying to make it a crime for doctors to prescribe this safe, essential medication.

    Any person with an ounce of humanity, honesty, and truth…would make the conclusion

    Allow the doctors to continue testing HCQ.     Since we are seeing incredibly promising results, allow them to use this medication-especially if it has reached the critical stage in the respiratory system. 

    We knew the truth, the press knew the truth -and the governors that outlawed this medication knew the truth-about this medical cure.   

    In  2005!! the National Library of Medicine article…stating in the Conclusion ‘Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, … human immunodeficiency virus is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV (yes, the family of Covid 19 viruses) in cell culture. The fact that the drug has a significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic and therapeutic use. Link 

    Their sick thinking was, your life is not valuable enough to protect…to receive a cure!    This would allow President Trump to succeed in our purpose to take back our country.  This is why you have heard of reports across the country telling doctors to ‘spike up’ the numbers of cases and deaths!   The obvious agenda…the election is right around the corner and we cannot have a cheap medication that could cure this Virus which would restore lives and the economy.

    Soon, this virus will be in our rearview mirror. It is sooo important however to ask…where do we go from here. As President Kennedy once said An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.’

    There will indeed be ‘good’ that will come from this Virus. One being-many people will be awoken to the absolute corruption that has now been exposed. We have witnessed-many politicians and press fight against cures that could have saved you or a loved one…why?  Because they were willing for you to die so they could stop -what many call…the GREAT AWAKENING -that is intent on restoring this country (and the world) to a system of equal justice for all.

    Truth starts to enlighten our lives when we simply humble ourselves and allow it to guide us-by making it more important than prior mistakes that have not been corrected’.   

    President Kennedy was known to be fighting this corruption…let’s not allow his sacrifice to stop his purpose- again His quote

    ‘And there is very grave danger …. of official censorship and concealment…..For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.’

    Do we join President Kennedy when he says…‘That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control.’

    You simply are too valuable…to allow those who were willing to harm you-to continue to have them achieve their selfish and many times deadly goals.

    Many of you would agree,

    when we allow TRUTH to enter our lives, we find it is the only thing that can fulfill our lives.  Being united in truth-amplifies all that is worthwhile in us, to those around us and our nation.

     Let’s commit to never take part in any political agenda that was willing to literally allow you and others to perish by withholding known medications that could have saved human lives.  History has shown us how ruthless governments can become.

    We never want to be on the wrong side of truth or history 🙂

    Please see links below  

    -JFK speech  Link 

    -Covid 19 HCQ success rate in this article  Link 

    -The Corruption Link 

    -The GREAT AWAKENING  Link 1, Link 2

    -TRUTH see Knowing God

  • They Have Crossed the Line, Covid 19

    They have crossed the line.   We will not be quiet.   When life-saving therapies and medications are readily available for Covid 19

    And we see the exact same individuals -who for years now-have opposed President Trump-IN EVERYTHING, IN EVERY WAY,  in government and media…are the same ones who oppose these critical medications-something is criminally wrong!   See the video at end of this article.  

    When we first heard of the incredible results of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)…most of us thought, fantastic, run the tests of this medication that has been approved by the FDA for over a half-century.  Then,  get this very inexpensive medication (along with some antibiotic regiments) out. 

    Why would anyone oppose a safe medication-if their respiratory system was failing-when they had hours to live and doctors across the country are saying this medication has had up to a 95% plus success rate.  Unless you hate humanity, you don’t stop this FDA approved medication.  

    See clinical results of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in this article -Link 

    The only conclusion anyone could possibly come up with-is again, the obvious.  The opposition is trying to stop the release of a cure to Covid 19- to crash the economy (and people’s lives) for the coming election.  Why else would you stop a low risk, low-cost medication with proven results?   At worst, you simply would leave it as a possible safe option when needed-especially when it is the last medical hope to someone’s life!   See video below

    What they are doing is criminal, shameful, and utterly void of human compassion.   To those governors and doctors whose patients are wanting these medications –those who are withholding them should be charged with willful homicide.   No, it is just total chance-that the majority of the ones opposing President Trump are the exact same ones trying to stop this –now proven-therapy.   See the above link.

    ‘The People’ Are Not Innocent, We Have Crossed the Line 

    ‘The people’ are not innocent.   If you read the references in the above link, the results are more than promising.   The mainstream media however attacked this cure from the beginning.   Of course you will find articles opposing this therapy….because they want Covid to drag out until the elections.   Our responsibility, however, is to see the truth-and stop closing our eyes to what is beyond obvious.  

    One of the most recent lies, reporting that President Trump wanted the American people to inject harmful cleaning fluid into their bodies.    If you listen to the video-it is ‘crystal clear’  he did not say or in any way imply this.  A word for word report is given –again, see the above link. 

    How shameful it is to support this lie, to support any media who promoted this lie.

    I refuse to hold back when there are individuals in hospitals who need these medications, are being sacrificed by politicians and the media – for political reasons.   They will distort the truth at the risk of their lives.    

    Testimonies from first-hand accounts of patients and doctors in the field (motioned in an upcoming blog) mention that Covid 19 has similarities to the flu, but somewhat more contagious.   Like all cases of flu however- and especially for Covid 19-when it enters the lungs-the the respiratory system…then-it can be fatal.   This is why medications like HCQ are sooo vital-for saving lives when Covid enters the lungs- and why attacking these promising cures (or supporting those that do) is sooo inhumane and deadly.    To think, medications sitting on a shelf are being withheld from someone literally gasping for air, dying –literally blows us away! 

    Conservatives detested many of Obama’s policies, but you can bet on this…if he had a sincere heart to get out life-saving meds –as we all know President Trump is trying to do (as the above link shows-he is saying test this, get the meds out) …we would- I would be the first to support Obama’s efforts in this area 100%.     

    They have crossed the line and it is why we are so furious.   It’s not about politics, it’s about seeing the truth-and standing in unity-fighting for it.     

    See Video Link here 


  • Why We Are So Mad, Why We Are So Disappointed-Covid 19

    Recently I wrote a post on the attacks by the politicians, press and others-on their attempt to prevent life-saving medications and therapies from getting to those who were sick…from Covid 19 virus. 

     Many across the country are trying to distort and confuse the efforts of incredibly promising therapies -that are saving lives across the world.     Included in these untruthful statements, is a recent attack accusing the President of saying…that he is recommending we inject very dangerous cleaners into our bodies.  Here is the response to this lie…and an explanation of why it is so important to stop these insane assaults -in order for doctors to accurately prescribe the best treatments to those who are having life-threatening symptoms from this ‘C’ virus.   See video  Link


    A Simple Breakdown on What the President Truly Said 

    The topics discussed in the video were in two general therapies.   One was -light (heat was included with the light) and -disinfecting (cleansing-by various methods-using disinfectants)      

    On the video, when President Trump first cut in… he was talking about light therapy to help rid the virus.   Let’s first look at a chart that was given by researchers in the field.  As you know, no research will have a universal complete agreement, but this is not disputed by those in the medical field.  This was posted in the ‘C’ virus Presidential briefing…with a medical representative standing beside President Trump.  

    As you can see, sunlight (termed solar) with a rise in temperature…drastically reduces the life (calculated by what they call ‘half-life’) of the virus. 

    This is why when we get a fever when we get sick, the body is trying to ‘heat up’  the virus or infection within our bodies-to rid them from our body. 

    UV Light Therapy

    Here is a study that was done by The Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) to support this fact. Link 

    David Brenner, professor of radiation biophysics and director of the center. “It (UV light) can be safely used in occupied public spaces, and it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in.” Link

    Actually, the concept of using light to help destroy sicknesses, especially viruses (some bacteria) is a no brainer.  They have been doing this for decades…but because of modern meds, this therapy has taken a back seat to other more convenient therapy treatments. 

    Here is the article associated with ‘outdoor sun therapy’ for the 1918 influenza pandemic Link

    Also See Link

    The technology, developed by Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research uses lamps that emit continuous, low doses of a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light, known as far-UVC, which can kill viruses and bacteria without harming human skin, eyes, and other tissues, as is the problem with conventional UV light.

    Light UV therapy to destroy viruses and other germs is now being used in Hospitals –airlines etc.  See Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

    Hopefully, there has been sufficient evidence that using UV rays to help destroy viruses-and other germs-is a proven therapy…and can now be accepted.  

    Let’s take this one step further…a logical solution.    Taking the same therapy, inserting a UV medical device into the lungs could have incredibly promising and life-saving results.   This is how it could be done, through a medical device   See Link 

    Yes, we will get to the injection quote momentarily.  

    The Cleaning and Disinfectant  Therapy

    As far as disinfectants…-sprays, Lysol’s, bleaches etc. here is a link by The Center for Disease and Controls and Prevention.  I hope we can agree with their findings.   Link

    It is simply universally accepted, disinfectants, washing of the hands etc. is a helpful technique to help stop the spread of the ‘c’ virus.   This is why shopping areas are wiping down services the customers are touching. 

    Let’s keep this in mind for later…for we have the word for word account of his speech below.   

    A Few Second Quote-and the dishonorable New Media Response

    This is what President Trump says…verbatim…taken from a Hate Trump network…

    So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful, light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it — and then I said suppose you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that, too. Sounds interesting.

    Then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. Is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside?  Or almost a cleaning, ‘cause you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it’d be interesting to check that. So you’re going to have to use medical doctors but it sounds interesting to me, so we’ll see but the whole concept of the light. The way it kills it in one minute, that’s pretty powerful.

    The disputed quote is ‘captured’ for us to see in video captions.   

    As quoted above, President Trumps’ ‘C’ virus medical team-go back and forth between therapies.  This usually includes light, disinfectant treatments-and, yes, social distancing included.    

    He apparently has been reviewing the light therapy,  as explained by the above quote, and He is also well informed of the proven medical success-see evidence above.  This short video, showing how light therapy can be inserted into the lungs with a medical device is worth watching again.    Link 

    The exact quotes given in the briefing were… ‘interesting’…’ you  (the medical team) test it’,  ‘check it out’Also, he says ‘we are going to have to use medical doctors’, is there a way we (the complete medical staff) can you do SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! 

    Undoubtedly, something like that is a comparison!  A comparison to what we have found to disinfect on the outside of the body.  The question was asked-not in medical terms-but-as he said-I am not a doctor-in a laypersons vocabulary.  … see above. 

    If we simply get honest about this interview…the overwhelming evidence is self-explanatory… as to what President Trump was saying. 

    For the sake of being  ‘on the record’ President Trump is seeing promising results of certain therapies, and as quoted…looking at the medical team…he says let’s test this, check it out, is there a way we  (the medical team) can do something like that by an injection inside…almost a cleansing.   Again, something like that is a comparison to what we are ‘disinfecting’  on the outside of the body.  

     There is no special background needed to understand ‘exactly’ what is being said! 

    Praise God they were given directives to find medical cures to disinfect the lungs. 

    Nowhere does he say- I am diagnosing a certain treatment, you should do this, or the doctors take a cleaner and inject this into your body.     He is just asking (in laymans terms)  if there is something like a light therapy (above link) or a disinfectant that the doctors can inject into the body…that works like what has been successfully done on the outside of the body.   This is sooo incredibly sad, having to explain what we all knew he was saying in the first place.   Shameful. 

    Having Fun Verses  Harming a Cause To Help Those Who are Truly Needing  Help 

    We all say things in jest…and yes…we can have a pass-sometimes it is indeed light-hearted.


    To seriously suggest however that President Trump was sincerely promoting, implying, or attempting to have anyone, especially the American people he loves and has sacrificed for… go and inject disinfectants into their bodies…who a child would know could kill them-goes beyond any integrity for established truth.   Again, a child knows this did not happen.

    Also, it goes beyond any obvious ability for logical thinking.    To expect an individual to believe this goes well past ignorance (I am using a ‘nice’ term!) suggesting the President was really asking us to inject Mr. Clean into our bodies.   Does anyone really want to be identified as the one who truly believes  

    1) the lies… on what has been proven he did not say.

    2) or that he would even suggest we should inject Mr. Clean-or any disinfectant into an IV and shoot it up…how insane.   How can anyone truly believe this junk! 

    I am sooo thankful for medical research –like light and hydroxychloroquine regimen therapies that can ‘disinfect’ the lungs! -See below.  

    Why We Soooo Mad!!!  Who We are Mad At

    If you listen to the testimonies of those who almost died from the ‘C’ virus…when it got into their lungs…there is almost a universal experience.   They knew the end was near.   They ‘sensed’ that if a drastic cure did not happen fast –they were simply going to die. Link    

    From testimonies I have heard…when they took the hydroxychloroquine regimen therapies, they responded almost instantly-amazingly.  

    Here are some links giving evidence for the use of the hydroxychloroquine treatment.  

    Dr. Stephen Smith Link 

    Dr. Lozano and Laura Ingraham-HCQ- dramatic improvements-even in the most severe cases…in hours  Link

    LA doctors Success with hy  Link

    Dr. Oz mentions in one of the most recent studies by the top leaders in France…had an incredible 96% rate of success in 1061 cases.  April 10-11.    Link   Also Link 

    To be fair, I was notified in a prior discussion Dr. Oz mentioned a recent study that the results of this treatment did not do as well…and mentioned several possibilities.   His solutions…are exactly what President Trump is saying…what we all should be saying…keep studying-we have witnessed incredible results, let’s find out why we have good results, and why some results don’t do as well.   Kinda simple.  

    Vladimir Zev Zelenko.   A New York family doctor knew he was going to have the ‘C’ virus coming from Europe…simply asked what was working in E. R. ‘s. applied the hydroxychloroquine regimen…and is having a 90%  plus success rate.    See Link 

    The attacks on these therapies by politicians and press started immediately.   How could we not see, they were fighting against these promising life-saving cures for people-some in critical condition!   The medical pills for the main treatment doses cost pennies…and have been FDA tested for over a half-century.   Even if there was a slim hope of promising medical curse…how could anyone not promote testing these cures?  Like President Trump is saying…test them…they look promising.  If you had an ill child –who had an opportunity to receive medication that was showing amazing results –would you not do everything in your power to fight for these meds.  If you are dying…why not give them a chance for life?   

    We are sooo mad…that people are actually dying -who have a chance with these life-saving therapies.   These promising cures are being attacked by much of the press and many politicians.  They are doing everything in their power to distort, confuse, and stop these treatments-for obvious political reasons.   

    Why else would politicians and the press outlaw-discourage and mock life-saving medications like Chloroquine that we knew helped cure the Corona family of viruses from medical reports published over a decade ago!  See Link 

    To save hours of searching through data in the above link…or if you are like me and do not have a medical background-here is the summary in the discussion -written in 2005!!  This documentation is written in the conclusion section. 

    Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, … human immunodeficiency virus is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV (yes, the family of Covid 19 viruses) in cell culture. The fact that the drug has a significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic (preventative) and therapeutic use.

    It is important to note: for ongoing ‘C’ viruses, we can take this 60-year old malaria medication for preventative medication and skip you dangerous vaccines! 

    This latest attack I hope we have now thoroughly debunked.  

    To those who distorted the truth by claiming President Trump wants us to inject cleaners into our bodies-please consider the next few sentences below.  

    Think of those who lay dying in the hospital beds-not knowing if they are going to make it through the next day.    Why are sooo many Americans actively involved in lies that could stop the therapies to save their lives.   This is why we are angry.   I cannot, nor will not be quiet-I have to speak to stop these lies.   How could you even expect us to do nothing…to allow these falsehoods to continue! 

    Why We are So Disappointed

    To our family and friends.   You and I  absolutely know President Trump did not say inject an IV of cleaning disinfectants into our bodies.  

    This is not about agreeing or disagreeing on a tax hike, this is about supporting the truth so we can help  Americans hoping to survive.   If you heard the video…you know the media is lying-how can you support those who are trying to get doctors to stop the testing of promising therapies-so people can live! 

     I was recently given a picture of 9 articles that were basically saying   ‘do not take hydroxychloroquine.’  Only after replying with several articles… one being…over 1000 people in Frances’s largest study had a 96% successful cure rate link-was the comment changed to  ‘nowhere in my post did I attack  hydroxychloroquine’  

    When does it become clear- when it comes to your safety and well being, to those we care about…we do not play games…not for politics or for anything else.  

    I would be sooo ashamed if you were obviously trying to save lives, and the evidence was sooo apparent…that I would attack your mission to help save individual lives–for whatever reason, political or not!  Mistakes happen, but denying the truth that has been given time and time again-as with these promising cures-turns into a resistance that is working against the well being of others.

    This is why we are soo disappointed-and why- a great many of us-are amazed why so many are not willing to see the truth-evidence that is shining right in front of them. 

    Taking action against people trying to promote a cure-is simply evidence that we need to change.  We will never be in 100% agreement-while on earth-but we can agree on the most important things that help people in their most critical situations. 

    The people that I have talked to…those who share this burning desire to have the truth revealed..are the same ones who care the most about getting the truth out to ‘help the people’.   Out of respect for them…I just would like to say-do not change, do not let your fire be quenched.   The reason you speak-is because you care.    Thank you for taking the time to read this post…I know it was long and took a lot of work.   In closing, I would like to sincerely say, if we are wrong, I hope the Lord does indeed corrects us…but if we were right, I look forward to joining with you in this Great Awakening.   God bless, Bill  🙂  


    See Walk Away link 1, link 2

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